The Hard-To-Find Bourbon That's Somehow Available At Costco

Blanton's bottles on store shelf
Blanton's bottles on store shelf - Instagram/beveragewarehouse

If you're on the hunt for a hard-to-find whiskey, what's your first stop? The big box store liquor shop you've already checked up and down, or the specialty shop that seems to have everything but costs a pretty penny? You might not think to look at Costco, but that would appear to be a mistake.

Usually, procuring a bottle of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon requires an arduous journey or a tight relationship with the staff at a high-end liquor store. However, one Costco shopper announced on the popular r/Costco subreddit that they found a bottle of the hard-to-find Kentucky bourbon at the Burbank, California Costco. Even better, they purchased it for $56.89; according to commenters, the same bottle can sell for over $100 in Kentucky and $220 elsewhere.

Blanton's was the first single-barrel bourbon ever sold commercially, starting in 1984 — a favorite year for bourbon collectors. Its tasting notes claim nutmeg and other spice notes on the nose, with strong vanilla and caramel backed by hints of honey and corn. Liquor Laboratory claims it is "undoubtedly one of the best bourbons there is to find," except it's not exactly a common sight.

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Why Is Blanton's So Hard To Find?

Full set of Blanton's bourbon
Full set of Blanton's bourbon - Instagram/scooter_coon

Not only is Blanton's considered an excellent whiskey, but its scarcity is partially the result of its production process. For one thing, the single-barrel whiskey ages three to four times longer than many others. Any whiskey labeled "straight bourbon" must be aged for at least two years, but Blanton's ages its bourbon for six to eight years.

In 1999, Blanton's leaned into the whiskey collector's market, releasing eight different stopper tops that have become the trademark of the brand. Each of the stoppers has a racehorse in a different mid-motion pose and is marked with one letter for each in the word "Blanton's." The distillery even sells barrel staves for displaying your stoppers with pride.

Finding a bottle at Costco is particularly surprising when you consider that Buffalo Trace Distillery, which produces Blanton's, regulates purchases to one every three months. According to one of the commenters on the Reddit post about the Costco find, it wasn't always this way; they say that about 10 years ago, it became difficult to track down. That coincides roughly with the whiskey boom — whiskey became massively popular, and the distillery wasn't quite prepared. It says that even though production has amped up, demand still outpaces supply. The whiskey seems stuck in a cycle of scarcity and popularity.

Not The First Great Whiskey Find At Costco

Blanton's bourbon at Costco
Blanton's bourbon at Costco - Reddit/zenki671

For those who might be thinking they could grab a bottle of this elusive bourbon for themselves at the Burbank Costco, be aware that this customer has allegedly grabbed the last one — but it has popped up at other locations at times, like the Northridge, CA Costco for $46.99, the Las Vegas Costco for $49.99, and the San Leandro, CA Costco. Maybe your own Costco's liquor store is worth perusing to see what gems you may find.

Previous reported Costco finds include some pretty pricey, prestigious bottles. A Redditor once found a $27,000 bottle of Macallan 1948 at Costco. Another spotted a $37,000 bottle of 54-year Singleton single malt scotch in Hawaii, and a different Redditor saw a Costco display for a $10,000 bottle of 50-year Benromach single malt scotch.

Next time you're headed to Costco for 50 pounds of flour or to snag a rotisserie chicken and a half for $6, check the liquor section. You might find something spectacular.

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