‘Great camera work!’ Panthers fans rip ESPN for ruining key shot after Stanley Cup win

Way to fumble a moment, ESPN!

That’s what some Florida Panthers are saying after the sports channel missed a major highlight of Monday night’s historic win over the Edmonton Oilers at Amerant Bank Area in Sunrise, Florida.

Everything started out fine as seen in a now viral clip shared by ESPN on X, formerly Twitter.

After NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman presents the Stanley Cup to team captain Aleksander Barkov, the two men pose for pictures and smile. But just as Barkov is about to hoist the trophy over his head in triumph, the ESPN camera cuts away. All anyone can see from home is the net, sparklers and fans cheering in the stands.

A mere millisecond later Barkov reappears in the frame to take the traditional spin around the ice with the 34.5 pound hunk of metal, but it was too little, too late for some.

Disappointed commenters flooded ESPN’s X account with complaints:

“Great job not getting it in frame.”

“Love how y’all missed the first hoist. LMAOOO.”


“How do you miss the most beloved shot in sports history.”

“Great camera work there!”