Great Britain celebrates historic IIHF win with exceptional self awareness

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Go on, Great Britain. (Getty)
Go on, Great Britain. (Getty)

Authoring the moment from the IIHF World Hockey Championships in Slovakia to this point — in addition to maybe the proudest in its federation’s history — Great Britain survived France in a feverish overtime period to avoid relegation and reserve its place in next year’s tournament.

Just don’t make this mistake of calling the Brits any good.

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After Ben Davies flipped the winner into the net on his backhand to cap the incredible three-goal comeback, and after God Save the Queen was sung and celebrated with the supporters in Kosice, the team broke into a rather unique chant while continuing to toast it’s mere survival in its return to the tournament after a quarter century absence. (Warning: Video below contains coarse language).

Yep, you heard that correctly.

“We’re sh*t, and we know we are!” was the song of choice for the Brits after such a monumental victory.

While on the surface a tad unusual, the self-deprecating and self-aware response to the win befits the situation perfectly.

A chant commonly used by English fans that have toiled with undying support for their clubs, however unsuccessful they are, its ironic use was really the only way to celebrate proving they’ve become, well, less sh*t.

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