Grating Cheese Just Got Even Easier With This Clever Trick

grating cheese on cutting board
grating cheese on cutting board - Maryia_K/Shutterstock

Cheese makes everything taste better. It's the perfect addition to so many dishes, whether used as topping over a piping hot pizza, melted into gooey goodness on a plate of baked nachos, or simply enjoyed on its own as a snack. And when it comes to adding cheese to your favorite recipes, grated cheese is the way to go. It's convenient, versatile, and adds a deliciously melty texture to the spread. But as easy as grating cheese can be with harder varieties like parmesan or cheddar, things can quickly get frustrating when dealing with softer cheeses like mozzarella. Trying to shred that slippery block without it turning into a mushy mess in your hands is a real struggle.

But fear not, cheese lovers, because there's a simple solution to this all-too-common kitchen dilemma: Freezing your cheese before grating. Giving your cheese a quick chill in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes before grating it makes the process infinitely easier. But why does freezing the cheese make such a difference? Well, it all comes down to the science of texture. When cheese is cold, its fat content solidifies, giving it a firmer and more stable structure. This makes it much easier to grate without turning into a gooey mess. The result? Perfect, evenly shredded cheese that's ready to sprinkle without the frustration.

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Another Tip For Grating Cheese

grated cheese on board
grated cheese on board - Robert Stedman Pte Ltd/Shutterstock

Now that we've tackled the issue of soft cheese slipping and sliding while grating, there's still one annoyance that can rear its head during the cheese-grating process: Clumping and sticking in the grater. Whether you're dealing with soft mozzarella or hard cheddar, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to pry those stubborn cheese remnants out of the tiny holes of your grater.

But fear not, just reach for your cooking oil spray for this handy solution. Give your grater a quick spritz with cooking oil before you start grating, and watch as the cheese effortlessly glides through without sticking. This simple hack makes cleanup a snap -- no more scraping and scrubbing to remove stuck-on cheese from your grater.

So there you have it – two simple tricks to make grating cheese easier than ever before. Whether you're freezing your cheese before grating or using cooking oil spray to prevent sticking, these handy hacks will have you saying goodbye to kitchen frustration and hello to perfectly shredded cheese every time. And if you also want to avoid a messy countertop while grating cheese, check out this other simple trick. Happy grating.

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