Get Her Look: Ciara

Loving the drama in this dramatic braided look. (Photo: Instagram/Cesar4Styles)

Ciara was among a handful of celebrities in the front row at H&M’s show/party at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday, and while we were probably meant to be paying attention to her wildly patterned H&M maxi gown, her hair stole the show. Mizani Global Artistic Director Cesar Ramirez constructed a spectacular double-braided crown for the singer.

“I usually always attend Ciara’s fittings,” Ramirez explained. “It helps me get inspired and prepare for the looks we will be doing. When I saw the look at the H&M showroom, I wanted to play off the fun patterns in the dress.”

(Photo: Instagram/Cesar4Styles)

The deceptively messy halo of strands escaping the braids belies their careful creation. Here’s how Ramirez achieved it:

1. He parted her hair from forehead to crown, and then made a zigzag part from her crown to her neck.

2. Using Mizani Defyne Wax to define the braids, he braided down Ciara’s head, switching to a fishtail braid once he reached the hair away from her head.

3. He created another fishtail braid out of custom blended hair.

4. He crossed and hair-pinned Ciara’s braids to the back of her head, then pinned the extra braid behind the first braid like a hairband.

5. He gave her hair that frizzy texture by pulling strands out of the braids and spraying them with Mizani Shyne Bodifying Sheen Spray.

6. He sprayed her hair with Mizani HRM Humidity Resistant Mist to hold the look.

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