The free lunch is over for Wall Street's programmers

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Today, we've got stories on an AI-powered tool that's helping Bank of America bankers prep for clients, BlackRock's latest deal that plays into its private-credit strategy, and how to cure that sore throat.

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software engineer
software engineer

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1. No more gimmes.

For as long as I can remember, the safest place on Wall Street for job security was in tech.

Markets rise and fall. Deal flow comes and goes. But finance firms always want technologists.

Sure, the job doesn't pay as well as a rainmaker. And you might feel a bit like a second-class citizen at times. But there will always be a need for you. And even if you lose your job, there's bound to be another firm waiting to scoop you up.

But according to one Wall Street billionaire, that sentiment won't hold true for much longer.

While speaking to Citadel's newest crop of interns, Ken Griffin, the fund's founder, said the rise of generative AI has put software engineers on notice.

"The days of 'I'm a good programmer' are becoming numbered," Griffin told the exclusive group.

Of course, Griffin wasn't suggesting that finance firms will no longer have a use for technologists. As Insider's Paige Hagy reports, Griffin instead highlighted how programmers need to position themselves to provide the most value to companies in this post-ChatGPT world.

So it's not that there is no value in understanding how to code. But it's not going to be good enough to just code.

Of course, this a problem technologists created for themselves. In the before times (pre-ChatGPT), no one was really questioning the value programmers were adding.

Leave it to technologists to screw themselves out of a cushy gig.

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In other news:

Flo Rida and Nancy Davis at the Race to Erase MS Gala in New York
Flo Rida and Nancy Davis at the Race to Erase MS Gala in New York

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2. I get by with a little help from my AI friend. Bank of America built Banker Assist — think Erica but for internal usage — to help its bankers do research on clients. Here's how it helps them work smarter.

3. BlackRock just added to its arsenal for the private-credit war. The world's largest asset manager announced plans to buy London-based Kreos Capital, a growth and venture-debt specialist. More on the deal, and why there could be more to come from BlackRock.

4. Explaining the layoffs at Goldman. John Waldron, the bank's COO, discussed some of the biggest headwinds the firm faces as it considers making more cuts. This is what he said.

5. How Kim Kardashian is going to take over PE. The megastar shared some details around her strategy for sussing out deals at her PE fund, SKKY Partners. Read up on her game plan.

6. No, generative AI can't tell you where the markets are headed. At least that's the take from Wall Street vet Marty Chavez. And he's got a pretty cool explanation for why that's the case.

7. Ray Dalio is not feeling good about the direction of the economy. The Bridgewater founder said the country is at the start of a debt crisis, and it's only going to get uglier. More here.

8. All-cash homebuyers are becoming "disruptive" to the housing market. A third of all homebuyers are reportedly paying cash, the highest share in almost a decade. Here's why that's causing problems.

9. Everybody's got a price. Even the biggest stars in the world won't turn their nose up at a private party if the offer is right. How stars like Beyoncé and Drake are performing at everything from bar mitzvahs to birthdays.

10. All this smoke got your throat feeling a bit sore? These six drinks will soothe your throat and boost your immune system. I hope you're thirsty.

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