Kawhi Leonard makes hilariously awkward cameo in Drake's new music video

Kawhi Leonard had an awkward, hilarious cameo in Drake's new music video.
Kawhi Leonard had an awkward, hilarious cameo in Drake's new music video.

He didn’t say “what it do bay-bee,” but Kawhi Leonard was still able to make his mark in Toronto pop culture yet again.

With the new release of “Certified Lover Boy,” Drake also debuted a new music video to accompany the first single off his sixth full-length album, “Way 2 Sexy”. And of course, the Fun Guy himself had to make a cameo.

The entire video goes through dozens of scenes, referencing popular movies, covers of romance novels, jazzercise videos, and others. But the cherry on top of it all has to be a two-time NBA champion and Finals MVP awkwardly shuffling in the background while on top of a massive white sand dune.

At first you don’t notice him in the background, just playing a supporting role next to Drake, Young Thug, and Future, but in the middle of a well choreographed scene that closely resembled something peak Backstreet Boys would release, the trio of artists all turn and point directly at Kawhi for his close-up.

While the shot was just a couple seconds long, Leonard’s confusion and wallflower-esque shock of attention has already spawned reactions on Twitter.

Even his NBA peers are getting in on the hilarity.

Leonard recently re-upped with the Los Angeles Clippers on a four-year, $176.3-million contract, so his summer is only getting better by being in a Drake music video.

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