How first-round pick Tyler Guyton immediately began his journey with Cowboys, move to LT

The Dallas Cowboys began a two-day rookie minicamp on Friday with the purpose of indoctrinating their 2024 draft picks and undrafted free agents on the ways of the franchise and life in the NFL.

First-round draft pick Tyler Guyton got a jump start on the process, an example of some of things the the Cowboys liked about the selection in the pre-draft process, including his work ethic and passion to be with the organization, his favorite team growing up and a dream-come-true of his entire family.

After the Cowboys selected him with the the 29th pick on April 25 and flying him to the team’s headquarters in Frisco the next day for a press conference and a whirlwind tour of the facilities, Guyton was in the area full time three days later.

He rented an Airbnb near the Star in Frisco and immediately began the process of learning how to be a left tackle, a transiiton from his right tackle position at college in Oklahoma.

“I just wanted to get to work,” Guyton said on Friday. “You can either sit at home for two weeks or get to work. I couldn’t wait to get here. Couldn’t wait.”

Guyton has been working with noted offensive line guru Duke Manyweather, who runs an offensive line masterminds camp.”

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said what Guyton did speaks volumes about him as well the nature of the business.

The entire rookie class showed up at minicamp as prepared and ready to go as any he’s seen since started coaching and “Tyler is an excellent example of that.”

McCarthy said he encourages the team’s offensive lineman to work with Manyweather who has a training facility next to Star.

A number of the team’s veterans train with Manyweather in the offseason. His offensive masterminds camp attracts All-Pros, Pro Bowlers and top college offensive linemen from across the NFL.

“It’s like anything, as you learn different relationships, different programs, I think our offensive linemen go there,” McCarthy said. “The fact he had 45 plus offensive linemen working there during that mid period between the end of the season to the start of the offseason program speaks volumes. It’s an excellent program and it’s right across the street.”

Guyton went to Manyweather’s Masterminds camp last year. And although he started training at left tackle during the pre-draft process because teams told him that is where he would be playing in the NFL, he immediately reached out to Manyweather after the draft and moved to Frisco.

“It was really cool because he worked with a lot of the guys on the line here and going over there got to meet a couple of them and put in some work and learn a couple of things here and there,” Manyweather said. “His techniques are very similar to [Cowboys offensive line coach Mike] Solari because they work hand in hand. He’s just a great coach all around. He has an extremely pro approach to what he does and he takes no bull and we have fun.”

Guyton said he met Cowboys offensive lineman Dakoda Shepley and Brock Hoffman. Shepley told him take it one day at a time and he has already watched film with Hoffman.

Guyton has yet to meet quarterback Dak Prescott since the draft.

But he did run into him a few weeks before the draft at a party as their agents work for the same company. The conversation was brief but it proved to be an omen.

“It was kind of crazy,” Guyton said. “There was a story written. Being a Dallas fan my whole entire life being a fan of that meeting two, three weeks before the draft and actually being drafted. It was crazy. Life changing.”