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Ontario Premier Doug Ford says it's appropriate for the province to retain jurisdiction over the matter of decriminalizing illegal drugs.

Ford thanked the federal government on Friday for rejecting a proposal from the City of Toronto to decriminalize possession of illegal drugs.

A news release by federal Addictions Minister Ya'ara (yah-AH'-ra) Saks on May 17th cited a lack of support from the Ontario government as one of the reasons for rejecting that proposal. (1)



Canada expects everyone to abide by the International Court of Justice's latest ruling on the war in Gaza.

That's according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who says the ruling is in line with Canada's position on Israel's military operations in the city of Rafah.

His comments come after the United Nations' top court ordered Israel to immediately stop its military offensive in Rafah, while stopping short of ordering a ceasefire for the Gaza Strip. (1)



The R-C-M-P says it's aware of the concerns of a B-C First Nation that's calling for the suspension and removal of a Mountie from Bella Bella over social media posts described as racist.

Chief Superintendent Brian Edmonds says a non-conduct-related administrative process involving the officer in question is underway.

Heiltsuk (HELT'-zuk) Tribal Council Chief Marilyn Slett says leaders met with R-C-M-P officials this week about the officer, who remains on duty in Bella Bella.

One of the social media posts in question shows a man dressed in a colonial-style uniform in front of a Union Jack, with the comment -- "Now, what's to be done about these pesky natives stirring up trouble in the colonies." (1)



The Edmonton Police Service has been fined by the Alberta Human Rights Commission over the wrongful arrest of two Black men.

The commission says the two South Sudanese men are each entitled to 40-thousand-dollars for "injury to dignity" for the May 2017 incident.

Court documents show that the men were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed by the very responding officers they had called after making a citizen's arrest of a woman seen throwing a rock through a car window. (1)


(US-Uvalde-Shooting-Anniversary) (Audio: 009)

The families of the victims of a mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, marked the second anniversary of the tragedy that killed 22 people by suing Meta, video game company Activision and a gun company.

They accuse the companies of partnering to promote and create content designed to glorify violence, effectively training the teenage gunman behind one of the deadliest school shootings in U-S history.

Gun-maker Daniel Defense made the assault rifle that was used in the deadly shooting. (1)


(ENT-Cannes-Palm-Dog) (Audio: 010)

"Dog on Trial" star Kodi has won the Palm Dog prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

The griffon mix who plays Cosmos in the Swiss Comedy-drama narrowly beat out sighthound Xin ('SHIN), who wagged away instead with the Grand Jury Prize for the Chinese drama "Black Dog."

The Palm Dog awards aren't an official part of Cannes, but honour pooches who appear in films featured at the festival. (1)


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