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(BC-Pickton-Justice-Denied) (Audio: 033)

The well-being of a convicted serial killer in a coma is not going to impact the push by advocates to save some 14-thousand pieces of evidence used in his case from destruction by the R-C-M-P.

Battered Women's Support Services executive director Angela Marie MacDougall called Robert Pickton's near-deadly beating behind bars nothing more than "jailhouse justice."

She says she will keep fighting to save the evidence collected during the investigation.

The R-C-M-P says the mountains of evidence are taking up substantial storage space and are pushing budget costs higher. (5)


(Broncos-Deportation-Hearing) (Audio: 028)

The rookie truck driver who was behind the wheel of a big rig that collided with a busload of junior hockey players in 2018 should find out today whether or not he will be deported.

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu (JASS'-kihr-at SING' sih-DOO') was convicted for his part in the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

While he was granted full parole last year, he now faces deportation based on a ruling that states a criminal conviction like his makes a permanent resident ineligible to remain in Canada. (5)



Canada Post lost 748-million-dollars before taxes in 2023 -- its second-worst year on record.

That disappointing performance has experts calling for drastic measures to be implemented to help stop the fiscal bleeding.

Some suggest higher stamp prices, a more efficient delivery network, and expansion into new fields, such as banking and government services, as possible solutions.

The federal minister responsible for Canada Post says they are also eyeing changes to legislation that currently mandates daily mail delivery. (5)


(Israel-Palestinians) (Audio: 062)

French President Emmanuel Macron is extending his condolences to the family of Orion Hernandez-Radoux.

His is one of the three bodies recovered by the Israeli military during overnight operations in Gaza.

Hernandez-Radoux, a French-Mexican citizen, was among those killed during the October 7th Hamas attack on southern Israel, and his remains were being held captive.

Israel announced that the bodies of Hanan Yablonka and Michel Nisenbaum have also been found, and all the families have been notified. (5)



Hungary's prime minister says that he will seek to opt his country out of any NATO operations aimed at supporting Ukraine.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told state radio that Hungary opposes a plan NATO is weighing to provide more predictable military support to Ukraine.

Orban said that Hungary is working to ``redefine our position'' within the military alliance whereby it would remain a NATO member while not participating in NATO actions outside of its territory.

Orban is considered Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest partner in the European Union. (5)



King Charles won't be out and about much over the next six weeks -- and it's not because of his ongoing cancer treatments.

An early parliamentary election has been called for July 4th.

Buckingham Palace has since stated that all members of the royal family were cancelling most public engagements until after the vote to avoid doing anything that might divert attention from the campaign.

Palace officials say it is just one of the ways for Charles to play his part as a unifying head of state without violating a constitutional ban on interfering in politics. (5)


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