FHL goalie punches fan after having drink thrown in his face

Ailish Forfar
·NHL Editor
Things got heated between the Enforcers and Hurricanes.
Things got heated between the Enforcers and Hurricanes.

When your team is named the Elmira Enforcers, no one is expecting a gentle hockey game. What happened after Game 2 of the FHL’s Commissioner’s Cup finals between Elmira and Carolina demonstrated this fact.

A controversial overtime goal was the catapult to an unraveling of both benches. It’s hard to see whether or not the puck crossed the line with this angle, but the referee signalled a goal and the case was closed.

Elmira’s head coach Brent Clarke went vintage Jim Schoenfeld on the officials, receiving a double-game misconduct for threatening the life of a referee, according to the official referee report.

Chaos continued. The Carolina Thunderbirds took a page out of their “Bunch of Jerks” neighbours, the Carolina Hurricanes, and did their own “Storm Surge” into the glass, adding fuel to the fire.

The Thunderbirds fans lined up to chirp the Elimira team as it left the ice, led by goaltender Troy Passingham (who had a phenomenal 70-save performance). By poor design, the visitors locker room is only accessible by walking through a crowd of Carolina fans, where one supporter splashed Passingham in the face with a beverage.

Passingham snapped, and dummied the fan blocker-first. Standing in the strike zone and reportedly injured was Fran Soskin, the wife of Thunderbirds Owner Barry Soskin. Police reports were filed against multiple players, with disciplinary actions from the FHL still pending.

Elmira and Carolina have a history of unfriendliness. Back in March, a game was suspended after the first period when another controversial goal led to the Enforcers’ owner being fined $25,000 for pushing a linesman and tearing the shirt of another official.

Game 3 is Friday night in Elmira, and it could be the Cup-clinching game for the Hurricanes. Lineups might look a little different pending suspensions, but that same hatred will surely be ignited between the two rivals.

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