Fantasy Football Punishments: How do you 'reward' your last-place finishers?

We all have a bunch of reasons for playing fantasy football. It could be another way to express your love for football. Maybe you just love the fantasy game itself or you just want to have a good time with your friends, family, and leaguemates. Or maybe it’s the competitiveness of it — you want to win, to stand alone on championship mountain.

No matter the reason, we can probably all agree on one thing: None of us want to lose, and we definitely don’t want to end up in last place in our leagues, or else run the risk of going through a last-place punishment.

If you’re new to Yahoo Fantasy Football, you might be asking yourself: “Punishment?!”

Well, it’s pretty much the simple, natural order of things. The winner of the league obviously gets any number of prizes. So, naturally, many leagues have implemented a punishment of sorts for the last-place finisher.

These punishments can stem anywhere from the hilarious and humiliating to the creative and downright maniacal (in a good way).

We asked you, the fantasy community, to share some of the best last-place punishments from your league — and you didn’t disappoint!

Post-Party Test-Taking

Most of us took the SATs back in high school. That said, if you’re reading this and are still in high school and haven’t taken the test, this probably won’t be the aptest punishment for your fantasy league (but good luck on your SATs!). But if you’ve taken the SATs and high school is in the past, you can imagine how much you wouldn’t want to end up in last place in this league:

Wheel of Misfortune

This one is actually awesome, but also terrifying. Like, imagine if you finish last in this league, and all your leaguemates get to come up with a punishment that is SPECIFIC TO YOU:

Attack of the Green

This one started out pretty fun ... until you read the end:


I’m sure you all remember this photoshoot:

The Nugget Effect

I initially thought this wasn’t a punishment at all. Then I remembered all the times I’ve eaten a lot of nuggets, and realized it:

The Cowboy Combine

This one might be my favorite. There’s not much to say here — just watch:

What are some creative punishments you’ve heard of and/or went through? Let us know, and if you haven’t yet started playing on Yahoo Fantasy, join or create a fantasy football league here!

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