'Fans need to temper expectations'

Charlie Taylor
[Getty Images]

BBC Radio Solent's Adam Blackmore spoke to the Saints and Sinners podcast about Southampton's transfer buisness so far:

"It's hard to get too excited about Charlie Taylor. It doesn't mean he's not a good player and won't do a good job, but when you go back to the Premier League, you aren't expecting a Burnley left-back. I think he's a solid pro and knows his way around.

"Brentford didn't make themselves stay up in the Premier League by signing massive 40, 50 million pound players that everyone else wanted. Very astutely, they put together a team that could do the job that the manager wanted them to do.

"I think the Saints are going to be far more in that model than the big spending model. They are trying to make the club be fairly sustainable. I think fans need to temper their expectations. Let's be realistic."

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