ESPN ranked every NFL team’s offseason. Where did the Dallas Cowboys place?

ESPN did a roundup of every NFL team’s offseason and organized them by letter grades. Where did the Dallas Cowboys place in the rankings and were they the top-ranked team in the NFC East?

The Cowboys earned a D+ grade for their offseason and were the lowest-ranked team in the NFC East and the only team to receive less than a C+.

The Cowboys were given the third-lowest grade in the entire NFL despite beginning the offseason with an ‘all-in’ mentality.

in his reasoning, Seth Parnow critiqued not only the Cowboys’ lack of offseason additions but also their inability to ink CeeDee Lamb, Dak Prescott or Micah Parsons to long-term deals.

“In fact, their most notable offseason move was not signing wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, linebacker Micah Parsons or Prescott to new deals. The last is the most problematic: Prescott cannot be franchise-tagged after this season, which means if the Cowboys do not sign him to a new deal, he could enter next offseason as a true free agent. If Dallas is having second thoughts about Prescott based on how the 2023 season ended, it shouldn’t -- Prescott finished second in QBR and was an MVP candidate up until the end,” said Parnow.

The New York Giants and Washington Commanders both received C+ grades for their offseason and the highest-graded NFC East team was the Philadelphia Eagles who earned an A grade.