Love Is Blind Successful Couples: Who’s Still Together?

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

The Love Is Blind successful couples are an exclusive bunch. Netflix’s kooky, addictive reality show is many things—a social experiment, a dating show, a highly engineered drama factory—but it does actually lead to lasting relationships for some.

Whether you believe that love is blind or not, there’s no doubt that this twist on The Dating Game is hard to stop watching. We love shows like Love Is Blind for a reason. (The hit series just wrapped its sixth season.) For the unfamiliar, single men and women talk to each other from isolation pods without seeing each other until they agree to get engaged, at which point they can actually start dating and meet each other’s families. But anyone who knows the stress of wedding planning can guess what happens from there: fighting, tears, and breakups. So much goes on that sometimes whole other proposals happen we don’t even see onscreen.

Despite the many love triangles and surprises, and the downright bizarre nature of the show, some people do form genuine connections, and the Love Is Blind successful couples may just stand the test of time.

Lauren Speed, a former contestant (player? participant?), had this piece of advice for Love Is Blind couples: “When it was time for me to decide if I wanted to get married on #loveisBlind I struggled. I wanted to really make sure I got married because I could see forever with Cam. Not from production pressures or wanting fame. I wasn’t about to get legally married just for television. Because once those cameras leave and it’s just you and that person living and creating a life together…fame can’t save you. And who wants to be trapped in an empty marriage that’s hell! I really think this worked for us because it was genuinely 2 people not only finding love…But really falling IN LOVE with each other in the most unexpected way! Wishing the best for everyone in #loveisblind2 whether you decided to marry or stay single I hope that it brings you all closer to the happiness you all deserve! Without settling in any way.” Her marriage seems to be going just fine, so maybe it works!

If you think you might find your One True Love in Netflix’s pods, be sure you know the stats before you call up Love Is Blind casting. Because while most of the pairings don’t make it to their honeymoon, you can never say never. Love Is Blind season six was a wild ride, and we can only imagine that Love Is Blind season seven will be even more of a roller coaster.

Here’s where the Love Is Blind successful couples (so, anyone who got engaged onscreen) are now. Consider this your Love Is Blind After the Altar…after that.