Dude facing charges after pretending to be Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs

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(Wilton Police Department)
(Wilton Police Department)

Jeremy Jacobs is the longtime owner of the NHL’s Boston Bruins. Jeffrey Jacobs, in fact, is not.

But who cares about minor details like age and identity when you have the sheer braun of this man from Connecticut, who pretended to be a 78-year-old rich dude in order to score himself some free arborist work, according to The Hour.

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Police said Jeffrey Jacobs, 37, lied about his identity to curry favor with a tree service company after a tree fell on his home on Drum Hill Road during a storm last year.

The tree company’s owner, who told police he was an avid Bruins fan, was enticed to come out to the home in the middle of the storm and later billed the $5,100 job to Jeremy Jacobs, the actual owner of the Bruins.

In May 2017, Wilton police learned of the incident when they received a call from the security department of Delaware North, a hospitality and food service management company chaired by the Bruins’ owner.

This apparently isn’t the first time Jeffrey Jacobs has played the “I own the Boston Bruins” card. Local police are reportedly familiar with Jacobs as he was caught using the same lie to get out of a traffic ticket after he was pulled over in November.

It’s kind of a brilliant strategy, but wasn’t quite clever enough as the fraudulent Jacobs was charged with criminal impersonation and released on a $5,000 bond.

So close, Jeremy. So close.

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