Drew Barrymore Charms TikTok With Her Shockingly Normal New York City Apartment

Arturo Holmes

If you were to ask me to imagine Drew Barrymore's house, I have to be honest, I would not have predicted a modest New York City apartment with a galley kitchen and cramped, cluttered closet. On TikTok, the talk-show host posted a short video of herself enjoying a night in, and like with most things Drew Barrymore, it was delightfully endearing.

In the clip Barrymore is shown making eggs in her pajamas, trying out an outfit, and chatting with whoever is holding the camera. The whole thing is set to a voice-over from English actor Michelle Keegan talking about how much she enjoys being a homebody. “I like staying in,” the voice says, as Barrymore melts butter in a pan. “I know everyone thinks it's boring but it's really not.” The clip cuts to Barrymore trying on a vest and hat in her closet, as the audio continues, “I really am a happy little hermit.”

Barrymore captioned her video, “I love staying in.”

In the comments section, Barrymore fans were completely charmed by the star's surprisingly normal abode. “You give off the vibes of you bought your first apartment and you are still there 🥰 so wholesome and cuteeeee,” wrote one TikToker. Some of Barrymore's fellow introverts commented, “We need to be friends!” and, “Same Drew. I love being home,” and, “There's no place like home. I just don't want to leave my home. It's my happy place. calmness, quietness.”

Nothing brings the internet together like taking joy in seeing Drew Barrymore happy.

Originally Appeared on Glamour