Drake joins Raptors broadcast, makes fun of Fred VanVleet's tan

For years now, Drake has been a regular court side presence for Toronto Raptors games, leveraging his fame and celebrity status into a role as the team’s official global ambassador.

A seat that close to the action comes with more than a few perks; you get food and drinks delivered to your seat, get a great view of the game, and if you’re Drake, you get to join the broadcast to have a little fun when the mood strikes you.

Drizzy hopped on the headset during the second quarter of the Raptors’ matchup against the Phoenix Suns, shooting the breeze with Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong while the home team racked up a big lead.

The first thing on his mind was the new look from his ‘twin’ on the team, Fred VanVleet.

“I want everybody to just take in the fact that Fred VanVleet’s Turks and Caicos tan is on ten million tonight. My boy is looking like Frederico.”

The new Spanish nickname came complete with a signature new dance courtesy of the creator of the Hotline Bling, a salsa-inspired move that accompanied VanVleet’s next made three.

Drake stuck on commentary for an extended Raptors run, with the conversation ranging from VanVleet’s tan to the team’s prowess at home, to the preparation for a new album, to the need for a few new ‘orange juice’ orders needing to be delivered to the seats.

A couple of the more interesting points made were, namely that Drake’s industry basketball league that he runs (the Sanctuary Basketball League, or SBL) recently had their championship ring ceremony, which people mistakenly took for his own Raptors championship ring.

Not to put too much pressure on the commentary team, but Drake also managed to secure agreements from Devlin and Armstrong that they would stop by the gym to call a few games. Along with celebrity musicians like Justin Bieber and Quavo, Raptors guard Kyle Lowry was among those named that have stepped foot to shoot around in the gym.

The only slightly telling thing from Drake’s extended time on commentary was what he didn’t do. No amount of prodding or setup from the broadcast duo could get The Boy to say the name Kawhi Leonard.

Maybe that’s something that should be expected: no new friends, after all.

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