DoorDash driver shares ‘genius’ tip for making extra money from customers: ‘It's super easy’

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A TikTok user is going viral after sharing his surprising DoorDash driver tips.

The user, who goes by the name @jaythedasher on social media, frequently posts videos about his experience working for the food delivery service.

Now, he’s gaining millions of views for explaining how he earns extra tips in “literally two seconds.” The answer? Memes.

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Apparently, @jaythedasher sends his customers memes whenever he’s picking up their orders or once he’s on his way. According to his video, it’s a policy that’s earned him a lot of extra cash.

“If you’re not sending your customers memes when you deliver their food, you are missing out on a lot of tips,” he says in his video.

The concept of sending memes for money might not sound like much of a DoorDash driver tip, but according to @jaythedasher, it really works.

“More often than not, they’re gonna love it,” he added.

The TikToker even gave some evidence to back up his claim. In a series of follow-up videos, he shared replies from satisfied customers who had received memes featuring photos of driving cats, the actor Terry Crews and, of course, Baby Yoda.

Overall, commenters seemed impressed by the simple trick. Many called @jaythedasher’s tip “genius.”

“It’s super easy to make someone’s entire day,” one user wrote.

“Seriously, humanizing yourself with the customer is the best and this is the epitome of that,” another added.

“I would definitely tip extra if I got a meme like this,” another wrote.

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