Donna Kelce has witty response for which son she is rooting for in Super Bowl 57

Donna Kelce has made history as the first mom to have her sons play against each other in a Super Bowl. Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, will face his older brother Jason Kelce, who is the center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

In an appearance on "Today" on Wednesday, Donna, who was wearing a split jersey, was asked about how she is possibly going to decide who to root for in Super Bowl 57. She had her clever response ready to go.

"The offense," she said, laughing. "Every time somebody has the ball."

FAMILY AFFAIR: Brothers Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce to be on opposite sidelines in Super Bowl 57

Host Craig Melvin — who shared that he is a Chiefs fan — further pried to see if Kelce has more of a connection with one of the teams over the other.

"Both fanbases are absolutely amazing, just give everything they have on game day," she said, before hinting that she might actually be rooting for one of her sons. "I think that Jason would say that I am going to root for the baby of the family, which is Travis. I keep trying to tell him, 'No, you've given me grandchildren.' So we'll leave it at that."

Jason has two daughters with his wife, Kylie.

Donna noted how the fact that each brother already has a Super Bowl ring — Travis won Super Bowl 54 and Jason captured the title in Super Bowl 52 — takes the pressure off of this game.

"They've already got the first win under their belts, so this is going to be just pure joy," she said. "I mean we're going to really enjoy this, have a great time. Obviously, there's going to be somebody that's going to go home heartbroken — they won't have the bragging rights at the Thanksgiving table, but this is going to be an awesome event and I'm really looking forward to it."

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Donna Kelce shares witty response for Super Bowl 2023 rooting interest