Dog named Zoomie spent 2 years in Texas shelter. Then his foster parents fell in love

For nearly two years, an overlooked dog named Zoomie waited for his chance to be adopted from a Texas animal shelter.

His story tugged at the hearts of Cathy and Richard Barido, whose dog died in October. After taking a chance in December on fostering Zoomie from League City Animal Care, they quickly noticed similarities between him and their old dog, Iggy.

“I believe in signs,” Cathy Barido said in a video shared by the shelter. “I think a lot of his traits are Iggy’s traits, and it’s Iggy talking to us saying, ‘Here, this is going to help you get over me.’ And it has.”

Described as a “sweetheart” who is “a master of the art of relaxation,” Zoomie adjusted well to his new digs.

With his choice of beds and a backyard to play in, Zoomie found a home with the Baridos.

And soon enough, the Baridos dropped the “foster” label, becoming his new parents.

“He kind of grabbed on to us and never let go, and us too,” Richard Barido said.

Zoomie spent more time at the League Center animal shelter than any other pet at the facility. Health issues — including an old fracture that causes a slight limp — and other special needs likely played a role in Zoomie being overlooked, according to a news release.

Now, Zoomie is “living the good life,” the shelter said.

“He now spends his days sunbathing, playing with toys and going on daily walks,” according to the shelter.

Cathy Barido made sure to thank League City Animal Care for providing love and care for the pup during his two-year stay there.

“Zoomie wants to thank all the wonderful people at League City Animal Care for taking awesome, loving care of him and finding him a forever loving home,” she said in a Facebook post. “It took a long time and he will forever be grateful that you never gave up on him. He will never forget you.”

League City is about a 25-mile drive southeast of Houston.

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