What does 'POV' mean? Breaking down the definition of the abbreviation and how to use it

There is not a complete guide to all the acronyms and slang we often use to abbreviate our everyday conversations.

From "idk" and "OTP" to "smh" and "mid," there are so many different ways to say something shorter and quicker. Among these, there are probably a few you still don't know. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here is the meaning of "POV" and how to use it correctly in your conversations.

What does 'POV' mean?

"POV" is an acronym for "point of view," according to It has several meanings, including:

  • Someone's standpoint given a certain situation

  • An opinion, judgment or attitude

  • In regard to books, POV denotes a character's perspective on the story and plot

  • In regard to films, POV denotes the method of which the film or scene is shot from

Additionally, "POV" videos on TikTok have become very popular. In these, users often create a scenario through acting and this "POV" can be relatable or of interest to the audience.

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How to use 'POV'

Here are some examples of how to use "POV":

  • "I understand Greg's POV but I wish he went about the situation differently."

  • "POV: You're a Pokémon trainer, who do you pick to be your starter?"

  • "Who's POV is this chapter from?" "Mark, the second male lead, narrates this section."

  • "I really enjoy the director's POV during that scene, it's very emotional and profound."

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