DeMar DeRozan has high praise for Bulls teammate Alex Caruso with NFL comparisons: ‘He’s our Ray Lewis’

The Chicago Bulls haven’t lived up to expectations so far this season, jumping out to a disappointing 3-6 start to the season. And what’s worse is that their point differential reflects an even worse record than the one they have. Through nine games, the Bulls have a -45 point differential, which ranks 23rd in the NBA.

But while the majority of the Bulls’ key players have a negative +/-, Alex Caruso stands out with a +18. Zach LaVine is at -49, Nikola Vucevic is at -53, and DeMar DeRozan is at -77. But the Bulls bench has been leading the way, and Caruso is the face of the Bulls bench.

DeRozan recently praised Caruso, comparing him to multiple NFL legends. (H/t Jamal Collier of ESPN)

“He’s our Ray Lewis. He’s the Deion Sanders. He’s the Charles Woodson,” DeRozan said. “He definitely is one of those great, vocalist, communicators and competitors when it comes to that end of the ball. He’s a guy that without a doubt can win it for sure.”

Caruso may not be the star of the Bulls, but he’s certainly one of the leaders.

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Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire