DeMar DeRozan eats worms with Serge Ibaka, says he'll drop 50 on Raptors

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Reunited and it feels so gooood! (Well, minus eating worms, and stuff)
Reunited and it feels so gooood! (Well, minus eating worms, and stuff)

DeMar DeRozan likely knew that some Toronto Raptors talk would be on the table when he agreed to join former teammate Serge Ibaka on his cooking show, “How Hungry Are You.” But the former Raptor probably had no idea that worms would be on Ibaka’s menu.

Let’s start with the shop talk, which is certainly the tastiest part of this video for Raptors fans. After Ibaka introduces his worms, washes them (and even talks to them), DeRozan enters the kitchen, completely unaware of what he’s about to ingest. Ibaka teases the mysterious Congolese meal before the two get right to it.

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“You ready for the season? I know you’re ready, you cannot wait,” says Ibaka. “You better not score 45 on us, bro!”

“I’ll probably go for 50,” DeRozan replies with a smile, and before long the two have a bet in place for Toronto’s first meeting against the San Antonio Spurs. Ibaka gives $100 to DeMar’s favourite charity for every pump fake that Serge bites on, and Deebo gives $100 to Ibaka’s favourite charity for every block on DeRozan.

The whole thing comes together in one hilarious yet poignant exchange in the video below.

After the two express their shock over the big trade that brought Kawhi Leonard to Toronto, it’s time for Ibaka to unveil his Congolese dish of worms and rice, which promptly sends DeRozan running from the table as if mom had just served brussel sprouts. “Yo, yoooooo, is them worms?” he asks. “I feel like I’m on ‘Fear Factor’ or something, man!”

After a failed attempt at convincing DeMar that it’s actually fried chicken — “that is not no chicken, man!” — Ibaka shows DeMar how to eat this dish “like a man”: with your hands, shoveling the worms into your mouth like the final scoop of crumbs at the bottom on your chip bag.

That did very little to help persuade DeRozan, who just can’t stop laughing. It’s probably the same reaction I’d have if a good friend tried to convince me to eat a plate of worms as if they were Hickory Sticks.

But once he finally tries the dish, DeRozan’s critique comes with a hint of optimism. “It’s a little burnt,” he says, which is a certainly more favourable than “yo, these worms taste like worms.” Not exactly a glowing review, but hey, they’re really healthy, says Ibaka.

The video ends with Serge wondering who should be the next guest in his kitchen, to which DeRozan has one quick reply. “Drake, I challenge you to go on Serge’s cooking show and try whatever he’s got to cook for you.”

Your move, Drizzy!

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