Dave creator reveals how Brad Pitt ended up in season 3 finale

brad pitt
Dave creator reveals how Brad Pitt was in finaleDavid M. Benett - Getty Images

Dave spoilers follow.

Dave creator and star Dave Burd has opened up on how the show secured Hollywood star Brad Pitt for its season 3 finale.

The FXX show sees Burd, also known as rapper Lil Dicky, take on the role of the titular character who is convinced he is destined to be the greatest rapper of all time.

The final episode of season three (episode 10, Looking For Love) aired last night (Wednesday, May 31) and saw Dave filming his music video for the single 'Mr McAdams' alongside Rachel McAdams and Pitt.

brad pitt
David M. Benett - Getty Images

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In it, Brad hits it off with Dave and goes to his studio to watch him record along with Dave's hype man GaTa (Davionte Ganter), only for the trio to be held hostage at gunpoint by obsessive fan Bella (Tenea Intriago).

Following the episode, Burd detailed how he got Pitt on board to cameo on the comedy series.

He dubbed Pitt one of 'the biggest movie stars ever', but despite this, he was not phased to simply approach the actor about the prospect of appearing in Dave.

"I heard Brad Pitt was a fan of the show, without knowing that — you know, you hear it through the grapevine of Hollywood — and sent him a really well thought out email that took days to write, explaining the premise and why I thought this could be the coolest thing ever," he revealed to Deadline.

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He also spoke about how he managed to get McAdams and Canadian rapper Drake to appear in the latest series: "I met Drake and he told me that he thinks the show's one of the most important shows of our generation. I know he really watches every episode and loves the show."

With McAdams, Burd said he "got on a phone call and explained it all to her" to secure her role on the programme.

Following the tense and horror-fuelled finale, Burd detailed his own personal worst experience with a fan of his. He claimed that while in Detroit, he was followed by a car while he was in an RV in a moment similar to one in Dave.

rachel mcadams
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"We didn't have a big tour bus, and I just remember I got on the ground because I didn't know, 'Are people going to shoot?'" he said. "We're swerving trying to lose this person, and our luggage has fallen off the top racks. It was so chaotic."

However, he said that this instance did not inspire any of the events of the show's latest season.

"Now, none of that really impacted any of the episodes this season. But that is the scariest… I've never been trapped in a hurricane with a conservative Christian. Never have I been trapped with Brad Pitt and a stalker," he said.

Seasons 1 to 3 of Dave is available to watch on Disney +.

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