Dapper Labs announces the world’s first blockchain battle royale game

The creator of the ever-popular CryptoKitties game, Dapper Labs, has announced the release of the world’s first blockchain-based battle royale game – ‘Cheeze Wizards’.

The news was announced in a recent Dapper Labs Medium post. Cheeze Wizards is described as a social, crypto-native blockchain experiment where players summon wizards in a bid to win a global tournament and be crowned the ‘Big Cheeze’.

Each wizard is a non-fungible token (NFT), meaning each one is “unique, immortal, magical, and capable of world-changing feats”.

Players will need to use Ether to summon a wizard and then compete in the tournament. The more Ether collected from each summoned wizard, the bigger the tournament prize pot.

The Cheeze Wizard tournament is a global, multi-week event. During the tournament, wizards will duel each other on a daily basis, gaining power with each victory.

The last wizard standing will earn the title of Big Cheeze and take home all the Ether in the prize pot.

Cheeze Wizards will not resemble the likes of mainstream battle royale games such as Fortnite because it is built with blockchain technology.

The gameplay will reportedly be simple, utilising a game logic and battle system closer to that of Pokémon than Street Fighter. It will also be two-dimensional, ensuring that expensive graphics cards won’t be required to play.

The team has stated that Cheeze Wizards is an experiment – one that is only possible on blockchain. The announcement reads: “CryptoKitties proved blockchain games and NFTs are possible – Cheeze Wizards explores a whole new corner of the map.”

“CryptoKitties is centred around cuteness, cooperation, and fosters a ‘many hands make light work’ mentality around its core mechanics, like meta-puzzles and fancy chases. Cheeze Wizards is bizarre, competitive, and encourages a ‘there can only be one’ approach to its gameplay.”

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