Daniel Ricciardo Will Host a Few Alternate F1 Broadcasts

f1 grand prix of australia
Ricciardo Hosting Some Alternate F1 BroadcastsMark Thompson - Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo is not retired, but he is not in an F1 car, either. That means he has some free time on his hands, and, while that time has mostly been spent as a reserve and demo driver for Red Bull Racing, he has also been able to explore some extracurricular goals. The latest appears to be a first taste of a career in broadcasting F1 races.

While Ricciardo is not joining the main Sky Sports F1 feed seen in the U.S. and England any time soon, he will be hosting alternate broadcasts of three races on American television this season. During those events, ESPN will offer an alternate feed with Ricciardo a co-host, long-time actor and noted horse from Horsin' Around Will Arnett. The pair will both talk to guests and cover the race as it happens, following the typical format used by Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions.

If you follow the NFL, you may have already seen the format in use in the "Manningcast" broadcasts that the elder Manning and his brother Eli host for ESPN during some Monday Night Football games. In those broadcasts, the two hosts watch a game live and commentate on it as it happens while making room for guests to appear remotely for a casual conversation. The idea is something in between a live broadcast with actual analysis and an interview-style podcast.

Ricciardo and Arnett's broadcasts, which will be called "The Grandstand with Daniel Ricciardo and Will Arnett," begin with next weekend's Canadian Grand Prix. The pair will also host broadcasts during the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas and the inaugural running of the newest Las Vegas Grand Prix.

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