Dana White: UFC Mexico crowd fight ‘one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen’; not a bad look for UFC

MEXICO CITY – UFC CEO Dana White was captivated by the wild crowd fight that took place Saturday at UFC Fight Night 237.

During the main card of the event at Mexico City Arena, footage came out of a multi-person altercation going on in the audience. It was so noticeable one of the athletes on the card requested the fans calm down during his post-fight interview, and White saw it, as well.

White was asked about the situation during the UFC Fight Night 237 post-fight press conference, and whether he thought it gives off a bad impression of the UFC. He shut down that notion, but was animated in the description of his perspective.

“The fight in the crowd doesn’t look good for the UFC? That never happens. That literally never happens,” White told MMA Junkie and other reporters. “It happened here in Mexico City. The crazy thing about that fight, when that fight broke out, it felt like it kept going forever. So I ran over there and was watching it. Nobody stopped it. I was waiting for security to come in. They just let them go until it was over.

“That was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s a bad look for the UFC. It happened and that was the end of that. I think after everybody saw the end of that sh*t, nobody else wanted to try that again. No security. The fight just went on until it was over. I’ve never seen any sh*t like that in my life.”

Although White is false when he says crowd fights never happen at UFC events, he’s correct in that big ones like Saturday are not commonplace.

White did not reveal if he knew of any medical or legal fallouts from those who were involved.

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie