Dallas Mavericks have zero chance if Kyrie Irving pulls another Game 1 NBA Finals dud

Of the many possible scenarios for Boston Celtics fans, the way Game 1 of the NBA Finals played out was a bowl of chowder on free beer night with a chaser of a dozen Dunkin’ donuts.

The Celtics destroyed the Dallas Mavericks, and Kyrie Irving was horrendous. When he headed to the bench with five minutes remaining in the game, along with Luka Doncic, that told you everything you need to know about the evening.

It was a trash night for the Mavericks as the Celtics were only briefly threatened in a 107-89 win. Game 2 is Sunday night in Boston.

Here is the quick recap of Game 1: Celtics forward Kristaps Porzingis played like Luka Doncic, with blocked shots. Kyrie played like a four-letter word; the kind that you scream and use around your buddies, but can’t write in print.

Even at full strength with All-Star production from their All-Star players, the Dallas Mavericks may still not have enough to beat the Boston Celtics in a seven game series. Thursday night was the third time the Mavericks have played the Celtics this year, and they are 0-3.

They are 0-3 for a reason.

They have no chance to improve to so much as 1-3 if Kyrie comes anywhere near the “production” he put up in Game 1.

Every time Irving touched the ball, before the game was over long before it was over, he was met by “welcoming” boos from fans who remember his two-year tenure in Boston. He repeatedly said before the start of the series he was ready for the fans.

Because, as he said, “this is just basketball.” That may have been true; he might have even been ready for the Celtics, but the way he played in Game 1 was discouraging.

In 37 minutes, Irving finished with 12 points on 6-of-19 shooting; he was 0-for-5 from 3-point range, and had two assists with three turnovers. He missed open shots. He missed contested shots. He didn’t miss any free throws (Writer’s note: he didn’t attempt one).

In fairness to Kyrie, his teammates weren’t much better. Three players scored in double figures, and the most telling stat of all, Luka finished with one assist.

For most of the game, the Celtics guarded Doncic with one defender, and there was no negative consequences. He made passes, his teammates did nothing with them.

The Celtics led by as many as 29 points in the first half before the Mavs cut the deficit to 8 points in the third quarter. For a few minutes it looked like the Mavericks would complete the biggest comeback in NBA Finals history.

The only chance they had to make that comeback complete was if Kyrie showed up at any point. He did not.

In the previous rounds, the Mavericks had a penchant to fall behind big only to come back late and win. Trying that against the Celtics will end with a loss; the Celtics were the NBA’s best team in the regular season, and the way they played on Thursday night said they are the favorites in this series for all of the right reasons.

“They’re spacing is great. They have a lot of shooters,” Doncic said in the post game press conference. “We have to do a better job of taking those 3’s away.”

The Celtics have two super star players in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but their supporting cast is much deeper than the Mavericks. The Celtics “other guys” are good enough to win a game if Brown or Tatum don’t play well.

The Mavericks have two superstar players in Luka and Kyrie; their supporting cast is not good enough to beat a team like Boston if one of those guys is off. If Kyrie and Luka aren’t combining for nearly 55 to 60 points and 19 assists a game, the Mavericks are not winning this series.

The Mavericks have no Kristaps Porzingis to come in, although they once did. The former Mavericks forward had not played in more than 30 days, and in Game 1 KP looked like he was ready to head to nearby Springfield, Mass. for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In 21 minutes, Porzingis finished with 21 points, six rebounds and three blocks. After he came in the game in the first half, the Celtics blew out the Mavericks.

“He was great for them,” Doncic said. “He was really, really huge for them on both ends of the floor.”

The Mavericks didn’t play well, and the Celtics did. Expect adjustments aplenty from the Mavs for Game 2.

Whatever they do, Kyrie must finish.

If he doesn’t, the Mavs are finished.