Daily Podcast: Maple Leafs heating up before road trip

Andrew G. Zuber

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On this morning’s show:

The Toronto Maple Leafs won their third straight game with an OT victory over the Vegas Golden Knights. Sarah Jenkins gives a look at how the team is feeling and how different the pressure is when you’re playing in Toronto.


  • Maple Leafs back on track. Were expectations out of hand initially?

  • How much of the low-scoring play recently has been by design.

  • Why is William Nylander so divisive in the fan base?

  • Impressions of Mike Babcock from someone in their early 20s.

  • Raptors start road trip.

  • Wolfpack sign “LeBron James of rugby.”

There's only one William Nylander
How can anybody not like William Nylander?

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