Curt Schilling de-activates his Twitter after Bubba Wallace tweet, fight with Trevor Bauer

Twitter is a place where a bad tweet will send a mob after you, telling you to delete your account. Seems like Curt Schilling finally listened.

Schilling, the ex-All-Star pitcher turned right-wing political commentator, is no stranger to social-media controversy but it looks like he’s done with Twitter for good (or for now). After a messy 24 hours, Schilling has de-activated his account and posted on his Facebook that he’s going to Parler instead, the so-called “free speech social network,” which is gaining popularity among conservatives. Schilling, you’ll remember, claims his support of Donald Trump is what’s keeping him out of the Hall of Fame.

It’s unclear exactly what made Schilling finally leave Twitter — where he’s been fighting with people for years. On Tuesday, he found himself in a Tweet debate with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer (which Schilling did not fare well in) and he also was calling the Bubba Wallace story “JussieSmollett v 2.0.”

The Twitter masses are giving credit to Bauer for making Schilling delete his account — their argument about advanced stats turned into name-calling and Bauer scoring a TKO — but some news outlets are also connecting it to his Bubba Wallace tweet.

Schilling, of course, was fired from ESPN after a series of social-media mishaps, including posting racist and culturally insensitive memes after he was warned numerous times not to. Every controversy that’s come his way, he’s tweeted through it. Even to the point of unintentional hilarity.

So frazzling him to the point of getting him to leave Twitter is no small feat. This makes Bauer the first MLB pitcher to pick up a W in 2020.

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