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two years. And lurched through crisis and scandal leading to a sense of chaos. >>> Confirmation tonight that five people were killed, at least 35 others injured in the state of iowa after a massive tornado ripping through the american midwest. The tornado was at least ef-3 with winds up to 260 kilometres an hour. It left a wide swath of destroyed homes and cars in the town of greenfield. This has been a very active tornado season in the united states. More than 860 tornadoes reported across 37 states. >>> Coming up, the apprentice film creating a stir. >> I don't necessarily think he would like it. I think he would be surprised. >> Rave reviews from critics but a legal threat from the former president. >>> Plus barbie, honours a canadian soccer ( ) Ooooo! ( ) (Bip) OoOooo! ( ) Ooooo! —Ooooo! —Ooooo! —Ooooo... Have a little boooooost. ( ) (Blowing) (Blowing) (Bright upbeat music) (Crunching) Hm-hmm. (Laughing) (Growling) (Cutlery clinking) McCain. Make it a fry day. Arghhh!!! [woman sneezing] Don't let airborne allergens scare you. Aerius provides fast relief of your 15 worst allergy symptoms. So you can love the air again. Aerius. Nutty...and sweet. Latte macchiato. ( ) This one is for the prize? Intenso. No, cool. Definitely iced. ( ) Sweet. Bye. Nespresso, what else? When arthritis pain makes the stairs feel like a summit... There's Tylenol Arthritis. With 2 layers of pain relief, one acts fast, one lasts for up to 8hrs and it's gentle on your stomach. Tylenol Arthritis: made for everyday moments. Hi Phil Swift here for FlexSuper Wide Duct Tape.Just check outhow wide this It's so widewe built this race boat. Not only can it speedacross the water, but our super strong backingcan take the pounding and our powerful adhesiveholds the boat together. Yee-Haa! Now that's whatI'm talking about. Woo Hoo! Get Flex Super Wide Duct Tape. ( ) Interrupted by dry eyes? Get fast-acting relief with hydraSense eye drops. ( ) Made with a naturallysourced lubricant. hydraSense eye drops. >> Todd: she once wanted to be U.S. president and called donald trump unfit for office but now nikki haley says she will vote for him in november. >> I will be voting for trump. >> Served as governor of south carolina later trump's ambassador at the united nations. Seen as last hope of the anti-trump wing of the republican party. Did not call on her supporters to vote for trump.

>>> Speaking of trump real life rise to real estate mogul has been written about many times now a new movie about trump back in the 1980s called apprentice recently premiered at the cannes film festival in france. As washington bureau chief reports not happy at all. >> Caused quite the buzz at the cannes film festival following donald trump's years as a new york real estate tycoon. The movie made headlines for some disturbing scenes including the future president sexually assaulting his first identify ivana who died in 2022. References to pill popping, lipe poe suction and surgery to remove a bald spot hardly flattering. >> I don't think he would necessarily like it. I think he would be surprised. >> Reporter: the movie's director says it's inspired by true events. Trump campaign says it's anything but. And wants to sue. This garbage is fewer fiction which sensationalized lies long debunked, it belong inside a dumpster fire. >> Everybody talks about him suing a lot of people. They don't talk about his success rate though. You know. >> Reporter: defending, the direct are erin invited trump to a private screening to see for himself. A movie filmed partly in ontario and timing critics say is everything. >> As all the controversy generated over on the south of france, it will generate much more here in measuring when they will anticipate releasing it in september right in the closing weeks of the presidential election. >> Reporter: while the movie received a standing ovation, the director had this to say about his famous subject. >> There is no nice way to deal with this rising wave. >> The apprentice isn't the first movie about donald trump and he has got enough legal trouble to worry about facing 88 criminal charges while campaigning to win back the white house. Todd. >> Todd: ctv's joy malbon.

>>> Graceland the home of king can of rock 'n roll off the auction block at least for now. Elvis presley's granddaughter has won an emergency legal bid to delay the sale of the home which is a major tourist attraction in tennessee. A private lending company claims it gave a $3.8 million loan to elvis' daughter lisa marie presley back in 2018. The company says used graceland as collateral but never repaid the loan. Lisa marie died last year. Her daughter argued the company's documents were forged and the loan never existedded. The judge in the case saying the delay is in the public interest given graceland's historic and cultural significance. >>> Still ahead, ticked off. The creepy and dangerous critters who are crawling their way a -Ahh... this thing isn't getting any better... -And it won't get better on its own. -On top of that, it looks gross! -It's a nail fungus infection. -Really gross! -and it can spread to other people. It's contagious. -i think I need to see a doctor. -It's a good thing you came to see me. -It's an infection; you need a prescription. Ok. Nail fungus should be taken seriously. At the first signs, show it to your doctor or foot care practitioner and ask about prescription treatments that can be applied to the nail. I'm lost in love... (Electronic chime) So lost in love with you Get started for free on eharmony. (Giggling) Must be 18 or older to join. Get who gets you. eharmony. It's the betmgm must-see matchup. Toronto takes on Detroit. Leading off this weekend. Have your picks, parlays and popcorn ready. It's time to up the action. Download the BetMGM App and enjoy the game from the edge of your seat. It's on. Wall paper or paint.We make thousands of financialdecisions every day. Stay on top of it all withalerts and insights from the cibc Smart Account. Ego, the number one rated brand in cordless outdoor power brings you the select cut mower. Customize the cut with three interchangeable blades. It cuts for over an hour on a single charge. Find an ego retailer near you. Bladder leak underwearhas one job. I just want to feel protected! Especially for those sudden gush moments Always Discreet protects like no other. With a rapid dry core thatlocks in your heaviest gush quickly for up to zero leaks. Always Discreet— the protection we deserve! Crave, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once. ... All right here. Subscribe now atCRAVE.CA. Sullivan's crossing new episode on ctv four eligible farmers search for real life romance with a new crop of daters farming for love on ctv >> Todd: all heard of ticks parasites, bloodsuckers not the a great combination. Can spread disease and becoming increasingly common mp with more what you need to know ctv's paul hollingsworth has this report from halifax. >> Reporter: experts caution an unseasonably warm winter has allowed ticks to thrive early, ready to bite in growing numbers. >> The ticks are quite happy with the milder winters that are happening in the maritimes and across canada. >> Tick borne illnesses are on the rise. There were more than 8,000 reported cases of lyme disease in canada from 2021 to 2023. >> Throughout the entire country. >> Donna spent years battling lyme disease symptoms before she was properly diagnosed. >> A light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, scent sensitivity, digestive issues, hearing issues. >> Urges people to check their bodies closely after being outdoors. >> We need to be undertaking preventative measures daily. >> Reporter: there are basic steps to stay tick free. >> Bug spray not a bad idea. When you come inside, either check yourself right away if you are in a high risk area, toss your clothes into a dryer. >> Concerns about certain tuks spreading lyme disease have increased in recent years. >> Black like tick is very much big problem all around canada. >> Reporter: the lone star tick is also dangerous. >> On the whole there are more ticks, they are moving further northward. >> According to recent data from

the government of canada there are 40 different types of tick inside our country but not all of these ticks will make you sick. Some scientists say avoiding all ticks is the safest approach. >> Not every tick is infected but every type of tick can have something nasty. >> Reporter: it's a growing and alarming concern, especially with canadians enjoying outdoor activities during the warm weather season. Paul hollingsworth, "ctv news," halifax. >> Todd: after the break, role models become plastic models. A canadian soccer super star among the athletes honoured with their very own (Sniffling) Feeling Claritin Clear is like... ( ) Is she...? Claritin Clear? Yeah. Get fast, non-drowsy allergy symptom relief. Live Claritin Clear. What will you do when the power goes out? Power outages can be unpredictable and inconvenient, but with a GeneracHome Standby Generator, your life goeson uninterrupted, because you'll have powerwhen you need it the most. After the hurricane happened, we just want to beprepared for anything. And if you call now,you will also receive a free 5 year warrantyvalued at over $700. Call or go online nowto request your free quote. Power your life with Generac. (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Woman: Timmy, I love you! Thank you. This is late show or, like, a late-late show? ( ) (Indistinct shout) (Applause) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Timothée:Blue de Chanel. ( ) The fact that this Reese's ad showed up at this exact moment proves that your devices are listening... to your stomach. ( ) >> One of canada's most famous soccer player, the other world's most famous doll. Christine sinclair and barbie are teaming up in toy land one might say. >> Wide open goal. It's christine sinclair! >> The belief christine sinclair gave canadians was contagious. They could dream, win and be the best in the world. A role model. >> My faith. >> Now mini model. A barbie with her signature head band and jersey. >> Got the gold medal most important, high socks because the cool kids wear high socks. >> Among sinclair's achievements. Scoring the most international goals ever. She says this was unexpected but a huge honour. >> You know, iconic toy, hopefully can inspire the next generation of young canadians. >> For 65th anniversary barbie is honouring nine athletes from around the world. Tennis star venus williams is another. >> Moments in life that you can't even dream about, never thought that I would be you know made as a barbie doll. >> While the aim is to inspire, the maker of barbie says the dolls aren't for sale. >> The role model dolls are created just in their likeness truly to honour those athletes. And I would love a doll too. I feel everyone's pain be out there. But there is only one and it is gifted to the role model. >> Reporter: that puzzles parents. >> I think why not. Sell them all. >> Sinclair says growing up she didn't have female role model athletes to look up to. >> Through this barbie I hope to show especially young girls obviously that anything is possible and that you know chase your dreams they can come true. >> Reporter: a goal that much larger than a game. Sarah plowman, "ctv news," fredericton. >> Todd: that's it for us tonight. I'm todd van der heyden. For omar sachedina and all of us here at "ctv national news," thank you for watching. Have a great rest of your evening and I will see you right

here again . It's spring time in paris and the kings and queens of clay have come out to play Tennis played on another planet That is a piece of art right there

Ooo lala! Roland garros on tsn and tsn+ [ ] >> We know the policy solutions we need to have the government at all levels have the fortitude and courage to be able to implement them. >> A warning as they paint a grim picture of food security. >> We are pretty unanimous in saying we have to review this because the system really has lived beyond its usefulness. >> West jet calls for a federal review into the way that airports are funded. >>> Canada's long-standing position has been to support and to call for two state solution. >> Canada maintains its stance on the middle east as ireland, norway and spain say they will recognize the palestinian state. Thank you for joining us. We are getting a troubling new look at just how much canadians are struggling with the cost of living a new report suggests a quarter are facing food insecurity and almost half are worse off financially than they did last year. >> Reporter: officials of the daily bread food bank say demand has never been greater. Thousands of new clients arriving each month. They have jobs but not enough money to pay their rent and afford groceries. >> We are welcoming about 12 to 13,000 torontonians who have never used a food bank before. There come into the food bank for the very first time on a monthly basis. We are growing at three to 5 percent here in the city of toronto every single month. This past april there were 11,000 clients visits up from about 60,000 prepandemic. >> Numbers match report released by food banks canada. It works with 5100 local food banks and community groups and all provinces and territories. Here's a look at the findings. 44 percent of people feel they are doing worse financially compared to last year. One and four are experiencing food insecurity. >> The stand out from me really is that behind all of these numbers are real people and real folks who are struggling to make ends meet like never before. Families with jobs that should be able to afford food to put on their table. >> Reporter: food banks canada looked at the overall situation with poverty across the country, comparing the progress of every government. Here's a sample of the report card. The federal government was devon -- given a d. Ontario with the minus. Québec a c+, alberta d- and british columbia b+. The yukon inconclusive, not enough data. >> Nova scotia and pei did manage to bring their scores up a bit. I don't want to just that no one is taking action. >> Reporter: activist say federal and provincial governments need a coordinated poverty reduction plan. They claim there needs to be a greater sense of urgency to address this growing problem.

>>> West jet is calling for a full federal government review into the way airports are funded in canada. Canada's major airports are operated on federally owned land and they must pay rent to the government. Part of those costs and up getting past on to consumers in the form of extra fees charged on their tickets. The ceo says they faced... And is calling on ottawa to stop collecting rent. >> Joining me to discuss this is... At mcgill university. John what is your take on this. Do you think the aviation funding model needs to be reviewed? >> Yes. We've made it clear in a few of our academics... A couple weeks ago and I think we were pretty unanimous in saying we have to review this because the system really has lived beyond its usefulness. Covid has done a number in terms of the financial status of canadian airports. There has to be a review in terms of how airports are being funded and how they are going to fund future expenditure. >> What you expect a potential review to look like? >> Right now we are in a user paying model which everybody has been saying is broken. Is not the way we should be looking at it. West jet is looking at it the same. They want to have these charges removed because he wants fares to be able to go lower. The problem is if you remove those charges from the canadian travelling public, someone has to fuel those revenues that are being generated by those fees. Unfortunately the remedy for that would be all of canadian taxpayers rather than just air travellers who will be funding airports, ready to take on that challenge just yet. >> What sort of revenue do these fees bring in for the government and does it all go back into maintaining and improving the airport? >> The airport improvement fees are fees that you pay at each airport. That money stays with the airport. That's being used to fund the capital needs of the airports. The other fees that are there... Some of the other operational fees stay with the government. The big number is the rent that is being paid by the airports to the government and it's over $500 million a year. That rent is being thrown back in the general revenues. The airlines, the airports would like to see that show up back in the airports as an investment by the federal government to prove -- improve the state of the airport situation. >> How likely do you think the government is to take this request seriously? >> I think they are starting. We've got a review underway by the competition bureau about the state of competition and in the impact of these fees and that is starting shortly. We have a government looking at alternative financing models for the airports to look at having additional sovereign funds that we have in canada invest in airports. And make it easier for those funds that are investing overseas and invest in canada. There is some attention now weather the government is ready and willing to start looking at user pay as a concept and to review alternative, there's no indication that the government is ready to talk about that just yet. >> West jet also announced that they will introduced the lowest fees to passengers who are willing to forgo a carry-on bag. Do you think that's a smart business model and an option that passengers are likely to take up? >> Everybody's going to want cheaper fair. I think whatever we see happening by these additional fees that are showing up left right and centre, this is not unheard of. Airlines are trying to peel back the onion and to make some of the fees -- some of the services that you expect in a ticket, roll them back and make them optional and have additional revenues to it. It's another attempt to look at so-called ancillary fees, they've called them junk fees. And to basically add another level of fee structures on top of what they charge as a ticket. So it really is an attempt by the airlines to segment their travelling public into various buckets and they are looking to charge those people. >> Thank you so much for your time today. Program coordinator of the global aviation leadership program at mcgill university. >> My pleasure. >> The crown has wrapped up it's case against admitted killer jeremy skibicki. Today handwritten letters penned

by him were entered as evidence, giving a look into his mind while in prison. Alexandra, where did these letters come from? >> Homicide detectives learned that he was writing letters to another inmate at a women's institution in nova scotia. He is currently on trial for four counts of first-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty but has admitted to killing four addition is -- indigenous women. His defences arguing that he should be found not criminally responsible due to mental disorder. At the time's québec he was being held at the miller ridge correctional centre about in total nine letters were cemented by detective sergeant michael mcdonald with the winnipeg police service told the court that some of the letters were destroyed and those letters he writes about his quote extreme views and then includes some anti-semitic themes. He tried to pursue own -- a romantic relationship with the inmate, calling her sweetheart and saying he would consider marrying her. He also discussed his case riding I'm seriously considering giving up even though I have a not criminally responsible defence with experts. I could have 100 experts while the crown has none and I would still get convicted by a bunch of morons. The final letter was written on april 25th 2023 by him and it's not clear if there are any other letters sent or received after this time. The crown wrapped up it's case but the defence is expected to make its case on june 3rd. The trial is scheduled to wrap up on june 6th. >> Serial killer robert pickton will remain in a medically induced coma for at least the next few days after he was attacked in a québec prison. Police say medical staff will need to assess whether he can live without life-support. The 74-year-old was attacked on sunday. He is serving a life sentence for six counts of second degree murder. He was charged with the murder of 26 women, many of them indigenous. Police will be questioning a 51-year-old suspect in the attack.

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