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dangerous consult trolled substances. Anyone found in couldn't session of the drugs with oedipus that prescription could face jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. Pregnant women who possess the pills for their own consumption will be exempt from such penalties. Doctors would also need a license to prescribed drugs. Abortion is banned in louisiana with no exception for rape or incest. >>> Back at home, doctors at the children's hospital of eastern ontario using official intelligence to help diagnose where disorders. Records and flagged patients for genetic tend of testing pixie to be judy trend has more. >>> For years, this family has been searching for the cause of the developmental delays in their 10-year-old sun anthony. >> 's balance is very sun, as well as being able to retain information and grasp every day small tasks of knowledge, it's very challenging. >> Reporter: doctors initially thought it was due to complications from surgery he had as a baby. He was born with excessive fluid around his brain. And after more than 100 visits to the hospital and being bounced from one specialist to another, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. >> There's about only 400 people in the world known with this disease as we speak. And anthony is actually the first one diagnosed with this disease in north america. >> There are 6000 rare genetic diseases picking anthony's diagnosis may not have happened if he was not flagged for testing due to to an error I -- ai algorithm. It was developed by scientists developed by tech experts. >> Reporter: to this pilot project researchers use the this to analyse data. And 15 people were flagged as having potential rare genetic diseases. Ai has allowed doctors to diagnose where disorders and kids much earlier so that families can get help foster. >> Reporter: family and friends if you don't have a specific code, you are not given enough support. >> Reporter: it took three years to develop this ai algorithm but a thousand have you judy trend, ctv news, ottawa >> Akshay: we are getting a new look at the upcoming documentary about canadian legend celine dion. [ ] sky he sang great. >> Akshay: look at that power. The québec singer is sharing her challenges with stiff person syndrome, the rare disorder that has kept her sidelined off the stage for the past couple of years. "i am celine" will stream an amazon prime. Thank you for staying, will be back the top Money is a thing. You're told to make money, invest money, save money. While others are encouraging you to spend your money. You might even be planning your money ...based on someone else's plan. Maybe it's time to do things...differently. And get obsessed over something other than money. Like building a path based on what's important to you. ( ) we understand money's a thing, but it's not everything. Edward Jones. We do money differently. (Blowing) (Blowing) (Bright upbeat music) (Crunching) Hm-hmm. (Laughing) (Growling) (Cutlery clinking) McCain. Make it a fry day. Frizz, dryness, breakage. New Dove 10-in-1 serum hair mask, with patented peptide complex, fortifies hair bonds, helps reverse ten visible signs of damage in one minute. Keep living. We'll keep repairing. (Music Begins) Summer breeze makes me feel fine Blowing through the jasmine in my mind ( ) Summer breeze makes me feel fine (Silence) Blowing through the jasmine in my mind Summer starts here. Get your pc® Summer Insiders Report today. [ ] By reliably delivering more the Hyundai kona suv has earned, “Best Residual Value,” from jd Power four years in a row.

[ ] From its advanced technology to its durability we took the best-selling subcompact suv in Canada and made it more wah. [Hyundai sting] Oh Canada!! their time has come Argentina have done it! One more Messi moment! Beyond glorious! Messi magic once again This is it...the stage is set That's what they came for!! And it is spectacular!! [ ] >> A time for artists to stop paying the price for live nation's monopoly. >> Akshay: watching cdb new channel, the U.S. justice department once live nation and ticketmaster to face the music in a new lawsuit. >>> Hackers have made good on their promise, leaking corporate info stolen from london drugs. >> Toronto, welcome to the w. [ ] >> Akshay: and fantastic news, it is official, canada has its first wnba team. >> Hello and welcome to see to be news channel picnics returning us, I'm actually. The U.S. justice department has filed the sweeping antitrust lawsuit against ticketmaster in the parent company live nation, accusing the entertainment giant of running an illegal monopoly over live events in the united states. >> It's alleged that's to sustain the dominance, live nation relies on unlawful and anti- competitive conduct to exercise it's monopolistic control over the live events industry in the united states and over the fans, artists, independent promoters and venues that pander -- powered the industry. >> Akshay: in the lawsuit the justice department accused the nation of using a slew of tactics including threats and retaliation to suffocate the competition to maintain stronghold on the live entertainment industry. Canada's competition bureau says it is aware of the lawsuit but cannot confirm if it will be conducting it's own investigation into live nation. The competition bureau is required by law to conduct it's work confidentiality.

>>> We'll bring in john brielle, the vice president of the public policy for the national consumers. Thank you for your time onto to be news channel. >> A good evening and thanks for having the. To meckling at the biden administration's antitrust enforcement, many saw this coming. When you have one company that controls ticketing, event ownership, promotion, secondary and venue ownership, that is the definition of the monopoly by any definition. >> Akshay: this, of course, as you said is a big win for smaller promoters, artists and fans across, but looking at what live nation is said so far and how will be playing out, do you think they will let go of this so easily? >> Now, I think live nation will fight this suit to thumbnail I think they want want to hold onto the monopoly as long hard as possible. >> Akshay: do you think the dod has a strong case, please explain. >> I think that the doj has, resented compelling evidence that live nation and the subsidiary ticketmaster have abused their power picnic expect that when we see this go to trial they will present even more evidence. >> Akshay: live nation has, as we know, grown significantly in the last decade. Several artists in the past have complained in clashed with ticket monster and live nation, some include bruce springsteen, and, of course, taylor swift. How do you see this working out for musicians in the long run? >> I think it's clear that musicians have very little power against the monopoly. We saw that in testimony that artists gave before the U.S. congress last year. They said they have very little power to do things like determine where they want to tour, how much they will charge, all that is influenced by this gigantic monopoly. And at the end of the day if we have more competition in the space, artists, independent venues and especially the fans can only benefit. >> Akshay: we're talking about 400 musical artists, over 250 concert venues over north america and ticketmaster owns 80% of the big venues, primary ticketing for concert, as he also pointed out. My question to you as if they were to split, we are talking about north america over here, this is the U.S. department of justice, what would happen to canada? >> Will I think that across the world they will be looking at the dominance this country has. Her -- this company has. Clearly north america is there home region and they have the most dominance here. But I hope in canada that we will be keeping a close eye on what the U.S. justice department is doing and if they find that live nation is violating canadian antitrust law they will take action like they are taking action in the united states. >> Akshay: we will have to leave it there. I have we appreciate your time and urinalysis. >> My pleasure. >> Akshay: of the news we are tracking. Some hackers have made good news -- good on the threat that to release data taken from london drugs. The company refused to pay the 25 million-dollar ransom, and they say the leak included employee information. The western canada-based chain was forced to close all of it's stores last month after a cyber attack.

>>> Canadian sports have scored a major win. Toronto will be home to a new wnba franchise beginning in 2026. It will be the first outside of the u.s., as the leak looks to expand it's footprint pixie tvs mike walker reports. >> Toronto, welcome to the w. [ Cheering and Applause ] >> Reporter: after much anticipation, it's official, the wnba is coming to toronto. Gilmore sports ventures led by larry tannenbaum has been awarded 14th franchise of the league, that he is also minority owner in maple leaf sports and entertainment, he paid $115 million U.S. for the team picks. >> Our team will complete the pathway for women in this country. They can see that this war that they play has girls and women is just as important and worth investing in. >> Reporter: toronto have been on the wnba's radar the toronto raptors 2019 championship run. >> I attended our game, and lots of people coming up to me and saying thank you for making my dreams come true. And that is when I knew this is the right place as we were thinking about expansions. >> Reporter: starting in 2026, the homeport will be at the coca-cola coliseum, with occasional games worth it. >> Reporter: women's sports are gaining momentum, the pwa challenge all girls season saw huge success with three canadian teams, in the wnba is now tipping off it's 28 seasons. >> I think it's amazing, now female athletes are actually being recognized. >> I think so many young girls and athletes can also relate and feel inspired. >> Reporter: a sentiment echoed by two-time canadian olympian to mark who also coaches youth basketball team. >> Young athletes will have role models in your own country. We haven't had that in so long. It something that we dream of and is finally coming true. >> Reporter: mike walker, ctv news, toronto. >> Akshay: and avenues are tracking, the federal government is introducing legislation that would extend canadian citizenship rights to children born abroad. >> The proposed legislation will extend citizenship by dissent be on the first generation in a way that is inclusive and upholds the value of our citizenship. >> Akshay: the bill would automatically allow canadians born abroad to passed on citizenship to their children. To be eligible, parents must show them have spent at least three years in canada before the burst of birth or adoption of their child. >> The bipartisan letter from 23 U.S. senators is urging canada to meet it's 2% nato spending commitment. Defence minister bill blair had this reaction. >> I would talk to them of but the $40 billion investment that we are making a norad modernization. When we have work to do, we've acknowledged that from day one, but there is more than he to do. >> Akshay: letter comes just two months before nato countries are set to meet in washington. Experts eights an effort to get countries like canada that are liking on time. >> Etiquette is clearly a move that is intended to increase the pressure on canada, frankly, in spite of this most recent budget and the defence update, we are still not on path on pace to meet the 2% nato commitment that was made as recently as last year but made repeatedly over years, to get there until the end of the decade. And that is deeply disappointing and worrying. >> Akshay: this would raise the defence spending to 1.7 6% of gdp by 2029. >> Akshay: it could be a stormy summer ahead picks the conditions are perfect for an intense hurricane season. U.S. forecasters are warning that there could be 17 to 25 named storms with them as many as 15 becoming hurricanes. Cts reporter has more details. >> The water is calm right now. The latest forecast is accurate, these waves will be getting much bigger. >> The combination of waters in the atlantic is really lining up into be an active season in the atlantic.

>> Of addiction is that 2017 to 25 named storms will form, and eight to 13 have the potential to become hurricanes. >> We can expect some of these storms to become major hurricanes. >> Reporter: right now the thought is that they could be as many as seven, and all of these totals are above the climate averages for the season. Ocean temperatures in the caribbean and atlantic are one of the main reasons why the caribbean is looking ominous. That's not a good thing is early in the season. Florida-based meteorologist steve weibel was troubled by what he sees. >> This is not just a little above normal, were talking not only a degree or two above normal, they are super high. >> People are very concerned and worried picks. >> And so are people in the province of nova scotia, after major storms in 2022 and 2023, they are preparing ahead of time. >> We have extra information that we purchased this year, knowing it will be a particularly bad season. >> Reporter: hurricane season runs june 1st until the end of november with most storms forming august, september and november. >> B.C. court has ordered the city of souris to transition away from the rcmp to municipal force. >> This is obviously a huge relief for the people of souris who just want this done. >> Out this done, everybody wants us done. And it is so important. And and I encourage the mayor and council to close this chapter and move on. The longer the transition takes, the more it costs. >> Akshay: the transition was a key promise of souris' former mayor. But in 2022, a new mayor was elected on the promise to stop this and keep the rcmp. Here is what she had to say about the decisions. >> Policing of the municipal manner and that was the sentiment shared by the solicitor general, premier eby, the former premier organ, as well as every single mla and souris. The fact is that the court challenge has revealed huge holes in the transition to the spf on multiple levels and the true costs will have an extremely, extremely onerous impact on the city of souris and especially on souris taxpayers. >> Akshay: the province as they will continue with the transition with or without the city's support.

>>> Scottie scheffler was detained outside of the pga championship and charged with assaulting an officer pixie to beat andrew johnson has more. >> In new video released by louisville police, our first look at the moments before a bizarre arrest. The world's top golfer, scottie scheffler, slowly turns towards valhalla golf club, arriving for round two of the pga championship. A police officer can be seen running alongside scheffler's suv, he appears to smack the windshield in the car comes to a stop. A couple of minutes later, scheffler was in handcuffs. >> Is going to jail and there's nothing you can do about it. >> Reporter: police have alleged scheffler dragged the officer from his car before the arrest. Is no sign of that in the new video, no is there body camera footage. >> Detective gillis should have turned on his body worn camera but did not. >> We are not aware at this time of any video footage which captures the initial interaction between lm pd and mr scheffler. >> Reporter: louisville police to the officer who did not turn on his body camera has been disciplined. That mourner, -- morning, shortly before scheffler had arrived, a tournament worker had been hit and killed by shuttle bus. >> That tragic death led to a series of unfortunate events and a dark, rainy and tense conditions. >> Reporter: police say that the golf superstar refused to stop at the scene and instead accelerated forward. He was hauled off to jail. >> I was never angry, I was just in shock, and I think I was just shaking the whole time. >> Reporter: scheffler was released a few hours later and returned to the course and time duty off,. >> Scheffler has called the arrest the misunderstanding and is still facing four charges, including second degree felony assault of a police officer. He is scheduled to appear in court on june 3rd. >> Akshay: time for a break, but still ahead, the university of toronto says its time for the encampment on campus to (Dramatic music) (Cheering) Our hero Paul lovesto help others.But today, ...he's helping protecthimself... ...against pneumococcalpneumonia, which can put you in the hospital. He got the Prevnar 20 vaccine. Yes, even heroes... ...should think protection. Ask about Prevnar 20 today. ( ) That's a dq Chicken Strip Basket! Oh look at those tasty dq chicken strips. And fries! Plus all the dips! Oh let's order one, right now! Dq. Happy Tastes Good. Woman: Timmy, I love you! Thank you. This is late show or, like, a late-late show? ( ) (Indistinct shout) (Applause) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Timothée:Blue de Chanel. Meet Febreze's Miracle Spray. New Febreze Fabric Refresher. I literally use this every day. To enjoy it's freshness for hours! After I make the bed, after I catch my dog on the couch. So I can wear my jacket one more time. It even makes shoes smell fresh. Febreze doesn't cover up odours with scent, but fights them and freshens! Over one thousand uses. Febreze Fabric Refresher. Safe to use around cats and dogs. At Pet Valu, we treat your pet like our pet. Well, Georgie, it's time for adult food. And there's a lot of great options to choo... too choose from. They grow up so fast. I know... I do this like ten times a day. ( ) Our family's growing. We're looking for a little bigger place for us... ( ) and this is our third Mattamy property. Homes... made for the real you. ( ) >> Akshay: things were staying with us. Mercury levels in the waters near grassy narrows first nation in ontario have gotten even worse. Think that sinks to industrial pollution. This has been contaminated since 1960s and seventies when the nearby pulp and paper mill dumped about 9 tons of mercury into the water. Around 90% of grassy narrows population has symptoms of mercury poisoning that can lead to tremors, insomnia and memory loss as well as neuromuscular tax. The university of toronto has

made an offer to representatives of a pro- palestinian encampment on its campus. >> Given the duration of the encampment and the growing strain in our community, is time to bring this encampment to an end. >> Reporter: it includes a review of protest, to demand -- divest ties from companies with ties to the israel government, they also doesn't demand that university cut ties with israeli academic institutions with the university says that is off the table. >>> It appears that the student protesters will not accept the deal, the group calling it inadequate and offensive for an offer and it does not meet their demands. Make the body of a soldier from newfoundland who died in battle during the first world war will be coming home from france. The soldiers identity is unknown but he will represent all of the soldiers from that province who never made it home pixie tvs reporter has joined a group of canadians in france for the start of the journey. >>> Preparations and practices are well underway in beaumont hamel northeastern part of france for this one-of-a-kind ceremony. Re: newfoundland and labrador's contributions to the first world war. Soldiers from the royal newfoundland regiment are back in france this week, this time picking up a fallen ancestor at a ceremony on saturday. These hills still hold the holes of artillery blast. Scars of a battle that never really healed at home either. On july 1st 1916, newfoundlanders were ordered over the top. Was part of the british big push and the bottle of the psalm. But newfoundland and labrador fought separately. It was a dominion of the british empire not yet part of canada. This battle was deadliest in the royal newfoundland regiment history. There were german machine guns were set in the holes in the barbed wire that than if lenders had to run through. Within mere minutes, 224 were killed and another 306 were wounded 21806 were wounded. Some historians believe the newfoundlanders never fired a single shot. The unknown soldier is meant to represent all of newfoundland's war efforts, so officials won't say where exactly he died. Whether it's beaumont hamel or other battlefields in the area. Not been identified no family has been found. And if online premier andrew furey will serve as the next of king ken. >> It's overwhelming and the responsibility of being. >> After the remains are handed over, they will immediately to head back to canada and bring that soldier home so the first time in more than a hundred years garrett barry, ctv news, france. >> It's time for a break, and researchers at the children's hospital in ontario or using ai to identify where genetic disorders in kids. More on that AFTER(Snickering) Hanging tree [ ] Pick-up is quick and easy. Our hero Paul lovesto help others.But today, ...he's helping protecthimself... ...against pneumococcalpneumonia, which can put you in the hospital. He got the Prevnar 20 vaccine. Yes, even heroes... ...should think protection. Ask about Prevnar 20 today. (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) When arthritis pain makes the stairs feel like a summit... There's Tylenol Arthritis. With 2 layers of pain relief, one acts fast, one lasts for up to 8hrs and it's gentle on your stomach. Tylenol Arthritis: made for everyday moments. What doing?Washing machine's broken Moose. But... Squeaky? When lifedoesn't go to plan, ClearScore can helpwith personalized loans and credit cards. Download for free, now! ClearScore, best friendfor your finances.

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