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farming for love on ctv >> A series of missiles launched in tel aviv for the first time in nearly four months. Marking a possible escalation in the war. >> We have not been given commitments or the vestments. We demand that. >> Student to have set up a palestinian encampment at the university have until monday morning. [ Cheering and Applause ] >> Control the backhand she scores! >> The first champion of the cwhl could be crowned tonight. If minnesota beats boston in game four of the leaked finals. It is sunday may 26, thank you for joining us here on ctv news channel, I'm renee rodgers. We'll begin this hour in the middle east where hamas has launched a barrage of rockets at tel aviv. Prompting fire and to sound off in the israeli city for the first time in nearly four months. >> The israeli military says eight projectiles crossed into israel after being launched from the area in southern gaza. Now that -- number of rockets were intercepted and there was no immediate reports of casualties or damage this appears to be the first long-range rocket attacks from gaza since january. With the military operations in rafah. >> Of concern clearly no injuries at this point. And it also suggests that the idea of the netanyahu government that they are going to eliminate hamas with the impossibility as I think the americans and others have told them. And I think the ministry of defence agrees for total elimination of hamas will not happen. >> Renee: ate trucks have began to enter gaza through southern israel things to a new agreement between israel and egypt allowing shipments to bypass rafah. The crossing was closed when is really forces sees the palestinian side earlier this month. Egypt had refused to reopen its side of the border until control of the gauze inside was handed back to the palestinians. Under us and is really pressure egypt agreed to divert traffic through israel's crossing with the cargo terminal. Although -- although eight trucks are entering again, the president and ceo of the humanitarian group says its not nearly enough. >> With a 95% of the a. That has come over the past so months they have come in through those two openings so with one of those still closed and one of them difficult to get to in a safe way we have a problem still with the amount of aid coming in. So those crossings need to be opened, those in the north need to be opened and the pier needs to be bringing in more aid and more truckloads coming off of those ships that is the case right now. >> Renee: for the humanitarian groups it is unclear weather or not they will be able to access the aid because of the fighting in the area. >> I think it's time to go beyond condemning actions and telling israel to stop the war in gaza. I think we need to raise the voices a little bit more in demand a cease-fire. >> Meantime the palestinian prime minister is calling for an end to the war in gaza. They comment are made alongside the foreign minister that comes after spain along with ireland and norway said it would recognize the palestinian state this tuesday.

>>> Pro- palestinian protesters who set up an encampment on the university of toronto campus are expected to meet with school officials today. The meeting which is scheduled for 5:00 pm local time comes after the university issued the trespass notices to the protesters on friday. The school has said they will take all necessary legal steps if the protesters do not clear out by monday at 8:00 am. The notice also threatens to seek a court order against the camp. And to divest on the companies profiting in gaza. >> With the official spokesperson on campus and thank you for being here. This trespassing notice has been issued and the deadline to evacuate is 8:00 am on monday. Are people clearing out or staying put? >> We will continue to stay here until our demands are met. As mentioned they'll be filing this because they want us gone and they want to shift the blame of calling the police on their students and staff and faculty to a court order. >>> Still we will continue to remain steadfast in our demands to disclose and cut ties with the academic institution. >> Here we are with the injunction and what we were given by the ministration is a more appropriate with that statement of the university policy then an offer. There has been absolutely know movement always outlined in the document initiated before even taking office encampment 10 before even talking to administrators, in terms of our counter offer we are putting forth atrocities and procedures that cannot be slower bureaucratic and they cannot be the tutorial and people are dying. And they stated that he doesn't think it's the right time to accuse of due process but we think a genocide is the exact time to do this. More specifically our counter offer. It's built on the fact the office of the president has the ability to create atrocities and they can make decisions without being bound to begin with. They did that for fossil fuels in 2021. So that is what our counter offer is. >> With the transfers a not accepting the trespass notice, they just wants to seek a court order. There could be disciplinary action and possibly expulsion or termination. Does this concern those participating? >> Yes, we think threatening them they are with the contract taking away from them and threatening students in the academic sanctions when the threat to our three to -- freedom of expression with admin in good faith if they want to end this peacefully. They would go to the negotiating table in good faith and that's not what they are doing. They want the court order to call the police on us and of course the academic sanctions is very concerning for many students. It's very concerning to faculty and doesn't change the fact that there is an ongoing genocide and we are willing to take the risk to push for our demand for them to be met now. >> Negotiation is set for this evening, what are you hoping for? >> We will be presenting our counter offer and we hope the admin again, comes to the negotiating table in good faith as we have been doing for 24 days. We have been here for 24 days and we put our lives on hold for 24 days because it's an ongoing genocide. Where people at the camp of loss thousand -- hundred defined members and indigenous folks and campers and students at the camp with us now being told that there is a trespass notice and they are being told to get off their own land. We are asking for immediate disclosure of public investments when you want to committee like this you want total immediate divestment in the agreement of the working group with the processes for future investments and we want the specifically with the hebrew university that has presence INñt:ZKSt: settlements and is on the institute because they work on the ai dues. So we are offering them very

specific demands, that's our counter offer and we are hoping they come to us with respect and they actually take these demand seriously because we have a very legitimate movement right here at the campus. >> All right, we will have to leave it there. Graduate student at the university of toronto an official spokesperson for the u of t's occupied for palestine encampment thank you very much for being with us. >> Thank you for being -- thank you for having me. After -- after the school. >> Something I think they are thinking as this is a hate crime, is as a terrorist act, it's too early in the investigation to say. >> Investigators believe the shooting happened just before 5:00 am by more than one person travelling in a dark coloured vehicle. They have issued a statement calling the incident at clear and calculated and premeditated targeting. >>> To ukraine no where president volodymyr zelensky is speaking about the importance of a peace summit being held in june. >> To president biden, the leader of the united states. And to president xi jinping, the leader of china, we do not want the un charter to be burned. Burn down just like these. >> In a prerecorded video message zelensky spoke inside the charred remains of a printing press destroyed last week in a russian airstrike. The forces have stepped up you taxed -- attacks and seals hope that the june meeting in switzerland will increase international pressure on russian president volodymyr zelensky. -- vladimir putin. They had a packed construction supply stores saturday afternoon. 14 are confirmed dead and 43 others were injured. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky says more than 200 people could have been in the store when it was attacked. Ukraine's problems have been mounting in recent months and they try to hold out against russia and the war appears to be at a critical point.

>>> The us ambassador to nato says she has seen no indication that they have a plan to reach the alliances target of 2 percent gdp on the defence. In an exclusive interview with question period julian smith says she believes canada intends to eventually meet the commitments but they have seen no evidence on how ottawa will get there. >> When will we see an actual plan to reach this 2 percent target and have clarity on how canada is going to get there I have not had an instance where the canadian officials say they will not get there but I don't have any sign with the plan in place to get to the 2 percent mark with the alliance made in this is difficult decisions, this is why it was a 10 year timeline. >> Last week a bipartisan group of us senators wrote a letter to prime minister justin trudeau saying they are concerned and disappointed that canada will likely not reach the 2 percent commitment in this decade. Canada's updated defence policy charts the path to reach 17 6% of gdp on defence spending by 2030 but it does not include a target to hit 2 percent. >>> A new study on children and screen time focuses on parents. Experts say when it comes to a child's development parent should also focus on reducing their own screen time. Researchers say parents need to be fully engaged with their children, when they are not it can have a negative effect on child's development. >> You have less time to summing else if you're spinning time on their less time to pay attention. I think that many moments in parenting or the golden moment when suddenly you see the need to be inside your child's zone of development where they suddenly need 30 seconds of scaffolding that's going to help them get past something. >> Reporter: researchers have found parents can spend up to 30% of their time looking at their phones while the playground with their kids.

>>> As the weather improves and canadians venture out into the wilderness for hiking and camping trips this summer there is a new warning from researchers about an increase in cases of lyme disease in this country. They say cases of the disease in canada have increased I'm more than 1,000% in the last decade. And it's not just takes canadians have to be on the lookout for. There is exotic mosquito species that could potentially carry the illness and they have become established in parts of ontario. Still ahead, researchers call for better mental health supports for canadians dealing with wildfires. More on that next. (Snickering) Hanging tree If you think EVs have about as much personality as a toaster, we don't blame you. That's why we didn't make just any EVs. We made an ev so powerful, it can charge another ev. ( ) And an ev with a mode that does this. ( ) The only ev that's a Mustang. The only ev that's an f150. ( ) Welcome to the Wayborhood. With Wayfair, finding your style is fun. [ music playing ] Yes! When the music stops grab any chair, it doesn't matter if it's your outdoor style or not. [ music stops ] I'm sorry, Carl. This is me in chair form. I don't see you. -Oh, come on. This one's perfect for you. But you. Love it. I told you we should have done a piñata. I explained it so many times. Um-hum. They're not sitting. -And it rocks... You need to sit down. Wayfair. Every style. Every home. Still keeping tabs on your petthe old fashioned way?There's a better option. Tractive gps pet trackersgive you live gps tracking. So you'll know whereyour pet is at all times. Virtual fencing, in case yourescape artist wanders too far. And activity andsleep monitoring, so you have peace ofmind around the clock. All in one easy to use appwith unlimited range and support in over150 countries. Tractive gps Trackerequals 24-7 peace of mind. -Ahh... this thing isn't getting any better... -And it won't get better. It's a nail fungus infection. -On top of that, it looks gross! -and it can spread to other people. It's contagious. You need a prescription. Ask your doctor or foot care practitioner about prescription treatments that can be applied to the nail. With HelloFresh, get more out of your budget without compromising on quality or flavour. Delicious meals with fresh ingredients that save on food waste and trips to the grocery store. Order now at >> Renee: the bc wildfire services they're respecting a mixed bag from the weather as they continue to battle fires through the province. >> The next couple days we are expecting highly there -- variable fire conditions. We will have someplace to look at brain, others will stay dry. >> There is also the threat of thunderstorms in some areas which could bring lightning and gusty winds and the rain might not hit some of the areas that needed them most with the dry conditions in the provinces northeast expected for the next couple days. And fort nelson, there is also hope a vacuum could return early next week.

>>> With experts predicting another severe fire season ahead for canada this summer, university of victoria researchers are calling for better mental health support for canadians dealing with wildfires as another severe fire season has arrived earlier than anticipated. Actually, a mental health expert won the lead researchers at the university of victoria will be presenting the findings of her study at the upcoming congress of the humanities and social sciences. She joins me now, actually, thank you for being here. >> Thank you for having me! >> Now, many provinces are being affected by fires this time of the year, tells more about your study and it's findings. >> So my research is looking at the impact of the wildfire disasters on communities and individuals so during the fire seasons we often focus on those physical aspects so we are looking at the evacuation and mitigation and preparedness which is such essential information that needs to get out there. But now, from the interior region of british columbia living in this -- living in the seasons you after your people are experiencing fires consistently and I thought there's probably some room for the social aspect to look at that's a lot to my research has done his talk to over 30 people living in the region who experienced different fire events in different ways to understand what are the challenges people are navigating? >> What kind of mental health issues can arise as wildfires become an annual thing in bc? >> What I have seen is really a range. People who obviously experience loss or -- of homes are physical aspects of the commit -- committee are gone due to fire. That's a huge element of grief there. Besides and that there's also the trauma." spoken to people who have had to leave quite quickly from fire events and that's kind of something we have seen in the few cuties across canada and these moments with that fear and feeling of in that moment needing to get out stays the people so the peoples talk about ptsd from the fires two years ago up to 20 years ago. So there is those but also people reach out to me because they want to talk about living in this region where you see the consistent year after year fires coming into those seasons, people were just experiencing heightened anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms that many people are dealing with weeks on end of smoky skies and that's a real challenge for the mental health as well. >> What about the firefighters? I can imagine this would be compounded for them? >> I think it definitely is. I haven't had the opportunity to speak to many of them because my first study here was looking more community members but it's an area I would like to go as well because, of course,, this is a real challenge and they are on the front lines and they are seen this in realtime and I think many people are even fighting these fires from these communities and this is also increasing this level of trauma. It's another really important area. >> Renee: are there any resources in place? >> So, of spoken to over 30 people, only one explicitly told me they had reached out for a mental health professional and supports. I think there is an opportunity here to boost the resources we have and maybe boost the communication around resources. And I also think we have a look at the barriers people are facing. So, weather people are insured or uninsured, you know there is a financial hit that comes with these fire disasters so that can be a huge barrier to accessing services. And as well as when people are navigating these they are dealing with insurance claims and their reel building and relocating and they are trying to help their families get through these difficult situations. So mental health can fall to the bottom of that list. I think there is an opportunity here to increase the amount of trauma with the resources we have and also to try and lower peoples barriers and challenges to accessing support when they have gone through to medicaments. >> Ashley burr art researcher in mental health expert, they give very much for being here we appreciate your time. >> Thank you for having me. >> The death toll from the massive landslide is now estimated to have reached more than 670 people. The un migration agency mission in the south pacific island nation says the updated death toll follows the discovery of nearly 100 more homes read in the debris. The previous estimates were 60 homes. Local officials initially put the death toll on friday at 100 are more. Only five bodies have been recovered. The national government might ask for more international help.

>>> Told people have been injured after a qatar airway flight to dublin experienced about of turbulence. The boeing 787 liner had turbulence's airborne over turkey. The flight landed safely in dublin and it was met with emergency services. Six passengers and six crew members were injured. They are lined did not comment on the turbulence but says there will be an internal investigation. >>> Still ahead, team canada's going home without a medal at the men's world hockey championship, the canadians felt to sweden and the bronze medal match after a close battle that came up short. Highlights her after the break. (Dramatic music) (Cheering) ( ) That's a dq Chicken Strip Basket! Oh look at those tasty dq chicken strips. And fries! Plus all the dips! Oh let's order one, right now! Dq. Happy Tastes Good. ( ) (Clattering) ( ) I sit back And let a Bud light the way When choosing a location, amenities matter. Like private outdoor space, natural light, and most importantly, temperature control. Come find your Island. Prince Edward Island Find a great deal foryour ideal hotel.Open trivago, type inwhere you want t select your check-in andcheck-out dates and search. Compare prices forthe same hotel and save up to $50 a night. Hotel? trivago. Salonpas, makers of effective pain relief patches for 89 years believes in continuous improvement, like rounded corners that resist peeling, with an array of active ingredients and sizes to relieve your pain. Salonpas. It's Good Medicine. Hisamitsu ego, the number one rated brand in cordless outdoor power brings you the select cut mower. Customize the cut with three interchangeable blades. It cuts for over an hour on a single charge. Find an ego retailer near you. Made for finding a way to do it on your own. ( ) Made for three generations under one roof. ( ) Made for big leaps... and family growth spurts. From your first... to your forever... to your anywhere in between. Homes... made for the real you. Mattamy Homes a world your own. >> A close one for team canada at the men's hockey championship, and once again they fell short this time with the bronze medal game against sweden. >> They have some time for marcus, and you hansen and scores! >> Renee: the suite scored an empty nether which is four seconds left in the regulation time giving them a win and their first medal since 2018. Canada coming off a stunning shootout loss to switzerland. The swiss take on czechia for gold at 2:00 pm eastern and you can watch that match on tsn.

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