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farming for love on ctv [ ] >> Roger: aid trucks are entering gaza through southern israel this following a new agreement to bypass the new agreement with egypt. >> We won't ignore the obvious. >> Toronto police are investigating after shots were fired at a jewish elementary school. >> And the back hand! She scores! >> Roger: the first ever pwhl champion could come tonight. Minnesota has to beat boston. [ ] >> Roger: you're watching ctv news channel. Thanks for joining us. We go to the breaking news out of gaza. This is a live look where there are reports that hamas has fired rockets toward the tel aviv area for the first time in months signalling an escalation in the fighting. Hamas is claiming without evidence to have captured an israeli soldier. Something israel denies >>> Meanwhile aid trucks have begun to enter gaza through the southern israeli exist due to a new agreement. It was closed when israeli forces seized the palestinian side earlier this month. Egypt says it had refuse to reopen its side until the gazaen side was handed back to the palestinian under U.S. and israeli pressure. Gaza's main cargo terminal it is still unclear in humanitarian groups can access the aid because of fighting in the area.

>>> A frightening incident has toronto police looking at a possible hate crime or worse. Shots were fired at a jewish elementary school. We have the details. >> Reporter: a signal bullet hole marks the school for girls. Police confirming that multiple shots early this morning. >> Suspects arrived in a dark colored vehicle. They existed the vehicle and opened fire at the school causing damage to the front of the school. >> Reporter: the school is located surrounded by businesses. Police would not call the shooting a hate crime and say they'll enter the investigation with an open mind. >> And the investigation will tell us what occurred here. That's why we have the hate crime involved because we won't ignore the obvious. >> Reporter: doug ford says... ... >> Reporter: reaction from the jewish community has been swift with a statement coming from the centre for israel and jewish affairs saying in part... ... >> Reporter: which reads in part... >> Reporter: police say they are stepping up their visibility in the community. >> People will see officers at synagogues and other schools and to ensure that the public understands that community safety is number one for us. >> Reporter: police haven't said how many suspects they are looking for. Ctv news, toronto. >> Roger: a possible show down brewing for tomorrow at the pro-palestinian encampment at the university of toronto. The demonstrators have been ordered to leave. They say they are not going anywhere. We have the story. >> Reporter: more than 170 tents continue to occupy the green space at king's college circle at the university of toronto. Pro-palestinian demonstrators vogue to stay put despite being delivered trespass notices. >> It is shocking that the university would want to call the police instead of stop weapons and bombs. >> Reporter: it can potentially escalate further with police enforcement on monday though toronto's mayor says she won't be involved with that decision. >> Not up to the mayor to tell the police what to do. It is really up to the university of toronto and the police to work with the folks that have a very important point to make. >> Reporter: the university has given those in the encampment a new deadline and an offer. They have until 8 monday morning to leave. If not the notice says necessarily legal steps will be taken. The university is also inviting people to present their demands to u of t's business board of governoring council and form a working group to consider options for the disclosure of the investments. >> The administration has not agreed to allow us to appoint people to committee. We make current recommendations but they need to be approved by the president. He has final say. >> Reporter: it makes clear that the university will not end partnerships with israeli schools. Encampment organizers call it an -- to take further action. >> A group of students have begun an indefinite hunger strike. We will continue until the university stops aligning itself with war criminals. We won't eat until u of t stops. >> Reporter: the two sides will have an opportunity to find common ground when they meet get for talks on monday at 5 P.M. >> We're asking the u of t to commit to meeting our demands now. We have been here nor 23 days. We are here now and we want them to take us seriously now not in the future. >> Reporter: another attempt to end the more than three-weeks stand off. >> Roger: a new study on children and screen time focuses on parents. Experts say when it comes to a child's development parents should focus on reducing their own screen time. Researchers says parents need to be fully engaged with kids. When they are not it can have a negative affect with their child's development. >> Roger: researchers have found that parents can spend up to 30% of their time looking at their phones while at the playground with their kids.

>>> Quebec premier francois legault says that he is open to taking major steps to curb children's social media use. It comes amid pressure from his party's youngest members. We have more. [ Speaking Alternate Language ] >> Reporter: robots are rolling around the convention and social media and ai are topics of discussion with its eye on the future of quebec, the party says it is concerned about youth and technology. [ Speaking French ] >> Reporter: the premier says platforms such as instagram and tiktok are nothing less than virtual pushers. That's why he's offering to hold a committee to study the affect of screens and social media platforms on the health of young people. This comes after party quebec leader has been calling on the government to ban access to social networks for certain young people. The caq says studying will hopefully help parents with young children. >> We don't want to substitute their role. We want to help them that seems to be worrying a lot of parents but as you saw earlier today a lot of youth as well. I think the youth today are most vocal about this issue. And that was very impressive to me. >> Reporter: the heart of the debate was was the youthaling proposal for the minimum age for accessing social media to 16 years old. The proposal was watered down and in the end legault made his offer. The government has already banned cell phones in class education minister says it will help them see if it should be banned further. >> I'm looking forward to this commission helping me and helping us to have a better comprehension on this particular issue. >> Reporter: they say that the commission will be formed by 2025 by the latest which could bring changes. Legault says the party will continue to make for the next generation. >> Roger: the ontario ndp is calling for action to assist families following the province's latest funding delay on its $10 a day child care program. >> It is simple. No more delays. Share the funding formula with providers now so centres can start working and know what they are working with. >> Roger: this comes after the province told child care centres it will implement a new way of funding the program next year. Many are warning that they may have to close in the funding formula is not up dated. 92% of licensed child care providers have opted in to the program. >> Reporter: rallies are held in alberta to send a message to the provincial government. >> Had enough of the lies. Enough of the deception. The gas liting. >> A lot of the decisions that the ucp and people inside the party have nothing to do with evidence or science or expertise expertise. >> Roger: about 500 people gathered outside of city hall demanding transparency. Some of the major issues the alberta pension plan and what protesters say are attacks on education and healthcare. In a statement, the ucp's member says the party supports albertans rights to peaceful protests

>>> The body of a young girl who went missing five months ago after falling into a quebec river has been identified. 4-year-old eva rose was found a week ago 15 kilometers away from where she went missing on december 22nd. She was sledding with her mother when she went through a hole in the fence. This came after the girl's mother issued an appeal. A funeral for the girl will be on june 7th. >>> Police are investigating after a small plane went down near squamish bc. They got an automatic crash notification. It is in a remote area. Search and rescue all involved in this. The transportation safety board say they have been employed but not to the scene. They are working with the police and the bc coroner service. [ ] >> Roger: time for A(Snickering) Hanging tree We know you care. But if this is all too real for you and your loved ones. Make the call. Because we care too. Home Instead. To us, it's personal. Find a great deal foryour ideal hotel.Open trivago, type inwhere you want t select your check-in andcheck-out dates and search. Compare prices forthe same hotel and save up to $50 a night. Hotel? trivago. You shall live with mosquitoesand ticks no more...Contact and of your summer outisde. will spray all theareas where mosquitoes and ticks live, rest and hide. Trees, shrubs, under the deck,behind the shed. Anywhere you need protectionfrom harmful mosquitoes and ticks. We come back on arepeated schedule so you're bug freeall season long. Safe, effective,incredible results. Contact us today If you think EVs have about as much personality as a toaster, we don't blame you. That's why we didn't make just any EVs. We made an ev so powerful, it can charge another ev. ( ) And an ev with a mode that does this. ( ) The only ev that's a Mustang. The only ev that's an f150. ( ) -Ahh... this thing isn't getting any better... -And it won't get better on its own. -On top of that, it looks gross! -It's a nail fungus infection. -Really gross! -and it can spread to other people. It's contagious. -i think I need to see a doctor. -It's a good thing you came to see me. -It's an infection; you need a prescription. Ok. Nail fungus should be taken seriously. At the first signs, show it to your doctor or foot care practitioner and ask about prescription treatments that can be applied to the nail. >> Roger: thousands of people in ottawa spent the day searching for the perfect treasure. But it is not just residents benefitting from the wealth of second hand items. It is a big boost for business and the ottawa food bank. We report. [ Singing ] [ ] >> Reporter: as the saying goes, one person's trash is another's treasure. Just ask steven. He's been part of the great garage sale since the inception in 1986. >> It has expanded in terms of area and the number of people who come. >> Reporter: a haven for bargain hunters. >> I collect pottery. I love pottery and this is my best one today. >> Reporter: she's one of thousands who flock to the neighbours going through everything from antiques to clothes and even this saddle. >> Just so fantastic. Residents you can get rid of old inventory or things in the basement for a long time. Great opportunities and great sales and discounts. >> Reporter: it is not just a big day for treasure hunters. It is a big day for the ottawa food bank. A portion of the sales will be donated to help those in need. >> With food prices the way they are. It is a huge day for us. >> Reporter: it was a warm one and refreshments were in high demand. 6-year-old sold out. >> First time being a vendor. I think it was a good success. Did it go well? >> Yeah. >> Right? We sold lots of lemonade and

people loved it. >> Reporter: businesses were feeling the love including third son taylor shop who's new store officially opens next thursday. >> Events like this are critical to the success of businesses and new business like us. We couldn't have a more positive event especially coming into our opening. >> Reporter: with the treasure trof of items everywhere you look most were able toed find something special, but getting it home may have been the biggest challenge yet. Ctv news. >> Roger: all right. Summer classic is getting ready to start up. Drive in movie theaters are coming back to life, but there are only two of them left in ottawa and the valley region. So are they at risk of going dark? We report. >> Reporter: when the sun goes down in the ottawa valley memories come back to life at the sky light drive-in. [ Singing ] [ ] >> Reporter: for chris and his family there is nothing like watching a movie from the back of their truck bed. >> The pure experience. We're far enough from pembroke we can see the star lights and stuff like that. The big screen is fun to watch and everyone stays up late. >> Reporter: family indulging in yester year. >> Once a month we come and watch. >> The biggest week was jaws with jurassic park. And people were just blown away by that because everyone has seen in tv but not on the big screen. Came out in 1972. >> Reporter: it is just one of two drive-in theaters remaining in the national capital region. The other located in port elmsly. >> They are an inendangered species. >> Reporter: a good weekend only sees 100 park up and watch a movie. The fear is that once interest in the drive-in becomes too little they'll sees to exist entirely. >> It is possible that the numbers will drop that is no longer feasible open and to be perfectly honest if a big developer came buy and offered enough money I would go at this point. >> Reporter: there are no offers for the drive-in and marshal still loves the movie business but doesn't see any new ones opening any time soon. >> It becomes more expensive for families to visit the bigger movie theaters. >> Once they go, they are gone. >> Reporter: for now those are the sky light can enjoy the best seat in the house. Ctv news, pembroke. [ ] >> Roger: coming up, it is do or die in the first season of the pwhl wraps up tonight. Boston on the edge. Yeah minnesota could win this one tonight. More after the break [ ] (Dramatic music) (Cheering) You learn pretty fast that there are no shortcuts in racing or in life. So it's no surprise that there aren't any when it comes to hair loss either. One of my first attempts to deal with my own hair loss was a literal short cut. I buzzed off all the hair I had left. I wasn't happy about it. I didn't look good. But I didn't know what else to do. Thankfully my wife found HairClub. As a young guy losing my hair, I was willing to do anything to get it back fast. That meant some terrible and, at times, painful experiences trusting other hair "shortcuts". But HairClub was different right from the start. I can see the difference in who he is as a human being and how he... He does, he holds his head higher, and he... he walks with confidence that I have never seen. It blows my mind. We are so grateful for HairClub. HairClub is North America's largest provider of complete hair loss solutions. With over 120 locations, you're never too far from a free, in-person consultation with a real hair loss expert. I thought that nobody could understand how mortified I was to be losing my hair. So you can imagine how relieving it was to know that HairClub's experts have already helped so many people with their hair loss. It wasn't just that either. I was shocked that HairClub had virtually every solution possible. If I had known about HairClub sooner, I never would have tried any of those over-hyped, advertised solutions. HairClub is a personalized experience for anyone suffering from hair loss, and offers virtually solution availableon themarketplace. Whether you choose a surgical, non-surgical or restorative solution, HairClub has you covered. If you're determined to get your hair back and live the life you deserve, take it from a guy who has already wasted time with painful and pointless shortcuts. Just call HairClub. You can get your own free personalized consultation with a hair loss expert and be on your way to the finish line in no time. Call now. Call HairClub today. Schedule a free consultation at one of our 120 in-person locations across North America and save 20% off select treatments using promo code "frankie". Call HairClub now at 800-853-2277. That's 800-853-2277.

>> Roger: it is do or die time tonight for boston in game 4 of the pwhl final. Boston fell to minnesota on friday throughout the best of five. 2-1. So minnesota wins tonight they get to hoist the inaugural walter cup. If boston can stave off elimination there will be a fifth and deciding game on wednesday in boston. Joining me now is sports journalist to talk more about hockey. Laura, thank you for joining us. >> Thank you for inviting me. >> Roger: minnesota is one away from the inaugural walter cup. What can we expect from tonight's game. It is the toughest game to win. >> It is. There are plenty of canadians who are use to winning the olympic gold medals and championships. They won't give it away. On the other hand what we saw friday night, you know, is from thunder bay and taylor is an american and they basically are on fire between the two of them. You know, scored most of the goals and the assists on friday evening. So we have this incredible dynamic duo and we over 9,000 fans watching friday night as well. So it is going to be really tough for boston to come back after this and make it five games. >> Roger: who doesn't love a sudden death game for everyone. >> Yeah. Exactly! It is so exciting. You know the players all know each other. They have either played on university teams with each other or against each other or on national teams. They have one season now under the belt for the inaugural pwhl, and yeah. It is going to be an absolute nail biter. We can see boston really wasn't there friday night. And minnesota was. Boston needs to really turn things around, get their head back into their game. If there is going to be a game 5. >> Roger: it is not the end of the season yet, but how has the season shaped up? I think we can call it a success, but how successful? >> I think it is overwhelmingly successful. You couldn't get a ticket to most games especially toronto and montreal and ottawa. We also saw them constantly running out of merchandise. But really I think what we really saw when you see the camera pan the crowd and get outside of the arena, so many like tens of thousands of girls and young women saying, you know, this is me. These women represent my future and I represent what I want to do. These are dreams that have come true. People have worked so hard to make to really establish a women's professional hockey league that is going to stay and make a huge difference to the players, and I think we're there now. It has been such a success because it has been a success for all young women and girls in north america. >> Roger: how do they grow this for next year then? >> I think they have to sit down and really look at their stats. I'm not talking about player stats I'm talking about what is work not guilty different franchises. It is not hard to sell hockey in toronto and montreal but it is in boston. There are many other things people can do. They need to look at how do we grow this game in the markets where it is may be not as a big of deal as it is in such an established place like toronto and montreal. And then eventually there is going to be more than six teams, but I think they are smart in keeping it small for now. There could be some retirement, you know, injuries are injuries sometimes. And then how do we also ensure that there is a pipeline from the universities to this professional women's scpleeg girls on high school teams and club teams know about this pipeline that is the opportunity for them. >> Roger: I think they do know that. We're out of time but thank you very much for joining us today. >> Thank you for having me. >> Roger: laura is a sports journalist

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