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on ctv [ ] >> Roger: aid trucks are entering gaza via southern israel today following a new agreement to bypass the rafah crossing with egypt. >> I don't want to jump to any conclusions. The investigators aren't going to jump to any conclusions. At the same time we're not going to ignore the obvious. >> Roger: toronto police are investigating after shots were fired at a jewish elementary school. >> Along the wall. Steel. Suter with a shot. Scores! Deflected in front! >> Roger: california, edmonton, game two of the western final. Who won? We will tell you. You're watching ctv news channel. I'm roger petersen, thank you very much for joining us. Aid trucks have begun to enter gaza via southern israel, it's part of a new agreement. It was closed when israeli forces seized the palestinian size earlier this month. Egypt had refused to reopen its side until control of the gazan side was handed back to the palestinians. Under U.S. and israeli pressure, it agreed to redirect traffic through the main cargo terminal. It's unclear if humanitarian groups will be able to access the aid because of fighting in the air. >>> A frightening incident has toronto police looking at a possible hate crime or even worse. Shots were fired at a jewish elementary school. Sean leathong with details. >> Reporter: a single bullet hole marks the window of the bais chaya mushka school for girls. Police confirming multiple shots were fired at the building early this morning. Suspects arrived at the school in a vehicle, a dark-coloured vehicle. They exited the vehicle and opened fire at the school causing some damage to the front of the school. >> Reporter: according to police the shooting happened just before 5 this morning. The school is located on crestwood drive surrounded by businesses. Police spent the day going through security footage. >> You will see an increased presence not only in this neighbourhood. >> Reporter: police will not call the shooting a hate crime and say they will enter the investigation with an open mind. >> The investigation will tell us what occurred here. That's why we have hate crime involved in this investigation. We're not ignoring the obvious. >> Reporter: premier doug ford writing on "x" this is a gross display of anti-semitism. Every student deserves to feel safe at school. If you have any information, contact toronto police. These cowards need to be found and brought to justice. >> Reporter: reaction from the jewish centre has been swift with a statement coming from the centre for israel and jewish affairs saying we demand justice. We demand swift action. The fact a school was targeted regardless of whether kids were present or not represents a worrying escalation in the violence jewish canadians have been experiencing and from friends of simon wiesenthal, which reads in part, it's time for leaders to stop with the sympathetic words and take the actions necessary to confront the escalating hatred plaguing our communities. Jews in this country will not hide in fear in the face of this brazen cowardly act. Police say they are stepping up their visibility within the community. >> The community will see officers at other schools, high visibility at synagogues, to ensure that the public understands that community safety is number one for us. >> Reporter: police have not said how many suspects they're looking for. Sean leathong, ctv news, toronto. >> Roger: a possible showdown brewing for tomorrow at the pro palestinian encampment at the university of toronto. The demonstrators have been ordered to leave. They say they aren't going anywhere. Ctv's rahim ladhani has the story. >> Reporter: more than 170 tents continue to occupy the green space at kings college circle at the university of toronto. Pro palestinian demonstrators vowing to stay put despite being delivered trespass notices. >> To us it is shocking that u of t would rather call the police than stop investing in weapons and bombs. >> Reporter: the heightened situation can escalate further with police enforcement on monday. Toronto's mayor says she won't be involved with that decision. >> It's not up to the mayor to tell the police what to do. There's a law to enforce. It's up to the university of toronto and police and there is a very important point to make. >> Reporter: the university has given those in the encampment a new deadline and an offer. They have until 8 monday morning to vacate. If not, the notice says necessary legal steps will be taken. The university is also inviting students to present their demands to u of t's governing board of council and former working group and consider

options. >> Reporter: the administration has not agreed to allow us to appoint people to this committee. We can make recommendations under the current proposal. Recommendations need to be approved by the president. He has final say. >> The offer makes clear that the university will not end partnerships with israeli schools. Encampment organizers describe it as an inadequate ultimatum prompting demonstrators to take further action. >> A group of students have begun an indefinite hunger strike. We will continuing in the university stops aligning itself with war criminals. We won't eat. >> Reporter: the two sides will have an opportunity to find common ground when they meet again for talks on sunday at a p.m. >> There is an ongoing genocide. We are asking for u of t to commit to meeting our demands now. We have been here for 22 days. We are here now. We want them to take us seriously now, not in the future. >> Reporter: an attempt to end the more than three weeks long standoff. Rahim ladhani, ctv news. >> Roger: francois legault is open to taking major steps to curb children's social media use. It comes amid pressure from his party's youngest members. Ctv's olivia o'malley has more. >> Reporter: robots are rolling around the caq convention. Social media and A.I. are topics of discussion with its eye on the future of quebec. The party says it's concerned about youth and technology. [ Speaking French ] >> Reporter: premier francois legault says platforms such as instagram and TikTok are nothing less than virtual pushers. He's offering to hold a transpartisan committee to study the effects of screens on the health and development of young people. This comes after parti quebecois leader paul st. Pierre plamondon has been calling on the network to ban certain actions for young people. The caq says studying the issue will hopefully help parents with young children. >> We don't want to substitute their role. We want to help them deal with this situation seems to be worrying a lot of parents. As you saw earlier today, a lot of youth as well. The youth today were the ones most vocal about this issue. That was impressive to me actually. >> Reporter: the heart of the debate was the caq youth links proposal to set the minimum age for accessing social media platforms to 16 years old. When it came to the debate, the proposal was watered down. In the end, legault made his offer to the opposition leaders. The government has banned cell phones in class, education minister says the commission will help him see if they should be banned further. >> I'm looking forward to this commission helping me and helping us to have a better comprehension on this particular issue. >> Reporter: caq MNAs say the commission will be formed by 2025 at the latest which could potentially bring changes. Legault says the party will continue to make for the next generation. Olivia o'malley, ctv news. >> Roger: there were rallies in cities and towns across alberta yesterday to send a message to the provincial government. >> Enough of the lies, the deception, the gaslighting. >> A lot of the decisions the ucp and people inside the party are supporting have nothing to do with science or evidence or expertise. It's all fear and pandering. >> Roger: 500 people gathered outside calgary city hall commanding transparency and accountability. Some of the major issues including the alberta pension plan and attacks on education and healthcare. In a statement, the ucp's shane getson says the party supports albertans' rights to peaceful protest. >> Police are investigating and searching after a small plane went down near squamish bc. Two people reportedly on board. The rcmp got an automatic crash notification from a smart phone on friday evening. The crash is in a remote area. Search and rescue crews and joint coordination centre in victoria have been called in. The transportation safety board has not been deployed to the scene. It is coordinating with police and the bc coroner's service. >> The death toll from that massive landslide in papua new guinea is now more than 670.

>>> The U.N. says the updated death toll follows the discovery of 100 homes buried in the debris on top of the 60 they knew had been buried. Local officials put the death toll at 100. It soared. Over 5 bodies have been recovered. The national government may ask for more international assistance. According to officials renewed heavy rains triggered flash floods in afghanistan. At least 15 people are dead there including two parents ands their 8 children in the northeast of the country. The unusually heavy seasonal rains have been wreaking havoc on all parts of the country killing hundreds of people and destroying property and crops. It comes on the heels of floods that killed at least 70 people in april. >>> Coming up, why more and more health experts are raising concerns about an infection thought to be a near thing of the past. That after the break. [ ](Snickering) Hanging tree ( ) (Wincing) Get started for free on eharmony. Must be 18 or older to join. Get who gets you. eharmony. Meet the Melville's.They've had GlobalDecking vinyl on their deckfor over 3 and now they're readyfor a new look. By using global decking systemsdeck membranes. There'sno need to rip up the old deck and send to a landfill or purchase more lumberto rebuild a new one. Just pick one of our attractive prints and have it installeddirectly over the old one. Good for another 30 years. Global Decking Systems. The only decksurface you will ever need. Menopause can change your hair. I have thinning happening here, which I noticed when I was taking a selfie. Using our thickening treatment fights breakage for fuller looking hair. I feel good. So I want products that are made for where I'm at. Hair Biology. Feeling sluggish or weighed down? Could be a sign that your digestive system isn't at its best. But a little Metamucil every day can help. Metamucil's psyllium fibregels to trap and remove the wastethat weighs you down... you can lighten up*every day the Metamucil way. It's odd how in an instant things can transform. Slipping out of balance into freefall. (The stock market is now down 23%). This is happening people. Where there are so few certainties... (laughing) Look around you. You deserve to know. as we navigate a future unknown. I'm glad I found stability amidst it all. Gold. Standing the test of time. Salonpas, makers of effective pain relief patches for 89 years believes in continuous improvement, like rounded corners that resist peeling, with an array of active ingredients and sizes to relieve your pain. Salonpas. It's Good Medicine. Hisamitsu >> Roger: an infection once thought to be the thing of the past is back with a vengeance. Syphilis cases are skyrocketing especially among newborns nearly a decade after it had been eradicated among infants. Ctv's allison bamford explains. >> Reporter: inside this regina clinic nurses are screening patients for sexually transmitted infections and a simple blood test can catch one of saskatchewan's most rampant STIs. It's a really bad car crash we're watching. We can prevent it. >> Syphilis now a growing problem across north and south america. New data from the world health organization shows the continents make up 42% of new cases globally. Here in canada, saskatchewan posts the highest case rates among the provinces. >> It's not like we don't know how to identify or treat syphilis. We're having trouble controlling those numbers whether it's through not enough testing, barriers to access to testing or to care. >> Reporter: researchers say a rise in substance use, lack of awareness and stigma also play a role in transmission. >> The most devastating effect of syphilis in adults is congenital syphilis from the mother to the fetus. Transmission that could result in miscarriage or developmental issues to the baby. Congenital cases jumped 600% from 2018 to 2022. An alarming surge considering provinces like manitoba went decades recording a single case.

>> We didn't see syphilis for decades. And so there's a lot of physicians and healthcare providers who don't know what congenital syphilis looks like. It's important to educate them. >> Known itself the great imitator, syphilis can look like other infections and sometimes show no symptoms at all. Experts say prenatal care and routine testing should be a top priority because if caught early, typically a simple penicillin treatment can clear it right up. Allison bamford, ctv news, regina. >> Roger: the death toll from >> Roger: donald trump was booed repeatedly addressing the national libertarian party in washington. >> You should nominate me or at least vote for me. We should win together. >> Roger: people in the crowd shouted insults and heckled the U.S. president for covid-19 policies running up his multiple federal deficits and lying about his political record the insults continue. Trump eventually hit back saying, quote, you don't want to win. Trump asked for the end of their vote at the address. Libertarians prioritized small government and individual freedom. >>> Rapper nicki minaj has been forced to postpone her concert in england after being detained in the netherlands for having marijuana in her bags. >> The police officer told me we have to offload all the luggage and to search everything in your luggage. >> Roger: the artist posted this video on social media showing an airport employee telling her that police wanted to search her luggage. Dutch police confirming a 41-year-old american woman was held for possession but did not release her name. Minage's concert will be rescheduled. Ticketsler tickets will be honoured. >> Coming up, a late third period goal. Oilers lose. Highlights, low (Dramatic music) (Cheering) - Men, are you urinating more often? Are you waking at night to go? Most men will develop symptoms of b-p-h during their lives, and half of them will have more frequent urges to urinate. Reduce the symptoms of bph with Super Beta Prostate. It's proven to help you reduce the extra bathroom trips. Reduce getting up at night to urinate, and take back control. To reduce the symptoms of bph, don't wait, get Super Beta Prostate. [ ] You might not know how to fix a broken air conditioner. SFX:[phone/truck/bag/fan] But we do. "That was fast." And if you need a new one pay as little as three dollars a day and make no monthly rental payments for 6 months Call on Reliance Find a great deal foryour ideal hotel.Open trivago, type inwhere you want t select your check-in andcheck-out dates and search. Compare prices forthe same hotel and save up to $50 a night. Hotel? trivago. Feeling sluggish or weighed down? Could be a sign that your digestive system isn't at its best. But a little Metamucil every day can help. Metamucil's psyllium fibregels to trap and remove the wastethat weighs you down... you can lighten up*every day the Metamucil way. At Pet Valu, we treat your pet like our pet. Well, Georgie, it's time for adult food. And there's a lot of great options to choo... too choose from. They grow up so fast. I know... I do this like ten times a day. (Blowing) (Blowing) (Bright upbeat music) (Crunching) Hm-hmm. (Laughing) (Growling) (Cutlery clinking) McCain. Make it a fry day. What keeps baby's skin healthy? A diaper that doesn't leave skin wet. That's why Pampers Swaddlers absorbs wetness better for up to 100%leakproof protection and 0% skin irritation. Pampers. For healthy baby skin. >> Roger: team canada and sweden face off this morning at the world hockey championships. You would think it would be for the gold medal; right? Two really good teams. Nope. It's the bronze. This after a stunning 3-2 loss to switzerland. >> He stops. The swiss win. >> Roger: it was a nail biter that went down to the shootout. The decisive goal in the 8th round, switzerland outscoring canada at that point. Sweden lost to czechia.

9 a.m. This morning, switzerland and czechia go for gold at 2 p.m. Both games are on tsn. Nhl action, the dallas start with the edmonton oilers in game two of the western conference final. >> Ryan along the wall. Met by steel. Suter with a shot. Scored. Deflected in front. >> Roger: mason marchment scored early in the third to snap a 1-all tie. Jamie benn and esa lindell also scored for the stars. Connor brown the only goal for the oilers. Series tied at one apiece. Game three edmonton tomorrow. >>> A special memorial was held at the stampeders game on saturday to remember one of their own. Friends and family of bruce covernton gathered to remember him and enjoy food and good memories. Covernton was selected first overall in the 1992 college draft. He was voted the top offensive lineman in 1993. Part of the grey cup championship games in '92 and '98. Supportive charities also started the bruce covernton memorial fund. >> We're over 20,000 raised. We can provide you with a link. We hope to keep fundraising for that. A goal of 40,000 in last to give scholarships to student athletes. >> Roger: bruce covernton passed away in january at the age of 57. >>> It's one of our capital's biggest events of the summer calendar. Ottawa tamra race rara rara -- tamarack race weekend. Jackie perez joins in. >> 3-2-1. Go! >> Reporter: it's a moment runners of all ages have waited for. Lacing up their sneakers for this year's edition of ottawa's tamarack race weekend. >> Who's going to win that race? >> Me. >> She beat me last year. I'm going to try again this year. It might not work. >> Reporter: participants coming from near and far gearing up for their big race. >> It's well-organized. We love the atmosphere. >> Reporter: each one running with a purpose. >> My best friend we lost to cancer back in 2015 doing this in honour of him to raise money for the ottawa hospital. Cancer research gave us five more years. >> I'm recovering from knee surgery. >> It's a great experience. I do it every year with my family since I was a little kid. >> More than 37,500 participants are expected to take part in this two-day event. This year marking the 50th anniversary. >> The spirit, the community vibe, is unbelievable. Just the energy here. Mike would agree is absolutely off the charts. >> This year marked the change in leadership. Mike viera taking on the role of executive director. >> Thousands and thousands of people coming out. Tons of kids behind us dressed up in costumes, ready to race ready to have a good time. >> Those running the marathon can expect a cool start. Temperatures expected to reach the mid 20s by the afternoon. >> 27° at 12 I think. In the morning, it's around 12. It's going to be okay. I will try to face off in the morning. Maybe slow down at the end. I don't mind. Jackie perez, ctv news. >> Roger: itty-bitty homes in bc are turning out to be a big hit. One senior crafts them from scratch. Magical mission is simple. Make people smile one gnome home at a time. Here's adam sawatsky. >> Charlie picard started installing dozens of little doors. >> Build a gnome fairy home for the kids. >> Reporter: after constructing something similar to this in secret, watched their children discover it with wonder. >> I remember my daughter's eyes were just exploding with magic. It was magic. Wonderful. >> Reporter: decades later and recently retired, his wife reminded him of that moment. >> Wonderful to feel creative and build something out of a piece of wood. Charlie began developing gnome homes. >> It made my heart soar. >> Reporter: it inspired charlie to make even more. After getting permission, placed more than 45 doors in a dozen different locations. >> It was about making other people happy, especially children. >> Reporter: at the time, charlie never imagined how meaningful moments might be for the adults that happened upon them. >> The woman was in tears telling me the story.

>> Reporter: tears of gratitude from a daughter who saw how a gnome door inspired her mom with alzheimer's to suddenly recall long forgotten happy memories, tears of hope from the mother who saw how the door of transition house inspired her child who she fled from violence with to smile for the first time. Tears of solace from parents visiting the little spirits garden at the park where charlie gifted a gnome castle. >> That was a tough one. I wanted to do it, hey? >> Reporter: perhaps felt like he had to do it. He removes each door to remove, repair and replace it before installing every one, patrick knows if you're fortunate enough to make magic, it's your responsibility to maintain it. >> What is important is giving back, acknowledging what you have been given and in return making other people happy. Adam sawatsky, ctv news, nanaimo. >> Roger: heading into pride month the longest rainbow road has been unveiled on hamlin's point in toronto. It's called beach road. It's very colourful. There's a rainbow road. The new installation is the result of a partnership between skittles, pride toronto and friends of hamlins. The road was designed by award winning queer artist travis myers. >> There is always work to be done. There are people who are doing it. This rainbow road here is 2,600 metres of pride and joy. And I hope it acts as a reminder for all of the people who look for a place to go to find community, who want to find people who are like them who can be a little bit on the outside of what's considered normal in the city of toronto, that there is a place for you on toronto island. >> Roger: and mayor olivia chow helped walk the 600 metre road to open. As we head to break, what do you get when you let 64 babies loose? You get the annual diaper dash in calgary. They're not super weak. They have got wheels. They're faster than me. All part of the evidents that lead up to the calgary marathon. The intention was to crown four winners. In the chaos no one really knew who came in first. Maybe this guy. Looking good. You're watching ctv news channel. Top stories are next. [ ] ( ) (Clattering) ( ) I sit back And let a Bud light the way Summer starts... now! The new dq Summer Blizzard Menu. New Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party, New Picnic Peach Cobbler. And more delicious flavors. Start summer now! Only at dq. Happy tastes good. Nutri-Lawn has been nourishingthe lawns and livesof Canadians for over 35 y With our ecology-friendly lawncare, we eliminate weeds and prevent destructive insectsfrom feeding on your grass. Improve the overallhealth of your lawn. Visit We're traveling all acrossCanada to talk to peopleabout their hearts. Who wants to talkabout their heart? Let me ask you a question.Do you have AFib? Aaah, I don't know. You kind of hesitated like... How do you know? I don't know. You don't know?! Let me show you something.- Ok. This is called KardiaMobile.- Ok. Do you know what this is?- No. That right there is apersonal ekg device. Would you like to take30 seconds and do an ekg? Absolutely. With KardiaMobile, youcan take an ekg in just 30 secondsfrom anywhere. KardiaMobile is proven todetect atrial fibrillation, one of the leadingcauses of stroke. KardiaMobile can also detectNormal Sinus Rhythm. How much doyou think this costs? Probably in the hundreds. 99 dollars. Oh wow! That could be cheaperthan a tank of gas. Taking an ekg anytime, anywherehas never been easier. Don't wait! Get KardiaMobilefor you or a loved one today for just $99 or Amazon. With fastsigns, signage that gets you noticed turns hot lots into homes. FastSigns. Make Your Statement. Red hot summer four farmers one mission true love I'm super excited to find the love of my life. A new crop of daters plunge into rural life I'm not a farm girl yet, but I'm farm-curious. On the show with real life romance I feel really special. Real connections I'm all in.

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