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is discussing to not let students protest freedom of exposure on campus and buyer people protest we hope you have the admin is a right thank and engages with us in conversation and negotiates successfully instead of offering us a final offer without even taking into consideration what our response would be. >> When their defence you have been on the campus for weeks now altogether peered I believe this over at 170 tens is there still appeared you have had your saying, you have been there on the spot, you have put your demands across. It's not like you never had that option. >> We have been protesting for a+ month now. Even calling for the university to listen to us for a+ months we have used all of the quote unquote soft protest for a long time. We have been able to protest for a long time but the point here is that they have not been responsive and they didn't even acknowledge our demands until this encampment. When it comes to the actual negotiations to get movement on our demands being met this is all just happening now and is the first offer that they have ever put forth since we have set this accountant up and took negotiation is just beginning. >> We will leave at that for now. Graduate student at the university of toronto an official spokesperson for the u. Of t.'s occupied for palestine cam camp thank you for your time. >> Thank you for having me. >> Also at the university of toronto vandalism has been found at one of the schools other campuses. On number of red triangles were spotted on the side of some buildings. They also featured crosshairs the upside down triangle has become a popular symbol of pro policy and activist but some are showing support for hamas. Trying to please say they are not aware of the incident. >> The place in toronto have also investigating after shots were fired and the jewish girls elementary school overnight. Cds sean has the details. >> A single bullet hole marks the window at the school for girls. Please confirming multiple shots were fired at the building early this morn. >> Suspects arrived at the school in a vehicle a dark coloured vehicle. They exited the vehicle and opened fire at the school causing some damage to the front of the school. >> According to police the shooting happened just before five this morning with no reported injuries. The schools located on chest would drive surrounded by businesses. Police suspect the day going through security fight. >> Use it well seen increase present not only in this neighbourhood. >> Please do not get the sheeting a hate crime and said they will enter the investigation with an open mind. >> The investigation will tell us what career. But that's why we have a hate crime involved in this investigation. Because were not ignoring the obvious. >> The premier writing on ask this is a gross display of anti-semitism. Is beyond belief that anyone could be this hateful. Every student deserves to feel safe at school. If you have any information please contact toronto police. These cowards need to be found and brought to justice. Reaction for the jewish community has been swift. With a statement coming from the centre for israel and jewish affairs saying in part we demand justice, we demand a swift action. The fact of school was targeted regardless of whether kids were present or not represents another whirring escalation in the violence jewish canadians have been experiencing. And from friends which reads in part it's time for our leaders to stop with the some pathetic words and instead to take the decisive actions that are necessary to confront the escalating hatred that is plaguing our community is. Jews in this country will not hide or cower in fear in the face of this brazen and cowardly act. Please say they are stepping up their visibility within a greedy. Spin the committee will also see officers at other schools high visibility at synagogues. To ensure that the public understands that committee safety is number 1 france. >> Please have not said how many suspects they are looking for. Sean ctv news toronto pier. >> Akshay: and turning to the middle east hamas spokesperson is denying reports that a date has been set for talks to resume with israel. Over a potential cease-fire and hostages exchange deal. Meantime is really forces are up their offensive this weekend and several parts of the gaza strip. Policy and health workers say at least 10 people were killed in an israeli drone strike on a school in the northern gaza strip. Israel says its army killed dozens of terrorists in the city. And destroyed some military structures that appear this comes at the international court justice ordered a halt to israel's military offensive in the southern city of rafah. Citing concerns for civilians peer israel has indicated it's committed to pursuing hamas there. >> Akshay: meantime thousands of israeli gather in tel aviv

tonight calling on the country's government to re-- reach a deal to bring home october 7 the tax still being held by hamas in gaza. About 1200 israelis were killed and those packs, the hamas control health ministry in gaza says nearly 33,000 palestinians have been dyed in israel's military response that figure does not establish between civilians and militants. To the otherworld and eastern europe. Well over a year after canada promised ukraine a full hundred million dollar air defence system. It still has not arrived. It comes as a result military offensive continues to wreck havoc on kharkiv and ukraine pleads for defence help. Spent cds has more peer. >> Ms of rubble and steel is all that's left of this hardware store in kharkiv. At least two people were killed and dozens injured in the latest russian airstrike targeting the eastern border city. [ Speaking Alternate Language ] >> There was panic everywhere this man says. Saturday lunch time, there were many people. [ Speaking Alternate Language ] >> The president now repeating his calls to allies to help bolster ukraine's air defence capabilities. Spent today I am announcing. >> In january 2023 canada committed to delivering ukraine at 400 million-dollar air defence system. 16 months later still has not left the united states. >> I think the western world should get some gods. I'm sorry for being this emotional but I see the people dying and kharkiv every day. >> In a statement the defence ministry pointed to delays in the american production of ups is known in canada has added an additional 76 million in funding to a poll aimed at bolstering ukraine's air defences. The attack it comes just weeks before a peace summit helping to end the 27 month long conflict. Assignment russia has yet to commit to attending. [ Speaking Alternate Language ] >> Who didn't says they've never refused peace talks but they must not be resumed on the grounds of what only one party wants. Ukraine has graded a 10-point proposal for peace and slowly gathered more international support over the last year. One of the biggest issues holding back previous peace negotiations is where to draw future borders. Neither side has been willing to make any concessions as russia looks to annex even more territory from the european nation. Colton ctv news ottawa. >> Akshay: police are investigating after a small plane crashed near squamish bc. Two people were reportedly onboard. Rcmp have received an automatic crash notification from a smart phone friday evening. Police say the crash is in a remote area, search and rescue crews along with the canadian forces joined rescue coronation sent in victoria. Asthma called impacted transportation safety board of canada has now been deployed to the scene but it is coordinating with police and the bc coroners service.

>>> Brace yourselves for possible travel disruptions this summer. 9000 workers with the canada border services agency has handed their union a strike mandate. The public service alliance of canada is seeking wages aligned with other law enforcement workers. At also calling for an equitable retirement regime. The union says workers will be in a legal strike physician next month, that is also when mediation is set to begin here he says a strike could cause significant disjunctions. >> Similar to what we saw in 2021 we saw lineups up to 10 hours, obviously a strike as a last resort we would like to see mediation work were looking for a fair contract. It was doubly it is an avenue to get there without having to go on strike. >> Akshay: the government says most front line workers would have to keep working because they are deemed essential. >>> In other news and internal evaluations is canada border intelligence program needs more tools and better training to fight back against illegal smuggling. The evaluation was conducted between march 21 and 2020. And says canada's border services agency did not have access to sufficient training, all the tools needed for its intelligence officers. The border intelligence program is responsible for collecting and analysing data on issues such as drug trafficking, immigration fraud, and human trafficking. From lifejacket to oxygen my. Lynx air is selling off everything in the hope of recouping some of its losses. Now defunct carrier officially set down operations three months ago. Going $186 million when it sought creditor protection. The company says its work that a deal with aviation copies abroad this out plane parts including seat, tires, and transponders. The calgary-based carrier is among several budget airlines forced to close the doors after struggling with financial pressures from the pandemic. >>> Public safety minister dominic leblanc is insisting that the government is doing everything it can to eliminate auto theft in canada. In an interview with ctv question period he said he hopes to see a significant reduction in crime after the government announced a series of new measures to tackle the problems. >> Obviously we want to reduce massively the number of vehicles being stolen. We want to reduce the number of violent incidents that canadians are potentially facing as people attempt to steal these vehicles. We are leaning and with partners in every jurisdiction to do that and we will continue, will add more resources if we need to to do what we can to really bring the number down. Everyone would like that zero vehicle stolen. We are doing everything we can to bring the number down. >> Akshay: the government's national action plan to combat although theft includes increased collaboration with international law enforcement a menace to the criminal code and new penalties theft. It has ranked canada as one of the top 10 sources for stolen vehicles in the world.

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>>> At least when he for people I get including multiple children after a massive fire at an amusement park and western india. Flames engulfed the building causing its roof to collapse before crews could control the fire. Searches are underway and officials expect the death toll to rise. The 90 was privately operated, and police say they will file a negligence case against the owner. >>> That U.S. is urging china to act with a strained after performed a series of military drills around taiwan. China conducted two days of wargames around the region, human lighting -- steam lighting attacks of bombers and ships. Taiwan condemn the drills as a great provocation. Beijing says the drills or punishment for comment made during the inauguration speech of taiwan's new president who called that michael chan has called a separate test. U.S. federal prosecutors are seeking to bar former U.S. president trump for making controversial statements in connection with a classified document case. Earlier this week trump camp claimed fbi agents who searches estate and 2022 were authorized to shoot him. He also claimed they were ready to take him out and play his family in danger. Federal lawyers say the comments pose a significant danger to law-enforcement agents taking part in prosecution. Prosecutors say trump's defence have objected to the motion. And today marks four years since the murder of george floyd at the hands of a minneapolis police officer. The 46 rolled killing in custody prompted widespread protest and calls for justice at summer. Now for minneapolis police officer derek is having a more than a 22 year service -- sentence after he was convicted of murdering him by kneeling on his neck for over nine minutes while he said he could not breathe. He also pleaded guilty in federal court of depriving floyd of his civil rights. >>> And some sad news to share. From the world of golf. Two time pga tour winner murray died this morning at the age of 30. 's death comes one day after he withdrew from the charge champion in texas citing illness. The details surrounding his death have not been released. Murray had dealt with out call depression and anxiety issues in the past but he turned things around and want the open in hawaii. This year. With that time for a break still had reaching for the top. We have a saskatchewan man story of how he climbed (Dramatic music) (Cheering) [ ] You might not know how to fix a broken air conditioner. SFX:[phone/truck/bag/fan] But we do. "That was fast." And if you need a new one pay as little as three dollars a day and make no monthly rental payments for 6 months Call on Reliance At Pet Valu, we treat your pet like our pet. Well, Georgie, it's time for adult food. And there's a lot of great options to choo... too choose from. They grow up so fast. I know... I do this like ten times a day. You can't leave without cuddles, but you also can't leave covered in hair. With Bounce Pet, you can cuddle and brush that hair off. Bounce. It's the sheet. It's odd how in an instant things can transform. Slipping out of balance into freefall. (The stock market is now down 23%). This is happening people. Where there are so few certainties... (laughing) Look around you. You deserve to know. as we navigate a future unknown. I'm glad I found stability amidst it all. Gold. Standing the test of time. Good. Good. Good morning. Hey. Good morning with Dulcolax ...for a gentle and fast relieve Dulcolax Soft Chews works with the water in your body... in as little as 30 minutes. Making your good morning... ...even better with Dulcolax. If you think EVs have about as much personality as a toaster, we don't blame you. That's why we didn't make just any EVs. We made an ev so powerful, it can charge another ev. ( ) And an ev with a mode that does this. ( ) The only ev that's a Mustang. The only ev that's an f150. ( ) >> Akshay: thank you for staying with us. A saskatchewan man has reached new heights after recently platte -- climbing mount everest. Ctv's angela stewart has more from the incredible

track. >> Reporter: proudly holding the saskatchewan flag landry warnez reached the peak. >> I climbed itself is not that -- its iconic it has features you want find other mountains. >> Reporter: warnez made it to the summit of mount everest on may 12th at 5:30. It to track he has been conditioning for it from a young age. >> My parents had us going back and forth in the mountains in the rockies. Growing up I was in the mountains quite frugally. >> Reporter: it was not until a previous trip to nepal that climbing everest was something he was committed to. >> I had tracked from a small village in the mountains all the way to everest base camp and then standing there looking up at the mountain inspires a sense of adventure and challenge and then you at that point that I wanted to do it. >> Reporter: warnez left for nepal on march tween ninth and his journey to the top began may 8th. But not be for partial climbs of mount everest before. >> You cannot go all the way up your first time your body has to get used to the altitude. Seeded one rotation about halfway up the mountain to camp three and then you come back then spent conditions were treacherous at times. >> From camp fort to the summit the conditions were not great it was blizzard and, you leave at 8:00 pm so it's page black the majority of the climb. >> Oxygen was it sometimes depletes. Making the climb even harder. >> You are using supplemental oxygen, that you carry with you. You are not completely exposed. To the low auction conditions. It's still pretty top. >> Reporter: when now having completed the world's tallest mountain warnez hopes to conquer mount robson one of the most prominent summits in the canadian rockies. Angela stewart ctv news regina. >> Akshay: as we had to a break fort frances was at ron's a lytics dating to get a symbolic a kick off to a soccer match at the vatican hosted wealth jones day festival. The pope who was known to be a soccer fan gave the bank -- a gentle touch before watching the action unfold. He greeted children representing more than 100 countries, encouraging thousands in a stadium to shake hands in the gesture of peace. Thank you for watching ctv news channel. [ ] ( ) (Clattering) ( ) I sit back And let a Bud light the way Summer starts... now! The new dq Summer Blizzard Menu. New Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party, New Picnic Peach Cobbler. And more delicious flavors. Start summer now! Only at dq. Happy tastes good. [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Clapping] [Silence] This is her why. What's yours? Discover the science behind managing weight at Sometimes your work shirt needs to be for more than just work. Like when it needs to be a big soft shoulder to cry on. Which is why Downy does more to make clothes softer, fresher and better. Downy Breathe life into your laundry. ( ) (i am by your side ) Thanks! Anytime! (i am by your side ) ( ) -Ahh... this thing isn't getting any better... -And it won't get better on its own. -On top of that, it looks gross! -It's a nail fungus infection. -Really gross! -and it can spread to other people. It's contagious. -i think I need to see a doctor. -It's a good thing you came to see me. -It's an infection; you need a prescription. Ok. Nail fungus should be taken seriously. At the first signs, show it to your doctor or foot care practitioner and ask about prescription treatments that can be applied to the nail. Welcome to the world of spycraft. (Dramatic music) Keep yours eyes glued to the action. Let's get down. Let's get funky! What are you concealing? You a communist sympathizer?

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. [ ] >> Heather: tonight, a hero's homecoming from france to canada. [ ] >> Heather: an unknown soldier returns to newfoundland soil. A sombre ceremony more than 100 years after the first world war. >> It is a story of heroism and sacrifice. >> Heather: calls for more intelligence training and tools at canada's borders. >>> Facing an endless barrage, ukraine's air defences with dwindling as zelenskyy urges global support. >> The world has to wake up because we're going to lose. >> Heather: plus the gnome homes creating a friendly neighborhood. >> It was about making other people happy, especially children. >> Heather: making magic and maintaining it one little door at a time. >> Hello! [ ] >> Announcer: "ctv national news" with heather butts. >> Heather: good evening. A historic homecoming for a newfoundland soldier who went off to war more than a century ago but fell in battle and was buried in a french cemetery. A powerful ceremony in france where hundreds of men from the newfoundland regiment were killed during the first world war. The remains then transferred to the canadian government. Ctv's garrett barry has been following the unknown soldier's repatriation. >> Reporter: one of newfoundland's lost soldiers is finally home tonight. A long journeyed capped off by a final chapter that started this morning at beaumont-hamel. Under blue skies, canadian soldiers took one of their own in their arms. Right behind the casket, a hug between premier andrew furey and his young son, serving as the official next of kin >> Knowing that somebody's father, somebody's mother didn't know where this person was is overwhelming. To be there with my son, I feel the weight of being premier and a father at the same time. >> Reporter: by hearse, by plane, and then by fighter jet escort, the unknown soldier was carried home. Waiting to witness his return, dozens lined the streets of st. John's for the procession through the city. >> It's probably one of the most important event in the last 100 years for our province. And to see that the people of newfoundland are supporting us, supporting our boys, is amazing. >> Reporter: beaumont-hamel is home to a devastating chapter in newfoundland's pre-canadian history. Within mere minutes on july 1st, 1916, hundreds of young men were killed and injured after they were ordered over the top by the british commanders. The big push into german machine gun fire. [ Speaking French ] >> Reporter: newfoundland is part of beaumont-hamel, says the mayor of the small french town. We are forever linked. This unknown soldier represents all newfoundlanders who fought and died in the first world war. This soldier's final resting place will be here, a renovated national war memorial in downtown st. John's. A sorryceremony will be held on july 1st, newfoundland and labrador's memorial day. >> Heather: that will be another sombre day. Thank you.

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