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>> Heather: an infection once thought to be a thing of the past is back with a vengeance. Syphilis cases are skyrocketing, and risk of transmission to some of the youngest patients is a growing concern. Ctv's allison bamford explains. >> Reporter: inside this regina clinic, nurses are screening patients for sexually transmitted infections. And a simple blood test can catch one of saskatchewan's most rampant sti's. >> It's like a really bad car crash that we're all just watching and knowing we can prevent it. >> Reporter: syphilis now a growing problem across north and south america. New data from the world health organization shows the continents make up 42% of new cases globally. Here in canada, saskatchewan posed the highest case rate among the provinces. >> It's not like we don't know how to identify or treat syphilis. It's that we're having trouble controlling those numbers, whether it's through not enough testing, barriers to access to testing or to care. >> Reporter: researchers say a rise in substance use, lack of awareness, and stigma also play a role in transmission. >> The most devastating effect of syphilis in adults is congenital syphilis, which is the transmission from the mother to the fetus. >> Reporter: transmission that could result in miscarriage or developmental problems for the baby. Canada's congenital syphilis cases jumped nearly 600% from 2018 to 2022. An alarming surge considering provinces like manitoba went decades without recording a single case. >> We didn't really see syphilis for decades, so there's a lot of physicians and health care providers who don't really know what congenital syphilis looks like, so it's important to educate them. >> Reporter: known as the great imitator, syphilis can look like other infections and sometimes show no symptoms at all. Why testing can be a top priority. Typically a simple penicillin treatment can clear it right up. Allison bamford, ctv news, regina. >> Heather: the professional golfing world is mourning the shocking death of a player. Grayson murray died one day after he withdrew from a tournament. There were no immediate details on the circumstances. Murray was just 30 years old.

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>>> Excited parents cheered on their little ones in calgary as they waited at the finish line to scoop them up. The inaugural diaper dash saw 64 babies and toddlers take on a 12-metre long carpeted course on the eve of sunday's adult marathon. >> These are our future marathoners, so they're crawling and 20 years from now hopefully they're running a marathon. >> Heather: every participant scored a custom race bib and went home with bragging rights. >>> From tiny people to tiny homes, after the break, the gnome homes spreading joy in a B.C. neighborhood. This is what your ear looks like filled with wax. Here's a cotton swab. Watch. It just pushes the wax in. Now here's Wush, the new, safe and effective way to clean your ears. Just Wush the wax out. That's insane. The triple stream safely clears dirt and wax buildup. It feels incredible. Get 15% off and free shipping at At Pet Valu, we treat your pet like our pet. Well, Georgie, it's time for adult food. And there's a lot of great options to choo... too choose from. They grow up so fast. I know... I do this like ten times a day. Want a smarter way to mop? Introducing the new Swiffer PowerMop, an all-in-one cleaning tool with a 360° swivel head that goes places a regular mop just can't. Mop Smarter with the new Swiffer PowerMop. Arghhh!!! [woman sneezing] Don't let airborne allergens scare you. Aerius provides fast relief of your 15 worst allergy symptoms. So you can love the air again. Aerius. Head & Shoulders is launching something huge. The bare minimum. Anti-dandruff shampoo made with just 9 ingredients. No sulfates, silicones or dyes and packaged with 45% less plastic. Giving you clinically proven dandruff control. And leaving hair beautiful and moisturized. Dandruff control. Minimal ingredients. Job done. New Head & Shoulders bare. Want some coffee, mate? Coffee'd be great. Thanks, mate. How 'bout some Coffee Mate? —Coffee, mate! —Coffee Mate? Already said I want some coffee, mate? I meant you want some Coffee Mate? Oh! I'd love some Coffee Mate with my coffee, mate. —Mate? —Mate. Crikey, that's rich and creamy coffee, mate. >> Heather: it's a hobby turned passion for a retired senior. Crafting tiny homes from scratch. His magical mission is simple: make people smile one gnome home at a time. Here's ctv's adam sawatsky >> Hello! >> Reporter: charlie picard started regularly visiting dozens of these little doors after a coworker introduced him to this book about their inhabitants. >> He said, charlie, we'll go build a gnome home for our kids. I still remember my daughter's eyes were just exploding with magic. She saw magic. It was wonderful! >> Reporter: decades later and recently retired, his wife reminded him of that moment. >> Wonderful to feel creative and be able to make something out of a piece of wood. >> Reporter: and charlie began building a bunch of gnome homes in an undeveloped lot, much to the delight of the neighbors. >> It just made my heart soar. >> Reporter: it inspired charlie to make even more. And after getting permission, placed almost 45 doors in a dozen different locations. At the time, charlie never imagined how meaningful those moments might also be for the adults who happened upon them. >> The woman was just in tears. >> Reporter: tears of gratitude from the daughter who saw how a gnome door inspired her mom with alzheimer's to suddenly recall long-forgotten happy memories. Tears of hope from the mother who saw how the door at the transition house inspired her child, who she fled from violence with, to smile for the first time in months. And tears of solace from parents visiting the little spirits garden at the burial park where charlie gifted a gnome castle. >> That was a tough one. But I wanted to do it. >> Reporter: perhaps felt he had to do it. Because like he regularly removes each door to repaint, repair, or replace it before reinstalling every one, he knows if you're fortunate enough to make magic, it's your responsibility to maintain it. >> What's really important to me

is giving back. Acknowledging what you have been given and then in return making other people happy. >> Reporter: adam sawatsky, ctv news, nanaimo. >> Heather: that is our newscast for this saturday night. I'm heather butts. Thank you for watching. Goodnight, and I'll see you again tomorrow. To find a food star gordon faces his biggest rival ever. Who wants to be on team Vanderpump? It's team lisa vs team gordon She can Vanderpump off.

We're done on ctv [ ] >> We can believe the university instead of listening to our demands speak it you are watching ctv in china. Protesters at a pro- palestinian at encampment on the university of toronto camp as ours said to me with school officials sunday as a monday deadline looms large. >> I think the western world should get some cats I'm sorry for being this emotional but I just see the people dying every day. >> At least two people have been killed and dozens wounded in a russian strike on kharkiv comes ahead to next months peace summit in switzerland. >> The conditions were not great, you leave apm so it's pitch black. >> And what a climb. A major milestone for a saskatchewan man as he scales mount everest. [ ] >> Akshay: hello and welcome to ctv news jampacked think you for joining us. We begin in toronto. Where protesters at pro policy and encampment's at the university of toronto say they are working on a counterproposal for the university. The school has presented an offer friday but the organizers say it's inadequate. Some of the protesters have been meeting with university administrators started to try and reach a deal. Demonstrators have until monday morning 8:00 am to clear out as set and the trespass notice. >> A group of students has become -- begun an indefinite hunger strike. We will continue until the university stops aligning with war criminals. We will eat until you have season. >> Let's bring in a graduate student at the university of toronto and officials folks present of income it on campus. Thank you for your time. >> Thank you for having me. >> The notice for trespass has been issued and the deadline to evacuate is by apm -- 8:00 am on monday. What is happening at the encampment at the moment, are students still there, are they planning on clearing out, give us a sense. >> We are here, we will continue to be here you will continue to demand as you know the nose of trespass was given to us, we cannot believe that the university wants us to leave instead of listing to our demands and what they have been for 23 plus days now. >> Since a protesters have not accepted the trespass notice I'm sure you're also very aware that the note does a coat that on court or that could beat disciplinary action possibly expulsion or termination. Does that not concern you and those participating? >> We are meeting with admin tomorrow to go through these items and to discuss this with him here as we know they didn't put forward an offer to us, is the first written offer as you have tea nose in bargaining and negotiating the first written offer cannot be the finer offer. And so we will be negotiating with him, we'd take the first offer there final offer as a first offer. We have been receiving lots of support for the community, earlier state we received the ontario federation support which represent over 1 million workers they said and I quote this year if the admin decides to move against the students they will have to go through that workers first. And so although we are worried about possible consequent as we are remaining steadfast in our demands and we are not leaving until our demands are met. >> Akshay: you mentioned that of course the first offer cannot be the final offer. We know that negotiation is set for sunday evening. Usually win there is a situation a deadlock like that we see parties trying to find a middle ground, having conversations. Accommodating will sidespin let me ask you. What is your counteroffer look like? >> We are still working on the counter rather than response. We will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 11:00 am, to tell immediate what that response will be. >> Akshay: does that mean that you are willing to let go of some of the demands that you have? To reach a middle ground? >> We hope that you if you will reproach the coaching table in good faith, we do intend to remain steadfast in our demands we have compromise quite a bit in the past this time we intend to remain and hold the space until our demands are fully met. >> There are some universities where such encampment to continue to stay. But there are some or police have had come in clear them out for example in alberta. What are your thoughts on that? >> We think that demonstration calling the police to invoke police brutality on the students and faculty is appalling, we think that

is discussing to not let students protest freedom of exposure on campus and buyer people protest we hope you have the admin is a right thank and engages with us in conversation and negotiates successfully instead of offering us a final offer without even taking into consideration what our response would be. >> When their defence you have been on the campus for weeks now altogether peered I believe this over at 170 tens is there still appeared you have had your saying, you have been there on the spot, you have put your demands across. It's not like you never had that option. >> We have been protesting for a+ month now. Even calling for the university to listen to us for a+ months we have used all of the quote unquote soft protest for a long time. We have been able to protest for a long time but the point here is that they have not been responsive and they didn't even acknowledge our demands until this encampment. When it comes to the actual negotiations to get movement on our demands being met this is all just happening now and is the first offer that they have ever put forth since we have set this accountant up and took negotiation is just beginning. >> We will leave at that for now. Graduate student at the university of toronto an official spokesperson for the u. Of t.'s occupied for palestine cam camp thank you for your time. >> Thank you for having me. >> Also at the university of toronto vandalism has been found at one of the schools other campuses. On number of red triangles were spotted on the side of some buildings. They also featured crosshairs the upside down triangle has become a popular symbol of pro policy and activist but some are showing support for hamas. Trying to please say th not aware of the incident. >> The place in toronto have also investigating after shots were fired and the jewish girls elementary school overnight. Cds sean has the details. >> A single bullet hole marks the window at the school for girls. Please confirming multiple shots were fired at the building early this morn. >> Suspects arrived at the school in a vehicle a dark coloured vehicle. They exited the vehicle and opened fire at the school causing some damage to the front of the school. >> According to police the shooting happened just before five this morning with no reported injuries. The schools located on chest would drive surrounded by businesses. Police suspect the day going through security fight. >> Use it well seen increase present not only in this neighbourhood. >> Please do not get the sheeting a hate crime and said they will enter the investigation with an open mind. >> The investigation will tell us what career. But that's why we have a hate crime involved in this investigation. Because were not ignoring the obvious. >> The premier writing on ask this is a gross display of anti-semitism. Is beyond belief that anyone could be this hateful. Every student deserves to feel safe at school. If you have any information please contact toronto police. These cowards need to be found and brought to justice. Reaction for the jewish community has been swift. With a statement coming from the centre for israel and jewish affairs saying in part we demand justice, we demand a swift action. The fact of school was targeted regardless of whether kids were present or not represents another whirring escalation in the violence jewish canadians have been experiencing. And from friends which reads in part it's time for our leaders to stop with the some pathetic words and instead to take the decisive actions that are necessary to confront the escalating hatred that is plaguing our community is. Jews in this country will not hide or cower in fear in the face of this brazen and cowardly act. Please say they are stepping up their visibility within a greedy. Spin the committee will also see officers at other schools high visibility at synagogues. To ensure that the public understands that committee safety is number 1 france. >> Please have not said how many suspects they are looking for. Sean ctv news toronto pier. >> Akshay: and turning to the middle east hamas spokesperson is denying reports that a date has been set for talks to resume with israel. Over a potential cease-fire and hostages exchange deal. Meantime is really forces are up their offensive this weekend and several parts of the gaza strip. Policy and health workers say at least 10 people were killed in an israeli drone strike on a school in the northern gaza strip. Israel says its army killed dozens of terrorists in the city. And destroyed some military structures that appear this comes at the international court justice ordered a halt to israel's military offensive in the southern city of rafah. Citing concerns for civilians peer israel has indicated it's committed to pursuing hamas there. >> Akshay: meantime thousands of israeli gather in tel aviv

tonight calling on the country's government to re-- reach a deal to bring home october 7 the tax still being held by hamas in gaza. About 1200 israelis were killed and those packs, the hamas control health ministry in gaza says nearly 33,000 palestinians have been dyed in israel's military response that figure does not establish between civilians and militants. To the otherworld and eastern europe. Well over a year after canada promised ukraine a full hundred million dollar air defence system. It still has not arrived. It comes as a result military offensive continues to wreck havoc on kharkiv and ukraine pleads for defence help. Spent cds has more peer. >> Ms of rubble and steel is all that's left of this hardware store in kharkiv. At least two people were killed and dozens injured in the latest russian airstrike targeting the eastern border city. [ Speaking Alternate Language ] >> There was panic everywhere this man says. Saturday lunch time, there were many people. [ Speaking Alternate Language ] >> The president now repeating his calls to allies to help bolster ukraine's air defence capabilities. Spent today I am announcing. >> In january 2023 canada committed to delivering ukraine at 400 million-dollar air defence system. 16 months later still has not left the united states. >> I think the western world should get some gods. I'm sorry for being this emotional but I see the people dying and kharkiv every day. >> In a statement the defence ministry pointed to delays in the american production of ups is known in canada has added an additional 76 million in funding to a poll aimed at bolstering ukraine's air defences. The attack it comes just weeks before a peace summit helping to end the 27 month long conflict. Assignment russia has yet to commit to attending. [ Speaking Alternate Language ] >> Who didn't says they've never refused peace talks but they must not be resumed on the grounds of what only one party wants. Ukraine has graded a 10-point proposal for peace and slowly gathered more international support over the last year. One of the biggest issues holding back previous peace negotiations is where to draw future borders. Neither side has been willing to make any concessions as russia looks to annex even more territory from the european nation. Colton ctv news ottawa. >> Akshay: police are investigating after a small plane crashed near squamish bc. Two people were reportedly onboard. Rcmp have received an automatic crash notification from a smart phone friday evening. Police say the crash is in a remote area, search and rescue crews along with the canadian forces joined rescue coronation sent in victoria. Asthma called impacted transportation safety board of canada has now been deployed to the scene but it is coordinating with police and the bc coroners service.

>>> Brace yourselves for possible travel disruptions this summer. 9000 workers with the canada border services agency has handed their union a strike mandate. The public service alliance of canada is seeking wages aligned with other law enforcement workers. At also calling for an equitable retirement regime. The union says workers will be in a legal strike physician next month, that is also when mediation is set to begin here he says a strike could cause significant disjunctions. >> Similar to what we saw in 2021 we saw lineups up to 10 hours, obviously a strike as a last resort we would like to see mediation work were looking for a fair contract. It was doubly it is an avenue to get there without having to go on strike. >> Akshay: the government says most front line workers would have to keep working because they are deemed essential. >>> In other news and internal evaluations is canada border intelligence program needs more tools and better training to fight back against illegal smuggling. The evaluation was conducted between march 21 and 2020. And says canada's border services agency did not have access to sufficient training, all the tools needed for its intelligence officers. The border intelligence program is responsible for collecting and analysing data on issues such as drug trafficking, immigration fraud, and human trafficking. From lifejacket to oxygen my. Lynx air is selling off everything in the hope of recouping some of its losses. Now defunct carrier officially set down operations three months ago. Going $186 million when it sought creditor protection. The company says its work that a deal with aviation copies abroad this out plane parts including seat, tires, and transponders. The calgary-based carrier is among several budget airlines forced to close the doors after struggling with financial pressures from the pandemic. >>> Public safety minister dominic leblanc is insisting that the government is doing everything it can to eliminate auto theft in canada. In an interview with ctv question period he said he hopes to see a significant reduction in crime after the government announced a series of new measures to tackle the problems. >> Obviously we want to reduce massively the number of vehicles being stolen. We want to reduce the number of violent incidents that canadians are potentially facing as people attempt to steal these vehicles. We are leaning and with partners in every jurisdiction to do that and we will continue, will add more resources if we need to to do what we can to really bring the number down. Everyone would like that zero vehicle stolen. We are doing everything we can to bring the number down. >> Akshay: the government's national action plan to combat although theft includes increased collaboration with international law enforcement a menace to the criminal code and new penalties theft. It has ranked canada as one of the top 10 sources for stolen vehicles in the world.

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