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>>> An internal evaluation says canada's border intelligence program needs more tools and better training to fight back against illegal smuggling. It was conducted between march 2021 and march of 22. It says canada border services agency did not have canadians so sufficient training or the tools needed for its intelligence officers. The border intelligence program is responsible for collecting and analyzing data on issues like drug trafficking, immigration, fraud, and human trafficking >>> Brace yourself for possible travel disruptions this summer. The unions representing roughly 9,000 canada border services agency workers have voted in favour of strike action that could come as early as next month. We have the details. >> Canadians plans for a summer trip abroad could hit a road block. Canada border services agency workers handed their unions a strike mandate a movement supported by 96% of members who voted. >> I could see people being frustrated, up set, annoyed. All of those things. It is not something that we want either. >> Reporter: cbsa employees are posted at airports marine ports but also work at intelligence officers investigators. They want work conditions in line with those of other law enforcement agencies like the rcmp. >> We're looking for greater pairdy regarding salary and protections around contracting out and of course equitable retirement benefits. >> Reporter: they want telework options for those who can work from home. This about a time where the public has threatened a summer of discontent over the government mandating more days in the office. But where the union sees an impasse the employer the federal government says a strike is unnecessary. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: we recognize the hard work that they do every day keeping canada safe at our borders, but we also know that the best labour agreements happen at the bargaining table and that's where the ministers are focused. >> Reporter: the government says 90% of union members are designated as essential and must provide services in the event of a strike. The union says that the job action could leave people idling at international crossings for hours like in 2021 when they brought in work to rule measures. It could slow the flow of goods across the border. Here for instance and you can see how many trucks are flowing back and forth here. The union says the window to avert disruptions is closing. Strike measures could come by mid june. Ctv news. >> Roger: fort nelson evacuees are being warned about coming back earlier. The mayor says it is not safe to come back yet. Those returning could cause congestion on the highways and that could interfere with emergency personnel trying to move around. Officials are hoping they should be home next week.

>>> The first nation in bc are calling for the removal of an rcmp officer over old social media posts. Members of the nation held a protest on friday to express their concerns about offensive social media posts under the name adrian rubistien. They say the officer will be transferred but will remain on duty up to 90 days. In a statement to ctv news the rcmp says... >> The pressure is on to unite the right in bc as they try to dethrown the ndp. The bc united party and the conservatives both came out swinging and couldn't hammer out a deal. We have more on the story. >> Reporter: after weeks of speculation and negotiation between bc's two right of centre parties, plans for a deal to avoid vote splitting fell apart. >> We're done too. I was very clear. I would make a genuine evident. We made that ert. We received the answer and now we are moving on jex they are surging in the poles competitive with the ndp while united have been plummeting. He says last night rejected the proposed frame work far so called noncompetition deal. >> Ultimately he decided his interests out weighed the public interest. >> Reporter: the frame work valves incumbent 15 bc united and two bc conservatives running unopposed by the other party and 47% bc candidates and 46 running in the 93 ridings. >> The notion that you will be asking bc conservative candidates who were already nominating in ridings for an incumbent in the defending territory was always going to be a deal breaker. >> When I take a peak offer that came in, I view it as being completely unreasonable. >> Reporter: the gloves came off fast and furious. >> They have candidates that I think are extremely problematic and the most british columbians would say are too extreme. >> More about an ego than about doing what is right in the people of bc. >> Reporter: meanwhile, the ndp clearly happy about the sudden bigering between the opponents couldn't rerisk of thunderstorms a shot. >> Their scrabbling over back room deals not paying attention to what british columbians care about. >> Reporter: former british columbia premier who are concerned in urging the two leaders to reconsider. >> So disappointed in where this seems to be going. I don't think either one of them is taking a wise risk here. If they don't come together, neither one of them can win. >> Reporter: a gamble both leaders are staring down and both seem willing to take. Ctv news. >> Roger: quebec students will be offered antibullying classes this fall which the courses may become mandatory. The announcement was made during an all day forum on violence and bullying in quebec schools. The education minister is planning between 7 to 9 hours per semester about mental health and bullying. They may be mixed in with other topics

>>> And if you live in quebec and have a stock pile of bags hold on to them. They may become part of a class action lawsuit. The bags aren't what they appear to be. >> Reporter: if you ever purchased this green dollar ama bag you can be part of a new class action lawsuit. >> I would assume this impacts several million people across quebec. >> Reporter: this lawyer is leading the case against defendant such as dollar ama and metro. >> This is the bag that was filed in court as evidence. >> Reporter: he says these stores advise as recyclable when in fact they are not. >> The law is very, very clear. You can not make a false or fraudulent claim. In our view they are clearly wrong, false, and fraudulent and misleading. >> Reporter: the bags are reusable many people ctv spoke to say they are surprised they can't be recycled. >> This is just for emergency and I I don't have any bags. So I'm keeping using it all the time. >> When I buy a bag like this I just reuse it until it rips. But I always thought it was recyclable. >> Reporter: he says according to one of the biggest recycling facilities in quebec these plastic bags cannot be recycled in quebec or even in canada. >> If you try to stretch it, it does not stretch. It is rigid therefore goes in the garbage. >> Reporter: several of the company's mentioned tell ctv that they'll not be commenting on the subject because of the on going legal procedure. Any quebecer who bought a bag from april 2019 until now is still eligible to join the class action. Ctv news. >> Roger: while facing discontent from shoppers over prices, the parent companies of loblaws and sobeys are under investigation by canada's competition bureau for alleged anticompetitive behaviour. We have the details. >> Reporter: canada's grocery giants sobeys and loblaws already facing scrutiny over rising food prices are now on the receiving end of an investigation launched by the competition bureau of canada. >> Any time you're being investigated by the competition bureau something series is happening because they don't get involved very often. >> Reporter: both chains are accused of using property controls to limit competition in the retail grocery sector. >> A lack of competition is directly linked to the high price of food. >> When you try to control area as a retailer, well, and you're expressing competition access, access to affordable food becomes an issue. >> Reporter: sobeys owner called the investigation unlawful. This law professor says this case will resonate with millions of canadians who are struggling with the high cost of groceries. >> That's one of the things the competition bureau has to look at. They have to come at it independencely. They are not influenced by public or political opinion. They can decide is this proper competitive activity. >> Reporter: wayne mcday thinks that the bureau has an enough of a case to pursue this in the short term and the long term. He says it is possible that this could go down a path that results in increased competition and more affordable food prices. Ctv news. >> Roger: summer is almost here and for many it is time for fun in the sun. A new survey showing the majority of canadians are going to travel. >> We've decided to do the camping. >> You want to still have like a little bit of a fun life living. >> Roger: they are going to travel just not as far camping remains popular. Most canadians heading out on vacation this season more than three-quarters are saying that they'll be short trips staying in the country. 250 $2,500 in total. Day trips are expected to be popular as well [ ] >> Roger: coming up, legislation that classifies two abortion drugs as dangerous substance was passed in louisiana. >> Announcer: if it happens here or around the world, trust ctv news channel to deliver live, (Snickering) Hanging tree We're traveling all acrossCanada to talk to peopleabout their hearts. Who wants to talkabout their heart? Let me ask you a question.Do you have AFib? Aaah, I don't know. You kind of hesitated like... How do you know?

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>>> Federal prosecutors are seeking to bar donald trump from making controversial statements over the classified documents case. Earlier this week, trump claimed that fbi agents who searched his mar-a-lago estate were quote authorized to shoot me and were locked and loaded. Ready to take me out and put my family in danger. Federal lawyers say comments like those pose as a significant and imminent deigning tore law enforcement agents taking part in the prosecution. According to prosecutors donald trump's defence team has objected to the motion forest fire the united nations top court has ordered israel to immediately stop hits military operation in rafah. >> It has not sufficiently addressed and dispelled raised by the military offensive in rafah. >> The icj ruled friday the operation in rafah would worsen the already crisis in gaza. Israel has already gun a limited operation in the city and and seized control the border with egypt. It ordered israel to open the vital crossing to the flee flow of aid. >> World leaders are saying hamas needs to put its arms down. Hamas needs to leave. Well hamas is not going to leave just by having sent a notice of eviction. And israel's argument is that this is a defensive war. If something was brought on israel that there was a ceasefire on october 6th and this is not a war of choice but this is something necessary to ensure the safety of its population. >> Roger: this is the third time the court has ordered israel to pull back and address the humanitarian crisis in gaza. Israel has repeatedly dismissed any accusations of genocide. Rulings final, but the court does not have a mechanism to enforce them.

>>> Egypt has agreed to send aid trucks to gaza but getting through the crossing in rafah is difficult. They have concerns about the mounting violence near the border. Aid and food supplies have depleted over the last few weeks. >>> At mcgill nufert montreal pro-palestinian protesters remain camped out on the city's downtown campus despite efforts to have them removed. The group that is faced down pour and is heat. Even two failed legal bids in their four-week campus protest. Quebec's minister of higher education calls their continued presence at mcgill an affront to the rule of law. She says that the encampments should be dismantled saying that the private lands are not an appropriate place for the pro-palestinian protests. [ ] >> Coming up, this is wonderful news. Another endangered whale has been spotted. This time near saint john (Dramatic music) (Cheering) You learn pretty fast that there are no shortcuts in racing or in life. So it's no surprise that there aren't any when it comes to hair loss either. One of my first attempts to deal with my own hair loss was a literal short cut. I buzzed off all the hair I had left. I wasn't happy about it. I didn't look good. But I didn't know what else to do. Thankfully my wife found HairClub. As a young guy losing my hair, I was willing to do anything to get it back fast. That meant some terrible and, at times, painful experiences trusting other hair "shortcuts". But HairClub was different right from the start. I can see the difference in who he is as a human being and how he... He does, he holds his head higher, and he... he walks with confidence that I have never seen. It blows my mind. We are so grateful for HairClub. HairClub is North America's largest provider of complete hair loss solutions. With over 120 locations, you're never too far from a free, in-person consultation with a real hair loss expert. I thought that nobody could understand how mortified I was to be losing my hair. So you can imagine how relieving it was to know that HairClub's experts have already helped so many people with their hair loss. It wasn't just that either. I was shocked that HairClub had virtually every solution possible. If I had known about HairClub sooner, I never would have tried any of those over-hyped, advertised solutions. HairClub is a personalized experience for anyone suffering from hair loss, and offers virtually every solution availableon themarketplace. Whether you choose a surgical, non-surgical or restorative solution, HairClub has you covered. If you're determined to get your hair back and live the life you deserve, take it from a guy who has already wasted time with painful and pointless shortcuts. Just call HairClub. You can get your own free personalized consultation with a hair loss expert and be on your way to the finish line in no time. Call now. Call HairClub today. Schedule a free consultation at one of our 120 in-person locations across North America and save 20% off select treatments using promo code "frankie". Call HairClub now at 800-853-2277. That's 800-853-2277. >> Another siting of an endangered right whale in our harbour. This comes after a siting of the one of the mammals in northern new brunswick which caused a temporary pause for fishermen in the area. We have the story. >> Reporter: a recent video sent to the department caught the rare endangered right whale making a visit to the port city. >> In this particular video the animal was near the bigby ferry terminal. >> Reporter: kim is a professor at unbsc with a specialty in right whales shempt admits seeing any whale let alone one of the 350 right whales left that close to shore is unusual. >> Every time a right whale is around industrial activities especially ships it is a reason to be on extra alert. >> Reporter: wednesday there was a close notice in and around the harbour warning to remove gear by 5 P.M. tomorrow. >> He says the gear could ensure fishers could do their work while not posing a risk to the whales. >> All the gear is collected into one of these cages and it remains on the bottom until you sail overtop of it and have a transdueser in the water. It is released. You fish it and there is no danger for whale entanglement. >> Reporter: in a year that has already been tough for the declining population, kim says it is important for anyone on the water to be weary of the

large animals. >> Over the winter we had several -- in waters and then there was kind of half oa whale that was found off the coast of the nova scotia. >> Reporter: if you see anything contact the dfo. >> Roger: some americans may find themselves going a bit buggy. It is a historic one. Two broods of the insect are emerging this year. Joy malbon has all of the details. >> Reporter: hear that? That's the sound of millions no trillions of red eye bugs buzzing all over the southern U.S. they have taken over sarah's back yard in georgia. >> I wasn't prepared. I've never seen this before. This is my first invasion. >> Reporter: and emerging this year two broods hatching at the same time. Some are calling it -- >> There are these massive loud bugs that fly everywhere. >> Reporter: last time that happened thomas jefferson was president. They are spotting rare blue eye a mutation described as one in a million. >> It is like find that go need led in a hey stack. They really stand you out. It is very unusual and quite rare. It is fun to find. >> Reporter: scientists will tell you that high pitch sound like the roar of a jack hammer are the males just looking for love. So yeah, it gets loud. >> They mate. The males then pretty much die. The females go find a tree limb that they can lay their eggs in. >> Reporter: in the carolinas this was so deafening that people called 9-1-1 to complain. >> The loudest I have measured was 96 decibels. That means when jets are flying into chicago airport the insects will drown out the jets. >> Reporter: there are apps to track them and zoo animals find they are a tasty snacks. Even humans like to fry up one. >> I like to tell people if it is coming from a new orals kitchen even if it is bizarre it will be tasty. >> Reporter: enjoy this the bug's life isn't long and a double brood won't be back until 2037. Joy malbon, ctv news, washington. >> Roger: and as we head to break, a new airline is allowing dogs to ditch the kennal and fly first class. Bark air new york to L.A. now if you want to fly with your pooch brace yourself. One way one person ticket and one dog international flights 8 grand U.S. save your pennies. You're watching ctv news channel. Top stories are next [ ] [ ] Pick-up is quick and easy. What would you like to payfor your hotel room tonight?$249, $225, or $199? Same room, same service.Just different prices. It's really up to you. Well, nobody asksyou this at reception, but that's exactlywhat trivago does. trivago compares hotel pricesfrom hundreds of booking sites. So, save yourselfvaluable time and money. Use trivago,compare hotel prices and save up to $50 a night Hotel? trivago. It's not always easy to eat enough of what I should. Ensure has 25 vitamins and minerals and is high in protein to help build muscles. So, I get nutrients to help me keep doing the things I love, with the people I love. Ensure. The #1doctor-recommended brand. Nutri-Lawn has been nourishingthe lawns and livesof Canadians for over 35 y With our ecology-friendly lawncare, we eliminate weeds and prevent destructive insectsfrom feeding on your grass. Improve the overallhealth of your lawn. Visit -Ahh... this thing isn't getting any better... -And it won't get better on its own. -On top of that, it looks gross! -It's a nail fungus infection.

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[ ] >> I think every family in newfoundland will find in poignant. >> An unknown newfoundland soldier is coming home after 100 years after making the ultimate sacrifice in world war I >>> From life jackets to transponders. Lynx air is is selling everything in a final effort to recoop its losses. >>> Fort nelson's mayor says don't come home just yet. It is still unsafe. [ ] >> Roger: you're watching ctv news channel. I'm roger peterson. Thank you very much for joining us. The remains of an unknown world war I soldier are returning to newfoundland today. Members of canada's delegation honoured to be a part of this important final journey. [ Bagpipes ] >> Roger: the soldier will be buried at the province's newly created tomb of the unknown soldier. Is casket will end in st. John's later today and lie in state from june 28th until the 30th. >> 12,000 newfoundlanders that went overseas. I think every family will find this poignant. The ultimate sacrifice of any war is the delta of a soldier. Bringing one home will be very poignant for the soldiers. To wear the uniform comes with extreme sacrifice, obligations. So this is meaningful on so many different levels. >> Roger: there will be a ceremony on july the 1st which is the anniversary of the battle of beaumont where hundreds of newfoundlanders gave their lives in 1960. From life jackets to oxygen masks, lynx air is selling off everything in hopes of recooping some of the losses. It officially shut down three months ago owing $186 million. The company says it is worked out a deal with aviation companies abroad to sell plane parts like seats, tires. The calgary based car why are is among several budget airlines that were force to close their doors after struggling with financial pressures from covid-19.

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