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killed over there. When when I see someone like this come home it is important. It means an awful lot and something that it changes you all. You never take anything for granted and I'm just proud that you know newfoundland is doing this and it should be a great celebration because we cannot forget because the lives of our young people are worth that much and we have to think about what happens when you send them to war. >> Roger: general, thank you for your time and your service as well. >> Roger, thank you. >> Retired major general our war analyst. And former commander nato force inside afghanistan. >>> Fort nelson wildfire evacuees are being warned against coming back early. The mayor says it is too early to return. Those coming back early could cause congestion on the highway stopping healthcare workers and other emergency personnel getting through. 3,700 residents had to leave the area two weeks ago. Officials hoping they can go home next week >>> From life jacketses to oxygen masks, lynx air is selling off everything it can in hopes of recooping its losses. It officially shut down three months ago owing $186 million and that is when it saw creditor protection. The company says it has worked out a deal with aviation companies abroad to sell parts. Calgary based carriers that were force to close their doors after struggling with financial pressures from the covid-19 pandemic >>> Brace yourself for possible travel disruptions this summer. The unions representing roughly 9,000 canada border services agency workers have voted in favour of strike action as early as next month if there is no deal. We have the details. >> Canadians plans for a summer trip abroad could hit a road block. Canada border services agency workers handed their unions a strike mandate a movement supported by 96% of members who voted. >> I could see people being frustrated, up set, annoyed. All of those things. It is not something that we want either. >> Reporter: cbsa employees are posted at airports marine ports but also work at intelligence officers investigators. They want work conditions in line with those of other law enforcement agencies like the rcmp. >> We're looking for greater pairdy regarding salary and protections around contracting out and of course equitable retirement benefits. >> Reporter: they want telework options for those who can work from home. This about a time where the public has threatened a summer of discontent over the government mandating more days in the office. But where the union sees an impasse the employer the federal government says a strike is unnecessary. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: we recognize the hard work that they do every day keeping canada safe at our borders, but we also know that the best labour agreements happen at the bargaining table and that's where the ministers are focused. >> Reporter: the government says 90% of union members are designated as essential and must provide services in the event of a strike. The union says that the job action could leave people idling at international crossings for hours like in 2021 when they brought in work to rule measures. It could slow the flow of goods across the border. And spend any time here for instance and you can see how many trucks are flowing back and forth here. The union says the window to avert disruptions is closing. Strike measures could come by mid june. Ctv news. >> Roger: an internal evaluation says canada's border intelligence program needs more tools and better training to fight back against illegal smuggling. It was conducted between march 2021 and 2022. It says cbsa did not have access to sufficient training or the tools needed for the intelligence officers. The program is responsible for collecting and analyzing data on drug trafficking immigration fraud and human trafficking.

>>> Quebec students will be offered anti-bullying classes this fall where they may become mandatory. It was announcement was made on all day forum on violence and bullying in quebec schools. The education minister is planning between seven and nine hours per semester of classes about mental health and bullying. It may be mixed in with existing classes on other topics >>> If you live in quebec and have a stock pile of plastic bags hold on to them. They may become part of a new class action lawsuit. It seems the bags are not what they say they are. We explain. >> Reporter: if you ever purchased this green dollar ama bag you could be part of a new class action lawsuit. >> I would assume this impacts several million people across quebec. >> Reporter: this lawyer is leading the case against defendants. Such as dollar ama and metro. >> So this is the bag that was filed in court as evidence. >> Reporter: he says they sell bags as recyclable when in fact they are not. >> The law is very clear. You can not make a false or fraudulent claim. In this case in our view the claims are clearly wrong, false, and fraudulent and misleading. >> Reporter: they are reusable, many people can haves spoke to they are surprised they can't be recycled. >> This is just for emergency and I don't have any bags. I'm keeping using it all the time. >> When I buy a back like this I just reuse it. As long as I can until it rips. I thought it was recyclable. I would just toss it in the recycling. >> Reporter: according to one of the biggest recycling fatalities -- facilities in quebec they can not be recycled in quebec or canada. >> If you try to stretch it it doesn't stretch. It is rigid and therefore goes in the garbage not in the recycling bin. >> Reporter: several of the companies mentioned tells that they'll not be commenting on the subject because of the on going legal procedure. Any quebecer who bought a bag until now is still eligible to -- from april 16 2k3w4r50ir7b89 join the class action. Ctv news. [ ] >> Roger: coming up, the international court of justice orders israel to immediately halt its operation inside rafah. We will have the details after the break. [ ] >> Reporter: if it happens here, or around the world, trust ctv news channel to deliver live, breaking, 24 hours a day. Download the app or stream any time at Hanging tree ( ) You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes Off of you ( ) Michelob Ultra. When it comes to your lawn.It's time to call the experts. With ecology-friendly lawncare from Nutri-lawn. We nourish your lawn,get rid of your weeds and stop insects such ascinch bugs and grubs from tearing up your yard. You'll enjoy a lush, weedand pest-free lawn all summer long,with Nutri-lawn. Nutri-lawn has been nourishingthe lawns and lives of Canadians for over 35 years. Call the experts today.Call 1-888-688-7452 or visit It's like a shower for yournose. This thing is amazing!Navage flushes salin to help clear congestionby quickly sucking out mucus, allergens, and germs. There's no other productout there like it! Navage. Clean nose,healthy life. Kevin and Sarah have one of the world's largest collections of souvenir plates. [crash] They also have a teenager, so they got their plates insured. But they don't have life insurance. Kevin's worried his diabetes will make it hard to qualify, and Sarah does not like medical exams. So we got them some new plates to tell them about Canada Protection Plan. Canada Protection Plan hassolutions for both the healthy and hard to insure. With no needles or medicalexams required on most plans. You'll get great coverageat a price you'll love and there are no paymentsin your first month. Anybody between18 and 80 can apply and there are greatmember benefits including rewards for activeliving and giving back. As part of the Foresters family,your coverage is backed by our excellentfinancial strength. Contact your advisor or call now to get a no-obligation quote in minutes. Canada Protection Plan. Protecting what matters most... you. [crash] >> Roger: a major ruling from the international court of justice is on the war in gaza. The united nations top court has

ordered israel to stop its military operation there. We have the details. >> Reporter: inside this court room in the netherlands a land mark emergency ruling in a case brought forward by south africa accusing israel of genocide. >> Israel has not sufficiently address and had dispelled the concern raised by its military offensive in rafah. >> Reporter: and a strict order from the court. >> It must hold its military offence and any other action in the rafah area which may inflict on the palestinian group in gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction. >> Reporter: the president of the court also ordered israel to open the rafah border crossing to allow humanitarian aid in calling the situation in gaza catastrophic. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: canada's position has been clear for many, many weeks now. We need an immediate ceasefire. Hamas needs to lay down its arms, release all hostages, but there must be no more military operation inside rafah. >> Reporter: the court also called for the release of all remaining hostages. While the order is legally binding they lack the power to enforce it. >> The international court of justice doesn't have its own army. It doesn't have its own police. It it depends upon the security council to implement its orders. >> Reporter: this is the third time the court has issued orders for israel to pull back and address the suffering in gaza, but israel has been accused of ignoring their orders in the past. >> Israeli spokemen have already announced that essentially israel will not comply with the order. That they'll continue their operation. >> Reporter: israel has repeatedly dismissed accusations of genocide saying it has the right to defend itself from hamas. South africa's wider case here accuses israel of state led genocide against palestinians. The decision on that could take years, but the icj has rejected israel's rerequest to throw the case out. Ctv news, ottawa. >> Roger: let's bring in an international relations and political science professor at the university of toronto. Professor, thank you for joining us this morning. >> Thank you. >> Roger: what do you think of this decision and where will it go? >> It is very clear that the court has other institutions that would like to see the end of human suffering and the loss of any life on any side is a tragedy, but I think it is so important to look at this ruling carefully. To read the entire ruling because there is such a great chance of misunderstanding it and misrepresenting it. Weave had that in the ruling in january. We risk having it now. What the washington journal said it does not halt all operations. Only some and four of the judges that is several of the judges have said in their opinion after which that what this prohibits is not action in general, but it prohibits israel from engaging in anything that violates or is not in compliance with the genocide convention and israel that is claimed that they have not violated the convention. It is invalid. The ruling is saying that it has to halt operation that is may, may create conditions in gaza where life could be put at risk or physical destruction in whole or in part. And israeli awrkt is not at some -- argument is not as some diplomats that israel is not claiming. It is saying that -- they have not violated that. The amount of firepower israel has if they were engage being hamas which it has the right to do. The majority of the population of gaza would already have been destroyed, and in fact of it has been evacuated and the war is against hamas. It is not a war against the palestinian population. And yes, world leaders are saying that hamas needs to put its arms down. Hamas needs to leave. But hamas is not going to leave just by having sent a notice of eviction. And israel's argument is that this is a defensive war. If something was brought on israel if there was a ceasefire on october 6th. This is not a war of choice but something necessary to ensure the safety of its population. >> Roger: so this sounds like this really isn't going to go anywhere then. >> The israeli delegation and not only that but that of

several junction is as long as israel is in -- then it can pursue military action to help eradicate hamas which as the five principle democracies shortly after the horrific massacre committed by hamas which is not deliberately committed, but celebrated by hamas and by supporters and iran and and continues to be the democracy said that hamas has been nothing but a tragedy for the palestinian people as well. That they have brought the palestinians hamas nothing but terror and blood shed and they need p to be removed. And so sadly in a war it is very difficult to have one where there are no casualties. There is no magic. If any has that magic they should articulate how it is done because it it wasn't done in afghanistan. It one done in former ugoslavia. This is a sad nature of war. This is not to say that everything should not be done to try to limit collateral damage. >> Roger: thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> Thank you. >> Roger: an international relations and political science professor at the university of toronto. >>> Egypt has agreed to send aid trucks into gaza but getting through the main crossing is still a mystery. Officials have voiced concerns about the mounting violence near the main border going into gaza. The humanitarian aid and food supplies have been dramatically depleated over the last few weeks. The icj ordered israel to open the rafah crossing to allow for the flow of aid and stop the assault of rafah no enforcement has been provided >>> Federal prosecutors are seeking to bar donald trump from making controversial statements over the classified documents case. Earlier this week trump claimed that the fbi agents who searched his mar-a-lago estate were quote authorized to shoot me and were locked and loaded, ready to take me out and put my family in danger. Federal lawyers say comments like those pose a significant and imminent danger to law enforcement agents who are taking part in the prosecution. According to prosecutors trump's team has objected to the motion.

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[ ] >> I think every family in newfoundland will find in poignant. >> An unknown newfoundland soldier is coming home after 100 years after making the ultimate sacrifice in world war I >>> From life jackets to transresponders. Lynx air is is selling everything in a final effort to recoop its losses. >>> Fort nelson's mayor says don't come home just yet. It is still unsafe [ ] >> Roger: you're watching ctv news channel. I'm roger peterson. Thank you very much for joining us. The remains of an unknown world war soldier are returning to newfoundland today. Members of canada's delegation honoured to be a part of this important final journey. [ Bagpipes ] >> Roger: the soldier will be buried at the province's newly created tomb of the unknown soldier. Is casket will end in st. John's later today and lie in state from june 28th until the 30th. >> 12,000 newfoundlanders that went overseas. I think every family will find this poignant. The ultimate sacrifice of any war is the delta of a soldier. Bringing one home will be very poignant for the soldiers. To wear the uniform comes with extreme sacrifice, obligations. So this is meaningful on so many different levels. >> Roger: there will be a ceremony on july the 1st which is the anniversary of the battle of beaumont where hundreds of newfoundlanders gave their lives in 1960. From life jackets to oxygen masks, lynx air is selling off everything in hopes of recooping some of the losses. It officially shut down three months ago owing $186 million. The company says it is worked out a deal with aviation companies abroad to sell plane parts like seats, tires. The calgary based car why are is among several budget airlines that were force to close their doors after struggling with financial pressures from covid-19.

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