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>>> Ceasefire negotiations for the war in ukraine may be back on the table, but only one that recognizes the current battlefield lines. [Speaking in Alternate Language] russian president vladomir putin told reporters peace talks must resume but based on common sense. In ukraine, president volodmyr zelenskyy visited a printing house that was destroyed by a russian missile attack that killed at least seven people. >>> A group with links to the terror group isis may be behind a fatal shooting at a restaurant near toronto three years ago. The jury heard in court today that the victim was likely targeted because he wanted to expose his alleged killer. Ctv's jon woodward is tracking the story. >> Reporter: it was a bloody scene in may of 2021 in chicken land. Five people shot, 25-year-old naim akl died in an attack that shocked the city of mississauga. >> I just don't understand. >> Senseless. Really is, senseless. >> Reporter: at the time, police released this surveillance video of the gunman before and after the shooting. Part of the investigation that led to the arrest of three men. And led the crown attorney to tell a jury in the first degree murder trial of the brampton courthouse that akl had gone to work in abbasi's warehouse. The crown attorney said you will hear evidence that akl became aware the group pledged allegiance to isis. They weren't just buying and selling products. They had pledged allegiance to isis and money was being used to finance that organization sent back home to further that cause. He was planning to go to the authorities and betray the others. It's our position that the others came up with a plan to prevent that from happening, a plan to kill naim akl and his family. The plan was put into action with nav entering the restaurant, pulling a handgun and shooting seven times in less than 18 seconds. Witnesses told the court they saw a slender man rush from the restaurant and hop into the trunk of a waiting honda accord. It sped off. Inside, akl's mother had heard several pops. She was shot in the army and rushed in to see several other family members being shot including a son. She said I looked at him. He was looking at me. I could see the blood everywhere on the ground. I could do nothing. If she she said she called 9-1-1 and asked any driver in the gas station for help. Police pulled footage from 70 dash cams and surveillance cameras enroute to follow the route back to abbasi's business, a major break in the case. Jon woodward, ctv news. >> Heather: a ceremony is set to begin just hours from now in france where officials are preparing to return the remains of an unknown soldier home to newfoundland. The soldier represents the hundreds who never made it back. Ctv's garrett barry is in beaumont-hamel and introduces us to a group with a very special role in tomorrow's service. >> Reporter: they've been practicing all week. The pressure is on. Tomorrow's event is once in a lifetime. >> Big honour. Such a weight on your shoulders to perform to your highest standard really. It's to go out there, make sure you look the part, act the part. You're bringing home one of our own. >> Reporter: for the newfoundlanders in this group it's a very special job. Bringing a countryman home for the first time in a hundred years. >> Something as big as this is hard to put into words. Like to be a newfoundlander and as far as I can think back, everyone is a newfoundlander from where my family is from. >> Reporter: they'll walk alongside an unknown soldier as he heads back home to newfoundland. >> Everyone's going to feel very solemn. I think feelings are going to be a bit high. I'm proud to be there. >> Reporter: many put their hand up to walk alongside the casket, so it be picked is a real honour. >> There's a lot of history around it obviously. Being in the military, our family in the military. So I want to take it personal and it's a great honour. >> Just feel proud really. Feel proud. Represent canada. Represent newfoundland. You're here and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> Reporter: that same group will accompany the unknown soldier on his final trip to be entombed at the national war memorial in downtown st. John's. It will happen july 1st, newfoundland and labrador's memorial day. Heather? >> Heather: garrett, a few people in the story are wearing a special flower that you also have on. Tell us a little more about that? >> These blue flowers are forget me notes, similar to the poppies worn on remembrance day. It was actually exactly a hundred years ago that the veterans association of newfoundland adopted these blue flowers as their official symbol. They sold them, part of the project to pay for war memorials. To this day, newfoundlanders and labradorians will wear the blue flowers to remember the sacrifice of newfoundlanders and labradorians in wars fought overseas. Heather? >> Heather: a very moving tribute.

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>>> Documentary filmmaker morgan spurlock has died following complications with cancer. The director was best known for his mcdonald's film supersize me. Ctv's kamil karamali has more. >> Double quarter pounder with cheese meal. >> Reporter: putting his body and his health on the line became a part of morgan spurlock's legacy. >> I think I have to supersize. >> Reporter: known for his oscar nominated megahit supersize me, the documentary filmmaker ate nothing but mcdonald's for an entire month. >> You're going to die. >> I want more. More. More. More. >> Reporter: despite his deteriorating condition. >> I think that people don't realize that just these types of diets can be very dangerous. >> Reporter: the movie took a bite out of the fast-food industry raising awareness of america's obesity. McDONALD'S discontinued their supersize menu and included healthier options. >> Because of him it changed from supersize from a bargain to an epidemic in the pop culture imagination. >> Reporter: spurlock used the film's successes as a springboard. >> Osama. >> Reporter: releasing where in the world is osama bin laden. >> I want to do films that don't polarize people but make things that are for everybody. >> Reporter: directing a film for boy band one direction and hosting his own show on cnn. Spurlock stepped down from his production company in 2017 after admitting to sexual misconduct. The west virginia native died from complications due to cancer at the age of 53. His brother saying morgan gave so much through his art, ideas and generosity. Today the world has lost a true creative genius and a special man. I am so proud to have worked together with him. >> Became an actor in his own documentary. Paved the way for reality television. Even the way he changed entertainment and how we consume it was a huge impact. >> Reporter: most will remember him for a film that showed his hunger to the world, what followed was continuing to make films that everyone had an appetite for. Kamil karamali, ctv news, toronto. >> Heather: still ahead, looking to fly? This is not your average scene at altitude. [ ] the luxury airline offering owners and their pets a howling good time. [ ] Hey! Wake-up. The words in your head, you're the only one that can hear them. Say it! Yes. I. Can. Move! Feel it. Hold onto this feeling. Yes I can, Yes I must. Watch me! Start your 30—day home trial at OnePeloton. Terms apply. ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee. The most awarded suv ever. Did you know you waste200 hoursa year hand washing dishes? "Hun. Hun." Turning your backon the moments that matter. There's a better optionthan hand washing. Switch to your dishwasherand Cascade Platinum Plus. It uses the power of Dawn to thoroughlyclean your dishes removing 99% of greaseand food residue. So all you have to do isScrape, Load, and you're done! Cascade. No prewash, no rewash, or your moneyback It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! New Herbal Essences is packedwith naturally derivedplant based ingredientsyo and none of the stuffit won't. Our sulfate free collections,smell incredible and leave your hairtouchably soft and smooth. New Herbal Essences. To find a food star gordon faces his biggest rival ever. Who wants to be on team Vanderpump? It's team lisa vs team gordon She can Vanderpump off. We're done on ctv (Dramatic music) (Cheering) Male Announcer: Mary's brightening up daytime with good friends and good times. Give me a high five! Do you love it? Oh my gosh, I love this. Announcer: The Good Stuff with Mary Berg, weekdays on ctv. >> Heather: a top official from the professional women's

hockey league says the schedule will be expanded next year and the teams will get a new look. >> Yes, team name logos are well under way and working an that. There will be more regular season games. Each team will play 30 next season. This season we only played 24. >> Heather: minnesota and boston are playing in the finals in the best of five series. Next season will also give the three canadian teams another chance at the walter cup. >>> Move over frequent flyers. There's a new breed in first class. Bark air, a luxury dog airline took to the skies from new york to los angeles. Pampered pooches were served shoes on silver platters, barkachinos and had access to an onboard spa. The service doesn't come cheap. One way flights range from 6 to $8,000 for one dog and one human companion. >>> After the break, a noisy invasion. The sound of cicadas as trillions emerge in a rare phenomenon. [ ] ( ) ( ) (i am by your side) (i am by your side) ( ) Woman: My nephew is having a blast with his new team. I'll have to tell him what I learned about his great-grandfather, Philippe. Through Ancestry, I found that he played on three different teams. And even landed a scholarship. Get to know your family story at This is what your ear looks like filled with wax. Here's a cotton swab. Watch. It just pushes the wax in. Now here's Wush, the new, safe and effective way to clean your ears. Just Wush the wax out. That's insane. The triple stream safely clears dirt and wax buildup. It feels incredible. Get 15% off and free shipping at Arghhh!!! [woman sneezing] Don't let airborne allergens scare you. Aerius provides fast relief of your 15 worst allergy symptoms. So you can love the air again. Aerius. Nutty...and sweet. Latte macchiato. ( ) This one is for the prize? Intenso. No, cool. Definitely iced. ( ) Sweet. Bye. Nespresso, what else? [ ]"Ready?" Change is inevitable. It can send you offin new directions... show you the unexpected. Like how your favouritespot isn't yours anymore... it's theirs. Introducing thecompletely reborn three rowHyundai santa fe. Wah changes everything. [Hyundai sting] >> Heather: there's a distinct sound ringing in the parts of the U.S. you may have heard about the historic invasion of two broods of cicadas emerging this year. It seems to have inspired fascination and annoyance in equal measure. This natural wonder is set to be the biggest invasion in hundreds of years and, as ctv's joy malbon reports, the cicadaapalooza is getting loud. >> Reporter: hear that? That's the sound of millions, no trillions, of squiggly red eyed bugs buzzing over the southern U.S. they've taken over sarah weinberg's backyard in georgia. >> No, I really wasn't prepared because I've never seen this before. >> Yeah. >> This is my first invasion. >> Reporter: emerging this year, two broods of cicadas hatching at the same time. In states like illinois, missouri and iowa. Some are calling it a cicadaapalooza. >> They're massive loud bugs that fly everywhere. >> Reporter: last time that happened, thomas jefferson was president and in the swarm of red eyes they're spotting rare blue eyed cicadas, a genetic mutation described as one in a million. >> It's like finding that needle in a haystack. You spot the blue one, they really stand out. It's unusual and rare and it's fun to find. >> Reporter: scientists will tell you that high pitched sound... Like the roar of a jackhammer are the males just looking for love. So, yeah, it gets loud. >> Males sing to attract the females. They mate. The males pretty much then die. The females go find a tree limb that they can lay their eggs in. >> Reporter: in the CAROLINAs, this chorus of cicadas was so deafening, people called 9-1-1 to complain.

>> The loudist I've ever measured a cicada chorus is 96 decibels. To put into perspective, when jets are flying into chicago o'hare, the cicadas will drown out the jets. >> Reporter: there are apps to track them and zoo animals find they're a tasty snack. Even humans like to fry up a little crunchy cicada cuisine. >> I like to tell people if it's coming from a new orleans kitchen, even if it's bizarre, it's going to be tasty. >> Reporter: so enjoy the spectacle. Above ground the bug's life isn't long and a double brood won't be back until 2037. Joy malbon, ctv news, washington. >> Heather: a spectacle indeed. That's our newscast for this friday. For all of us at "ctv national news," thank you for watching. I'm heather butts. Goodnight and I'll see you again tomorrow. [ ] [ ] crave, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once. ... All right here.

Subscribe now atCRAVE.CA. [ ] [ ] >>> Right to make an application to restore permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. That's what we intend to do. >> Akshay: you're watching ctv news channel. The truck driver who confidently humbled broncos bus crash has been ordered deported by his lawyer says no fight that. [ ] >>> Israeli spokesmen have already announced that, essentially, israel will not comply with the order that they will continue the operation. >> Akshay: the international court of justice ordered israel to stop its offensive on rafah, describing the humanitarian situation as disastrous. [ ] >>> Members worked really hard -- cbsa workers give the go-ahead for strike action. [ ] >> Akshay: hello and welcome to ctv news channel, thanks for staying with us. I'm akshay tandon. >>> The truck driver who caused the tragic humbled broncos bus crash has been ordered to report -- to be deported by emergency and -- the lawyer for jaskirat singh sidhu says the decision will support in conclusion and all that was required to report sidhu must prove that he's not a canadian citizen and that he committed a serious crime. Sidhu's lawyers and the deportation process can take months or even years. >> That's one of the unfortunate things about canadian immigration law right now. There's no forgiveness and no chance to appeal if you get a sentence longer than six months. There is no appeal, that was taken away. He has a right to make an application to restore his permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, that's what we intend to do. So he -- it's still hard, this menu was going to happen and it was a foregone conclusion, there was no issues with the step of the process but is still pretty on him and his family. >> Akshay: in 2019 sidhu who is from india was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty. One of the players who survived the crash had this to say about the decision... >> There's no negative emotions towards him and his family. You know, can speak on behalf of anyone else but I'm hoping that, you know, from human to human I hope that everything works out. >> Akshay: 16 people were killed and 13 were injured in the bus crash in 2018.

>>> In other news making headlines, a major ruling today from the international court of justice on the war in gaza. The united nations top court has ordered israel to stop its military operation and rafah immediately. Ctv's jeremie charron has the details. >> Reporter: inside this courtroom in the netherlands today, a landmark emergency ruling in the case brought forward by south africa accusing israel of genocide. >> Israel has not sufficiently addressed in the spell the concerns raised by his military offensive in rafah. >> Reporter: in a strict order from the world court. >> Israel must immediately halt its military offensive and any other action in the rafah governance which may conflict on the palestinian group in gaza conditions of life I could bring about the physical destruction. >> Reporter: the president of the court also ordered israel to open the rafah border crossing to allow humanitarian aid in calling the situation in gaza catastrophic. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: canada's position has been clear for many weeks now. We need an immediate cease-fire. Comak needs to lay down its arms, release all hostages but there also must be no more military operations in rafah. >> Reporter: the court also called for called for teresa baltimore -- remaining hostages and while it's order is legally binding, the icj lacks the power to enforce it. >> The international court of justice does not have its own army doesn't have its own police. Depends upon the security council to implement its orders. >> Reporter: this in the third time the court has issued orders for israel to pull back and address the humanitarian suffering in gaza but israel has been accused of ignoring their orders in the past. >> Israeli spokesmen have already announced that, essentially, israel will not comply with the order that they will continue their operation. >> Reporter: israel has repeatedly dismissed accusations of genocide insisting it has the right to defend itself from hamas. South africa's wider case here as to this is relatively low genocide against palestinians, a decision on that could take years but the icj has rejected israel's a request to throw the case out. Jeremie charron, ctv news, ottawa.

>>> University of toronto has issued a trespass notice to those participating in a pro-palestinian and comment on this campus. Have until monday to leave or the school will take legal action. Ctv's mike walker has the latest. >> Reporter: with a deadline to a strip the university of toronto's offer passed. >> This is a notice of trespass. Make sure you handout out to everyone. >> Reporter: -- the pro-palestinian encampment organizers. Students and demonstrators are bound to stay put. >> This document is a farce. >> Reporter: rejecting the university of toronto's offer to end and commoners occupy the green space at kings college circle for more than three weeks no and includes more than 170 -- >> This document is nothing then a summary of their already existing procedure on their investment in enclosure with a few minor tweaks to betas into thinking that we are getting a good deal out of this. >> Our offer is fair and reasonable. >> Reporter: the nativity off plus forming a working group to consider options for the disclosure of the school's investments. University says it won't end any partnerships with israeli schools which is one of the demands. >> Our approach is in keeping with the university's commitment to free expression, peaceful protests in the diversity of opinions that exist in our community. >> We have been given a proposal for a committee we have not been given commitments or investments. We want commitment for the basement, we demand the best -- commitment to the basement. >> Reporter: the diversity said -- since the onset that encampment on it's property are illegal. And it has run a number of self -- up and safety concerns -- reported to police the encampment was established. >> Jewish students are reporting to us that they still -- vehicle targeted. >> Reporter: -- hillel ontario and advocacy group -- >> Islam system for the university to take meaningful concrete steps to ensure the jewish students like every other student's campus and able to come to school and study and live and work free from harassment and determination. >> Reporter: university no giving demonstrators until late monday morning to clearly and comment but before then woodside will meet over the weekends. >> The person that we've seen this in writing so there's lots more room for improvement. >> Reporter: but if encampment is not removed in the united states university will take necessary legal steps. Mike walker, ctv news.

>>> And some other news were attracting the devastating of it will bring you from -- a toddler has died after being struck by a recycling truck earlier this week. The boy wasn't just under two years old. He was hit thursday afternoon and rushed to hospital but sadly died of his injuries. Bully say it is too early to determine if charges will be laid. >>> Some scary moments on a busy ontario highway. A wheel flew off a minivan and landed -- slammed into our port tour bus killing a passenger grandmother will first hit a pickup truck before crashing through the bus windows killing a 48-year-old man from toronto. Three other passengers were hurt. It happened on the qew highway dinner nag or region just before the busy rush hour period and worst the closure of all liens to toronto. >>> Jurors in ontario trial have heard accused had connections to the terror group isis. The ground says the reason the victim was killed just because ctv's jon woodward has details. >> Reporter: was a bloody scene in may 2021 in family-run residents -- five family members shot 25-year-old can -- naim akl died in an attack that shell the city of mississauga. >> I just don't understand. >> Senseless. It really is. Is a senseless. >> Reporter: at the time police released a surveillance video looking man before and after the shooting part of an investigation that led to the arrest of three men, suliman raza anand nath and naqash abassi, and other crown attorney to tell a jury in the first degree murder trial of the brompton courthouse that naqash abassi had gone to work in the naqash abassi work -- you will hear evidence that -- pledged allegiance to isis. Among just buying and selling products, have pledged allegiance to isis, the islamic state in and money was being used to finance the organization sent back home to further that because. He was planning to go to the authorities and between the others. Is our position that others came up with a plan to prevent that from happening have a plan to kill naim akl and his family. The concert on may 29th that plan was put into action alleging that anand nath entered the restaurant can put a hand gun and shot 80 times and eight seconds. Witnesses -- which spinoff. Inside, akl's mother heard several pops as she was shot in the arm. She rushed in to see several other family members major including hearst -- she testified, "i look at him, he was looking at me, I could see at the blood everywhere on the ground. I could do nothing." she said she called 911 and ask and -- any driver in outside gas station to help. Police pulled servant -- en route to follow the accord back to naqash abassi's business. One jon woodward, ctv news.

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