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>>> Powerful storms including tornadoes killed at least 15 people and left a wide trail of destruction across texas, oklahoma and arkansas. >> I was at a restaurant and my mother called me and said there was a tornado and then my mom started to scream like I'm dying and everything's moving and the windows are broken. >> Marcia: hundreds of people injured in the storms destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. Vehicles overturned. U.S. president joe biden briefed on the storm. Arkansas governor has declared a state of emergency and texas governor greg abbott signed a disaster declaration. 500,000 customers remained without power across the nine states due to the severe weather. >>> White house says boeing will have to do more to show it's able to safely increase production transportation secretary spoke to cbs face the nation about the federal aviation administration deadline for boeing to present a plan to fix quality problems. >> The concerning part to any of those issues are happening at all why boeing is under a huge amount of scrutiny including from the faa and have to do more to demonstrate their readiness and say the goal is for them to do so but only on a safe and healthy basis. >> Marcia: faa ordered boeing to make the plan in february after a hole blew open. An airborne 737 max. To audit the production line and the key max supplier and found multiple instances where the company allegedly failed to comply with manufacturing quality control requirements. Boeing expected to present its plan to fix the province to regulators this week.

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And it is spectacular!! [ ] tonight, the first long-range attack in months. >> Hamas wants to demonstrate that they haven't been crippled. >> Heather: as dozens are killed in a strike on rafah. >>> Managing screen time for parents. >> I probably should be a little more mindful of my screen time. >> Heather: a digital distraction damaging kids' development. >>> Plus lost and found. >> Everything that was me was in that wallet. >> Heather: a blast from the past appears in a seaside surprise. [ ] >> Announcer: "ctv national news" with heather butts. >> Heather: good evening. Dozens of people are dead after israeli airstrikes hit a tent camp in rafah, according to gaza health officials. Rescuers rushed to find survivors just two days following an order from the international court of justice for israel to halt its military offences. The strike reported hours after hamas fired a barrage of rockets, setting off air raid sirens in tel aviv. Sending people scrambling for shelter. Ctv's jeremie charron reports. >> Reporter: a barrage of hamas rockets fired at tel aviv today. Many shot down by the iron dome. But not before sounding sirens in the israeli city, sending many running for cover. No casualties have been reported. >> Today hamas terrorists in gaza fired eight rockets at central israel from rafah, sending millions of israelis to bomb shelters. >> Reporter: this 84-year-old woman says shrapnel came crashing through the roof of her home just north of tel aviv. Suddenly there was a huge boom and smoke, fire, and dust all over the house, she said. It's the first long-range rocket attack from gaza since january. >> I think hamas wants to dee that they haven't been crippled and that they still have both weapons and the ability to use them. >> Reporter: meanwhile, israeli attacks in rafah today killed at least 35 people according to palestinian health officials. The idf claims it killed two senior hamas officials. [ Gunfire ] >> Reporter: operations have continued in rafah against court orders and mounting political pressure. [Speaking Alternative Language] >> Reporter: our goal in gaza is especially emphasized here in rafah, said israel's defence minister while visiting troops today. Destroy hamas, return the hostages, and maintain freedom of operation, he says. Today's attacks by hamas a show of resiliency that now has some questioning whether israel's goal of fully eliminating hamas can be achieved. Heather. >> Heather: jeremy, thank you.

>>> And the war in gaza continues to spark protests here in canada. At the university of toronto, organizers of a pro-palestinian encampment met today with administrators as the two sides try to hash out a deal. >> We know what the risks are. We are aware of the consequences, and we are hoping that although things do not escalate, we are willing to take the risk. >> Heather: students were handed a trespass notice friday and given until 8:00 A.M. on monday to leave. The university now threatening legal action against those who choose to stay. >>> New brunswick premier blaine higgs has banned a quebec-based sexual education group from high schools in his province over a presentation he calls clearly inappropriate. Higgs expressed his displeasure on social media, saying I am furious would be a gross understatement. The group shared materials well beyond the scope of an hpv presentation. A number of concerned parents have shared with me photos and screen shots. The group that held the presentations have yet to respond to ctv. The province is currently in a separate legal battle over its controversial decision on a pronoun policy. >>> Parents are often faced with the tough question of how much screen time is acceptable. The guidance from experts is consistent, when it comes to the youngest kids, less is best. But what about adults? Ctv's cristina tenaglia on the digital impact of a child's development. >> Reporter: kids and screens. These days, the two go hand-in-hand. Literally. Research on the topic is mostly consistent across north america, with the canadian pediatric society recommending no screen time for children under the age of 2. With the exception of video calls with close adults. Experts caution screen time can hinder kids' language and emotional development. Children benefit more from face-to-face interaction. But when it comes to grown-ups... >> I should be more mindful. >> Reporter: experts say parents need to log off just as much as their kids. >> I see most of the time some parents are using the phone, the kids are running. >> Reporter: sometimes, running into trouble. In the last decade, researchers report that parents at the playground can spend up to 30% of their time looking at their phones while their kids are playing. And those kids were more likely to engage in risky behaviors like jumping off moving swings, leading to injuries. In a 2020 study, close to 7 in 10 parents say they are at least sometimes distracted by their smartphones. With 17% saying this happens often. >> When the parent is distracted, they're not having that engagement. >> Reporter: this researcher points to how damaging parental screen time can be. >> This is how their language develops, their cognitive abilities develop. And it doesn't mean that you always have to be paying attention to your child every single second of the day. But you need periods of time where you have -- you're giving your child quality attention. >> Reporter: this uncle acknowledges he uses his phone a lot. >> But when I'm around him, I try to put it down. >> Reporter: which is why when he takes the kids to the court, he collects their phones too. And one researcher I spoke with recommends being mindful with designated time away from your phone. Storing it in a drawer, for example. Or mindful meals. When everyone's at the dinner table, the phones are away. Cristina tenaglia, ctv news, toronto. >> Heather: canadians facing the high cost of living don't appear to be putting the brakes on summer travel, with some prepared to spend more money this year on vacations compared to last year. Although where they will be willing to travel will matter. Ctv's kamil karamali explains. >> Reporter: pack your bags and get ready to take off. >> Going to italy, going to france, and going to greece. >> Reporter: the summer travel season is here. This couple heading to italy to tie the knot. No issues with their guests dipping into their savings to save the date. >> Everyone was super thrilled for an excuse to travel. Because they haven't been able to for the last three, four years. >> Reporter: despite economic pressures, deloitte's summer outlook shows this year more canadians are willing to vacation. More than three-quarters of canadians surveyed say they plan to spend the same or more on summer trips this year. While only 18% won't be travelling at all. With the average canadian paying roughly $2,400 for their vacation this year. >> People really weren't able to travel much in 20, 21, 22. And there's pent-up it demand. >> Reporter: but while travellers are willing to spend more this summer, they're also prioritizing keeping trips local. Three-quarters of canadians plan to stay in the country, with two-thirds of those planning a road trip this summer. And of those hopping on a plane,

nearly half will fly within canada. Airports across the country, including here at pearson in toronto, say the travel season really picks up in late june, and this year is expected to be busier than last with more passengers per day than the christmas holidays. >> We've already seen with inflation all over, who knows how long that will last. >> Reporter: so a trip abroad for now, knowing they can always come back. >> I wouldn't mind doing something domestically some time. >> Reporter: so backpack in their own backyard. Kamil karamali, ctv news, toronto. >> Heather: nearly 700 people are feared dead following a devastating landslide in papua new guinea. Villagers are using shovels and sticks to search through debris spanning 200 square kilometers. Their efforts to recover bodies more than 48 hours after the disaster hampered by difficult terrain, further landslides, and shifting ground. >>> Donald trump faced an unwelcoming audience this weekend at the libertarian party's national convention in washington. >> Now I think you should nominate me or at least vote for me, and we should win together. [ Booing ] >> Heather: the crowd shouted insults and heckled the former U.S. president over his covid-19 policies and for his role in the increasing national debt. Visibly frustrated, trump mocked the rally crowd but still asked for their votes. >>> In the u.s., wild storms sweeping across multiple states have killed at least 15 people including children. >> We barely made it. The minute we got inside, we saw everybody and the whole room just exploded. >> Heather: tornados flattened homes and levelled entire neighborhoods in texas. While in arkansas, towns were left in ruins. In oklahoma, devastating winds tore down power lines, ripped frees from the ground, and obliterated buildings. The severe weather also delayed the start of the indy 500, with fans forced to evacuate the stadium due to lightning.

>>> Extreme weather patterns and record-breaking ocean temperatures have experts pointing to a potentially lethal hurricane season. Here's ctv's paul hollingsworth on the ominous outlook. >> Reporter: hurricane forecasters predict an above-average active hurricane season starting in june. >> We're trancesitioning from an el nino, which tends to lower the number of storms in the atlantic, into an el nina which tends to cause more storms in the atlantic. >> Reporter: there are already record temperatures for the atlantic ocean. Hurricanes draw energy from warm ocean water. >> It's really lining up to be an active season in the atlantic. >> Reporter: the 2024 hurricane forecast predicts 17 to 25 named storms, up from an average of 14. 8 to 13 hurricanes in the forecast is a jump from the average of seven. The forecast also calls for four to seven major hurricanes. The previous average is only three. Hurricanes making landfall are difficult to predict, even during an active season. But it's also worth noting 2022 was not an active season. It was an average hurricane season, but that was the year fiona made landfall here in the maritimes. Hurricane fiona caused more than $800 million in damage, leaving physical and emotional scars. >> People are very concerned. >> Reporter: emergency management crews are already busy prepping for the probability of future major storms. >> More generators, more flood response. We work closely with nova scotia power and our public works department. >> Reporter: previous hurricanes brought down trees and power lines, causing massive outages. >> You're just looking for trouble, so we know we're going to have a hurricane. We know we're going to have 100 kilometers an hour winds. >> Reporter: the canadian hurricane centre is urging people to be prepared. >> We're going to have storm surge, we're going to have heavy rains, strong winds. >> Reporter: if the hurricane forecast is correct, people living along the atlantic coast should brace for nasty and dangerous weather between june and november. Paul hollingsworth, ctv news, halifax. >> Heather: with just a few weeks left before mps break for summer, the liberal government is poised to put some high priority legislation on the fast-track. That includes the long-awaited framework for a national pharmacare plan. As ctv's annie bergeron-oliver reports, there's still concern the list of medications to be covered is too limited. >> Reporter: talks are intensifying on parliament where the liberals are trying to quickly pass new pharmacare legislation that could make many diabetes drugs and contraceptives free by year's end. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: right now, only a fraction of canadian women are eligible for prescription birth control at low or no cost through a public drug plan. >> Reporter: the liberals launched the first phase of their pharmacare plan in february. So far, no deals have been made with the provinces and territories. And quebec and alberta want to opt out. >> We're hoping it's not a photo-op. We're hoping it doesn't become just a hollow promise. But that's why we were concerned. Is it going to fall to the same kinds of issues that our drug strategy has. >> Reporter: while many health care advocacy groups are on side saying a universal pharmacare will improve the health of canadians, some who testified at committee this week said the list of medications set to be covered is too limited. >> For many under and uninsured individuals living with diabetes in canada, most of the commonly prescribed medications would not be covered by the proposed plan. >> Reporter: another concern brought up to mps, that the universal single payer model could disrupt existing private drug coverage. >> We fear that this could crowd out private payers, which currently cover the majority of canadians including one in three seniors. >> Reporter: the government's pharmacare legislation has the ndp support, so it will pass. The question now is when. Annie bergeron-oliver, ctv news, ottawa. >> Heather: coming up, canada on high alert. >> We're monitoring the situation very closely. >> Heather: the increasing calls for expanded surveillance on bird flu tied to cows. Plus a lost wallet turned accidental time capsule. ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things...

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