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it is in terms of what you are doing, where you are doing it, what those capabilities that nato requires really are in terms of equipment and troops and training. But this number has become a significant benchmark when measured against other countries and it has a lot to do with canada's performance competitiveness with respect to our economy as to how we are going to reach that to present. The presidential election, which is going to come on the heels of the washington summit is inevitably going to be a factor in terms of how the americans weigh in on this subject matter of defence. It affects them, they are concerned about the vulnerability of the canadian arctic. We saw a chinese weather balloon drifting across our country. It was the americans who took that balloon down let's not forget. The capability gap that is growing is of major concern to our allies, particularly the americans. >> Akshay: peter mckay, former foreign affairs minister and defence minister of canada. Appreciate your time, thank you for joining us. We will take a short break, coming up, they use ai to sullivan's crossing new episode on ctv ( ) Ooooo! ( ) (Bip) OoOooo! ( ) Ooooo! —Ooooo! —Ooooo! —Ooooo... Have a little boooooost. ( ) With fastsigns, create factory grade visual solutions to perfect your process. Fastsigns. Make Your Statement™. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! On now for a limited time! [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Silence] This is her why. What's yours? Discover the science behind managing weight at ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee. The most awarded suv ever. It's odd how in an instant things can transform. Slipping out of balance into freefall. I'm glad I found stability amidst it all. Gold. Standing the test of time. >> Akshay: it could be a stormy summer ahead. Conditions are perfect for it -- for an intense hurricane season. >> And the developing la niña is really lining up to be an active season in the atlantic. >> Akshay: forecasters are warning there could be 17 to 25 name to storms with as many as 13 of those becoming hurricanes. It is too soon to say how many could impact atlantic canada. The season starts june 1st.

>>> It's an impressive medical first. Doctors at the children's hospital of eastern ontario are using artificial intelligence to help diagnose rare disorders. >> Reporter: for years this family has been searching for the cause of the developmental delays in there 10-year-old sun anthony. >> His balance is very poor as well as being able to retain information and grasp every day small tasks and knowledge was very challenging. >> Reporter: doctors initially thought the delays were due to complications from surgery he had as a baby. He was born with excessive fluid around his brain. After more than 100 visits to the hospital and being bounced from one specialist to another, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. >> There's about 400 people in the world with this disease right now. Anthony is the first one diagnosed this disease in north america. >> Reporter: there are 6000 rare genetic diseases. His diagnosis may not have happened if he wasn't flagged for -- flag during testing with an ai algorithm. It was developed by scientists working with tech experts. >> We are not replacing, we are helping them with some of these tools. >> 's pilot project, researchers used the algorithm to analyse ten years of data consisting of more than 250,000 records. Of that number, 15 people were flagged as having potential rare genetic diseases. Ai is allowing doctors to diagnose rare disorders in kids much earlier so families can get help faster. >> If you don't have a specific diagnostic code attached to you in the educational system, you are often not given... >> Reporter: they don't have plans to monetize this algorithm. Wants to give it away for free to -- to other children's hospital's. >> Akshay: louisiana has become the first U.S. state to designate abortion pills and dangerous controlled substance. Anyone found in possession without a prescription could face jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. Doctors will need a specific licensed to prescribe the pills and they will become more difficult for women to access.

>>> Police in kentucky released a new video of the arrest of scottie scheffler. And officer can be seen running alongside his suv. He appears to hit the windshield and the car comes to a stop. A couple of minutes later, he was in handcuffs, police have alleged he dragged to the officer before the arrest. There is no sign of that in the new video nor is there body cam footage. >> Detective gillis should have turned on his body worn cameras but did not. 's failure to do so is a violation of the policy on uniforms and equipment... >> Akshay: he faces charges of assaulting the police officer and reckless driving. >>> Time for a break but coming up, I dream from a job in the canadian rockies drawing (Dramatic music) (Cheering) (Keys jingling, click of light switch) Your boss' name is Heather And she made you have an awful day Let me sing all your problems away Get started for free on eharmony. Must be 18 or older to join. Get who gets you. eharmony. When you back hurts, life hurts. Robax dual action formula relieves pain and relaxes tight muscles. Take back your back with Robax. Woman: Timmy, I love you! Thank you. This is late show or, like, a late-late show? ( ) (Indistinct shout) (Applause) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Timothée:Blue de Chanel. (Blowing) (Blowing) (Bright upbeat music) (Crunching) Hm-hmm. (Laughing) (Growling) (Cutlery clinking) McCain. Make it a fry day. ( ) Interrupted by dry eyes? Get fast-acting relief with hydraSense eye drops. ( ) Made with a naturallysourced lubricant. hydraSense eye drops. If you think EVs have about as much personality as a toaster, we don't blame you. That's why we didn't make just any EVs. We made an ev so powerful, it can charge another ev. ( ) And an ev with a mode that does this. ( ) The only ev that's a Mustang. The only ev that's an f150. ( ) >> Akshay: for those of you who love the outdoors, nature, trail hikes and lakes, this would be the dream summer job. Conjures of people from around the world have applied for a new adventure job at alberta's stunning great lakes. Here to explain is the owner of the mooring lake bus company. Thank you for your time. >> Absolutely, thank very much. >> Why wouldn't we have thousands of applicants and it's supposed to be so gorgeous. I haven't been there but the pictures always invite me. So tell us more about this role. >> First of all you have to come and be our guest to hear. My name is jesse, we run the mooring lake shuttle company and we are looking forward to adventurers this summer. What that means is we are looking for people to hike every single trail at moraine lake. Looking for them to hike every trail at lake louise. Looking for them to experience absolutely everything that you can do. That includes canoeing on both legs, that includes watching the sunrise at both legs. High tee at the château, spending the day up at the teahouses above lake louise. The winners are going to get a summer gondola pass for the lake louise some gondola so they can take it up and do all the hikes that you can do from the top of the gondola. They can take it at breakfast, lunch and they will also be able to spend the night at the hot. If the alpine climbing hot. The highest building anywhere in canada and we will have a mountain guide to take you up there, spend the night and all we ask in return is you take pictures and we are going to use those pictures to populate our website and to share with

canadians all this information about mooring lake and like they can do their. >> It all sounds absolutely amazing. All the hikes and the canoeing and the places to stay you are talking about. Tell me more, to somebody need to have a background in a hiking or boating or canoeing or would you be taking anybody who's just an adventure or are you looking at somebody who's well-trained to deal with the area over there >> No training required. What we would like is someone who has at least at a minimum can hike 10 miles in a day. Beyond that no skills required. We are -- any time that you get any sort of technical terrain we are hiring a mountain guide to take you out. The flat water is super easy. Thousands of people rent canoes. I spend the summers up there, lots of people you can tell have never done it before and that's no problem. We are really accepting, canadians or anyone around the world. We've received just south of a thousand applications so far. About 500 have been from canada, the other 500 have been from every corner of the world. >> Akshay: you said there were two positions and they will be very lucky when they get this job. Money ask you something, will you mention about this day and the high tea which all sounds extremely exciting, is this all part of the job or does one have to pay with it? >> In addition to the salary, we pad $10,000 salary and then for the two-month term, we provide free accommodation in banff for two months and then we pay for any excursions, guides, lunches, that kind of thing is on the house. There really is the dream summer job. It is something that I would've loved to have when I was 19, 20, 21. I never had that job but at least I can pass that on and give it to someone else. >> Akshay: we hope that the best person for the job is right there for you. Thank you for speaking with us and good luck with finding the right candidate. >> If anyone wants to apply, they can do so on our website. >> Akshay: have a good night. >> You to. >> Akshay: dream job it is. A new look at the upcoming documentary of a canadian legend, celine dion. [ Singing ] >> Akshay: look at that powerhouse, she is sharing her challenges stiff person syndrome, the disorder keeping her from performing. The film streams on amazon prime next month. Thank you for watching ctv news channel. >> Here we go. [ Singing ] >> When you record Wanted to save as much as we can and get the house of our dream. My mom came from Nigeria. It's been of a big and massive help to us. Homes... made for the real you. ( ) ( ) That's a dq Chicken Strip Basket! Oh look at those tasty dq chicken strips. And fries! Plus all the dips! Oh let's order one, right now! Dq. Happy Tastes Good. Our Enercare technicians are experts at heating and cooling. Water heating and water purification. We can help you with a range of affordable solutions to help your home run smoothly. Enercare Experts at home Still up at 2 am? Again? Tonight, try PureZzz All Night to help increase total sleep time. Unlike some other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin slowly releases up to 6 hours. ZzzQuil PureZzz All Night. Fall Asleep.Wake refreshed. Frizz, dryness, breakage. New Dove 10-in-1 serum hair mask, with patented peptide complex, fortifies hair bonds, helps reverse ten visible signs of damage in one minute. Keep living. We'll keep repairing. At Pet Valu, we treat your pet like our pet. Well, Georgie, it's time for adult food. And there's a lot of great options to choo... too choose from. They grow up so fast. I know... I do this like ten times a day. What keeps baby's skin healthy? A diaper that doesn't leave skin wet. That's why Pampers Swaddlers absorbs wetness better for up to 100%leakproof protection and 0% skin irritation. Pampers. For healthy baby skin. ( ) (Clattering) ( )

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] [ ] >> Todd: tonight, live nation in the hot seat, accused of an illegal monopoly. [ ] the U.S. justice department suing. >> That conduct is anti-competitive and illegal. >> Todd: what it means for artists and for fans. >> Welcome to the w. >> Todd: plus courting women's basketball. Toronto nets a wnba team. >> We're so excited for the girls and women of canada. >> Todd: and a medical breakthrough, ai helps make a rare diagnosis. >> We're not replacing the doctors. We're helping them with some of these digital tools. >> Todd: dress code in québec. Going to great lengths to wear shorts. [ Chanting ] >> Todd: and a hero's home coming. >> Emotions are overwhelming. The event is overwhelming. >> Todd: the unknown soldier returning to newfoundland and labrador. [ ] >> Announcer: "ctv national news" with omar sachedina. Reporting tonight, todd van der hayden. >> Todd: good evening. If you've ever been to a concert you know how expensive ticket prices can be and in recent years, costs have skyrocketed. Now a major lawsuit against the world's biggest concert promoter live nation. Which is ticketmaster's parent company. It puts on concerts for top names in music, but the U.S. government wants to break up. Saying the company has illegally maintained a monopoly, unfairly dominated the live entertainment industry pressuring artists and threatening rivals. The result, higher ticket prices, stifled competition. That's according to the U.S. department of justice. Live nation is canada's top concert promoter, so the implications could be huge. Our washington bureau chief joy malbon has more for us. >> Reporter: call it the taylor swift effect... [ ] after the ticketing crash that kicked off her 2022 eras tour left fans fuming... [ Crying ] >> I didn't get tickets to the taylor swift concert. >> Reporter: that led to a congressional investigation a year ago. Now the U.S. justice department and 30 states are suing. Accusing ticketmaster and live nation, the concert promoter, of illegally abusing its monopoly power by suffocating competition and gouging consumers. >> We allege that live nation has illegally monopolized markets across the live concert industry in the united states for far too long. It is time to break it up. >> Reporter: after a merger in 2010, live nation and ticketmaster have had a lock on artists and music venues, controlling 60% of concert promotions at 265 venues in north america. The lawsuit refers to a ticketmaster tax, you know, that long list of added fees? >> Convenience fees, platinum fees, price master fees. >> No price gouging! >> Reporter: fans have complained for years. Just ask teresa caldwell, a swiftie, who flew to sweden with her friends to see their idol. It was simply cheaper. >> Toronto prices are insane. In the nose bleeds was three grand. In sweden, we got tickets, floor seats, for $500 canadian. >> Reporter: she welcomes the U.S. legal action and while canada's competition bureau says it's aware of the lawsuit, it won't confirm it's investigating. >> We always know that more competition is more choice for canadians. We're going to be taking a very focused look on that. >> Reporter: live nation calls the accusations baseless and absurd. >> We fundamentally disagree with all of these allegations. >> Reporter: live nation blames ticket prices on rising production costs and online ticket scalping. But the justice department is determined to break up the company in a legal battle that will likely take years. Todd? >> Todd: ctv's joy malbon in washington.

>>> An update tonight from vancouver on major pharmacy chain london drugs targeted by cybercriminals. The chain says hackers have followed through on a threat to release confidential information after london drugs refused to pay a ransom. Our bc bureau chief andrew johnson joins me now. Andrew? >> Reporter: todd, the deadline came and went today for london drugs to pay ransomware hackers lockbit millions of dollars. Now they've released personal information onto the dark web. The data was stolen in a cyberattack last month that forced the closure of all 79 london drugs locations. Lockbit claimed responsibility this week and demanded $25 million. London drugs said it was unwilling and unable to pay and in a statement today adds we acknowledge that some of these files may contain some employee information. This is deeply distressing and london drugs is taking all available steps to mitigate any impacts from the criminal acts. The retailer says it does not believe customer information was compromised. >> It could be things like salary information, disciplinary proceedings. Drug testing in some cases where that's been carried out. >> Reporter: london drugs is offering employees two years of identity theft protection and says it will be notifying those affected to inform them what personal information of theirs may no longer be private. Todd? >> Todd: ctv's andrew johnson. >>> Big news from the world of women's basketball. Canada will be getting its very own wnba team, toronto making it official today after teasing the news for the past two weeks. It will be the first franchise outside of the U.S. that will be playing in about two years. And while the team still needs a name, there is already tons of excitement. Ctv's mike walker has more. >> Toronto, welcome to the w. >> Reporter: after much anticipation, it's official. The wnba is coming to toronto. >> This team is canada's team. >> Reporter: gilmour sports ventures has been awarded the 14th franchise. Tannenbaum, also the chairman and minority owner of maple leaf sports and entertainment paid $115 million U.S. for the team. >> Our team will complete the pathway for women in this country. They can see that the sport they play as girls and as women is just as important and worth investing in. >> Reporter: toronto has been on the wnba's radar since the raptors 2019 championship run. Last year, the league sold out scotiabank arena for a preseason game. >> I attended our toronto game and lots of people coming up to me and saying thank you for making my dreams come true by bringing a wnba game here. That's when I knew that this is the right place as we're thinking about expansion. >> Reporter: starting in 2026, the home court will be at the coca cola coliseum with occasional games at scotiabank arena and in montréal and vancouver. >> We want to use the team to elevate basketball in canada. >> Reporter: teresa resch who spent a decade with the raptors serving as vice president of operations and player development named the team's president today. >> The wnba has never had a team internationally and comes with very difficult details to work through that there's no precedent for. So it's not easy, but it's worth it. >> Reporter: women's sports are gaining momentum. The pwhl inaugural season saw huge success with three canadian teams. The wnba is tipping off its 28th season. >> I think it's amazing that like now like female athletes are actually being recognized. >> I feel like so many young girls and athletes can relate and feel inspired. >> Reporter: a sentiment echoed by two time olympian tamara tatham who coaches national youth baseball teams. >> Young athletes will have role models in your country. I mean we've -- we haven't had that in so long. It's something that you dream of and finally coming true. >> Reporter: mike walker, ctv news, toronto. >> Todd: the buzz about artificial intelligence is everywhere these days. How it's going to re-shape many industries and that includes medicine. Doctors at one leading children's hospital in ontario are now using ai to help identify kids who may have rare diseases. Ctv's judy trinh has a closer look. >> Reporter: for years, the wistaff family searched for the cause of developmental delays in their 10-year-old son anthony. >> His balance is very poor. As well as being able to retain information and grasp everyday small tasks and knowledge was very challenging. >> Reporter: doctors initially thought the delays were due to complications from surgery anthony had as a baby. He was born with excessive fluid around his brain. After more than 100 visits to a hospital and being bounced from one specialist to another, anthony was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. >> There's about only 400 people in the world known with this disease right now as we speak.

anthony's actually the first one diagnosed with this disease in north america. >> Reporter: there are 6,000 rare genetic diseases. Anthony may not have been diagnosed if he wasn't flagged for testing through cheo's ai algorithm called think rare. It took a team of researchers three years to develop. >> It's kind of a nudge. It's not -- we're not replacing the doctor. We're kind of helping them with some of these digital tools. >> Reporter: for this pilot project, researchers use the algorithm to analyze 10 years of data consisting of more than 250,000 patient records. Of that number, 15 people were flagged as having potential rare genetic diseases. Ai is allowing cheo doctors to diagnose rare disorders in kids much earlier so families can get help faster. >> You don't have a specific diagnostic code attached to you in the educational system, you're often not given enough. >> Reporter: cheo doesn't want to profit off its technology but wants to share the ai algorithm with other children's hospitals for free. Judy trinh, ctv news, ottawa. >> Todd: a political rally in mexico turned deadly. Nine people were killed including a child after a stage set up at the event collapsed. Witnesses say it happened in seconds with video showing people running away or climbing out from under debris. The event was held in support of a presidential candidate ahead of elections next month. More than 120 people were injured. It's believed heavy winds may have been the cause. And that same storm system in mexico may have caused widespread destruction in central texas. >> Get in the house! >> Todd: the city of temple declared a local emergency after a twister ripped up a hotel, shopping mall and other buildings. There are no reports, fortunately, of any serious injuries. >> Nope, right there. >> Todd: some surreal scenes in alliston, ontario north of toronto last night as a massive funnel cloud was spotted during a major storm. Environment canada issued warnings as hail and lightning hit parts of the province.

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