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>>> In other news we are tracking a brampton murder trial has heard a good man who is accused of killing an ontario man and shooting four other family members was allegedly part of a trio who had planted allegiance to isis. The man who died, 25-year-old trying to, and his family were shot at their mississauga restaurant in 2021. The crown attorney said in an opening statement that akl found out about their loyalty to isis and plan to go to authorities and that is when he became the target reminded three suspects are charged with one count of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. >>> A move to unite the right movement in bristol bay has fallen apart. That two centre-right properties -- parties bs united and the beast and preservatives were in parts two and boats but the intake on the end be ahead of the next provincial election later this year but now both sides say that's not going to happen. >> John rustad that are with affection and says no deals for anything. They're the same group of people that run candidates in relation and lose a relation but they don't mind losing because they have a point to make your mark I'm about winning. >> Akshay: for his part, bc conservative leader john rustad says that to kevin falcon says publicly that he wants to put his ego outside but privately any discussions or offers have been completely unserious and dishonest. >>> Saskatchewan's government house leader jeremy harrison has resigned from his position after it -- admitting he took a grant to the legislative building ten years ago. Harrison said he brought the gun, which he claims was in a secure case, in to the building for going on a weekend hunting trip to make sure it wasn't stolen from his -- the opposition and baby is coming for her son to explain himself for days. He has since apologized for his lack of judgement. Harrison will stay on as minister of trade and immigration issues. >>> And summer obstructions -- disruptions on airports and land crossings could be on the horizon. -- ctv's genevieve beauchemin has more on what this could mean for travellers. >> Reporter: the union says that a strike could potentially through the travel plans of many people into disarray the summer. Exhaust also slow the flow of goods across the borders and spend any time here at the water crossing for instance and you can see just how many trucks are flowing back and forth here. The cbsa has employees at land border crossings and airports, marine ports in my there's also intelligence officers and what the union said it once is among other things better wages. They say that want readers that are more in line with other law enforcement agencies like the rcmp. >> We are looking for a greater regarding salaries and protection are unacceptable -- excessive discipline, professions or grants contracting out and, of course, equitable retirement benefits. >> Reporter: what the federal government is saying, the employer, is that this is still an negotiation accent the potential strike is unnecessary. The prime minister said today that the matter deal are hammered out at the negotiation table that is an option here. There are also say that they want to remind canadians that 90% of the workers will have just handed their union is recommended are actually designated as essential so they have provided services in the event of a strike. The union is saying that maybe so but as of 2021 win there was work to rule action athletes slow down traffic. There were moderates and truckers idling at the border for 9-10 hours at a time. So this -- they say this can happen again. They say the window is closing to hammer out a deal here before june strikes. >> Akshay: genitive, thank you for that update you my the truck driver who caused a traffic -- tragic humble broncos bus crash will be deported. The lawyer for jaskirat singh sidhu's says -- was proved that he is not a canadian citizen and that he committed a serious crime. Sixty people were killed and 13 were injured in the 2018 crash. In to the 19 -- in prison after pleading guilty. Brent podesky, one of the players who survived the crash, had this to say about the decision... >> You know, it's kind of out of my hands. It's not really my responsibility and, you know, obviously being that you want for the best for someone and best for human -- -- I'm hoping that, you know, from human to human hope that everything works out and they can find happiness. >> Akshay: jaskirat singh sidhu's lawyer michael greene journals now.

was evening and thank you for your town. >> Good evening. >> Akshay: has your client taken this news? >> It's tough. For sawala want to correct something you said earlier. Who said he is going to be deported. Was ordered deported that there's a big difference. We are not done. He has the right to make an application to restore his permanent residence but humanitarian and compassionate grounds because that's what we intend to do. So he has taken -- it's still hard. This we knew was going to happen, it was a foregone conclusion that there were no issues with this step in the process. But it's still pretty tough on him and his family. >> Akshay: thank for sharing more information about the process I had. Please elaborate about this legal and procedural next steps with anand nath -- jaskirat's case. >> The way that this -- until you ordered deported. That was clarified by the federal court when we went before them in december. So really the only consideration of permanent residence in his situation can have is after you get ordered deported then you apply to get your pr status back on humanitarian grounds. They look at things like your ties to canada, you remorse your rehabilitation, the nature of the events. In this case although it horrific, terrible can affect whether it was a momentary lapse of attention that a lot of canadians have done before we just go through it stop sign. A look at the best interest of any child involved so he has a child, young child who would be very much adversely affected if he was the fact -- deported. To those kind of factors are going to play and then they make a decision about whether to grant release. >> Akshay: let's talk a little more about his family because we know that his wife and his child how -- also live here in canada. You mentioned that an his child if I'm not wrong was born here in canada in the last ten years, so how has -- will impact their lives if at all times 17 -- jaskirat is deported? >> So his wife is a canadian citizen, she's a registered nurse and she works in the parker them in alberta. His son was born april of last year. Unfortunately he has congenital heart defect, he had to spend about four screamers of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit, they had to give him open-heart surgery, almost died but didn't. But you has a lot of medical problems that would probably keep very unsafe for him to go to india. So it would probably split up the family and in the want to be split up because they're very pretty it would be a devastating blow to the family if he -- if they were a part. >> Akshay: most of the victims, families, have welcomed today's decision saying that the deportation in the massive negative happened because there want to keep seeing jaskirat come on the news again and again. But let me ask you as jaskirat defence in the -- you did touch upon this as well, you said that you will not be appealing this decision. Is there a chance, legally, is an opportunity to appeal this decision? >> That's one of the important things about canadian immigration all right now there's no forgiveness and there's no chance to appeal if you get a sentence longer than six months prior minor is no appeal, that would take him away. I would hope and -- -- is a good example of what a lot of the families feel like, which is don't want any more punishment. They're neutral in the process. There are some who want him deported, but, you know, we take the position that a lot of people do have a lot of public supported heloise and said, you know, he was -- and you should be ported -- punished anymore. >> Akshay: we'll leave it at that for the moment. Appreciate you joining us this evening, jaskirat's lawyer, michael greene, appreciate your time. Thank you. >> Thank you for your time. [ ] >> Akshay: with that we will take a short break. After that investigation that will launch in to the parent companies of lagos and so, please over alleged anticompetitive contact -- on the. Will have the (Dramatic music) (Cheering) ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee.

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for the austin police. Actually loosely, I'm empathizing loosely, based on a true story. So basically that guy's job is to trap people that are dry to hire professional killers the doorway with family members and glenn powell, heiskanen been on the cusp of stardom for a long time. I think it is a movie that will really kind of kicked him in to the next year. You know, when he impersonates these other hitman he roars all kind of disguises and changes his identity and, you know, you got to kind of almost play it like a jim carrey or peter sellers kind of thing which is not something usually see from him because he's a handsome leading man reminded of something completely different. It placed all his strength, directed by -- and boyhood. Is such an interesting evocative movie about -- where was shot in austin, texas and it was one of the most -- finally coming to theatres here in canada. It's going to actually in the states but it's well worth seeing on the big screen. I really enjoyed this one anything that anybody who likes glenn powell in anyone but you is going to be blown away by him here. >> Akshay: but here's the question. I was reading somewhere that this is actually based on some real-life events, is that? >> Year. They have an interesting thing that they say. It's based on a true story except for the parts that are made up. And when you see the movie that he will understand why. Most of it is actually made up. But the concept is something that actually happened and quite an interesting concept too. >> Akshay: okay. We'll leave it for that this evening. Can 19th from cryptic and managing editor at job lower income, -- appreciate them and thank you for joining us. >> Thank you, as shaikh, thank you so much. >> Akshay: documentary filmmaker morgan spurlock who rose to -- best known for his form. >> Everyone: eight," where he is nothing but mcdonald's for a month to highlight the dangers of a fast food diet. Chris bumbray international flight starts -- cost 8000 U.S. dollars. Thank you for watching ctv news channel. [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (Dramatic music) I am Paul Atreides! Duke of Arrakis! Let me fight beside you. I'll show you the way. Is that our luggage rack? I fixed that thing. Ah! Ahh! Gorilla Tape. Of course. Double thick adhesive with a rugged outer shell, for a hold that lasts. For the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth (Squeaking noise)What doing? Washing machine's broken Moose. But... Squeaky? Don't worry, we'll sort it.Squeaky will be fine. -Ok. Should be squeaky clean. No worries Squeaky. I love you.-I love you too. Poor Squeaky. When lifedoesn't go to plan, ClearScore can helpwith personalized loans and credit cards. Download for free, now! ClearScore, best friendfor your finances. Darrell's family uses Gain Flings now, so their laundry smells more amazing than ever. Woman: Isn't that the dog's towel? (Groaning) Hey, mi towel, su towel. More Gain scent plus Oxi Boost and Febreze in every Gain Fling. For 30 years, Walmart's helped Canadians save through a lot. The Elmo Craze in ‘96. Your endless wait for dial-up. Sfx: Iconic dial up ‘trying to connect' sound Those wide, shapeless jeans... that hair thing with the uh teeth. In the 2000s, you were all doing this. So we did this. In 2020, the race for toilet paper was won here. Whatever was happening, we made it happen - for less. 30 years later, we still are. ( ) They say, "post it or it didn't happen." But out here, in the places we were made for, you'll have to take our word for it.

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on ctv [ ] [ ] >>> Israeli forces have already announced that essentially israel will not comply with the order. They will continue their operations. >> Akshay: you're watching ctv news channel. International board of directors it appears israel to stop its offensive on rafah. >>> The right to make an application to -- on humanitarian and -- that's what we intend to do. >> Akshay: , driver who caused deadly humboldt broncos bus crash has been ordered deported but his lawyer says they will fight it. [ ] >>> Anytime you're being investigated by the competition bureau something serious is happening because they don't get involved on often. >> Akshay: and two canadian grocery giants are facing a probe from the competition bureau. [ ] >> Akshay: hello and welcome to ctv news channel. Canucks. >>> Our top story tonight, canada's competition bureau had lunch and investigations in to the parent companies of grocery giants loblaw's and sobeys. Over alleged anticompetitive conduct permit the commissioner launched the probe in march saying at the time that there is reason to believe that the firm uses so for -- so-called -- sobeys owner, empire, is calling the inquiry unlawful. Let's not bring in canmore house executive director of the consumer council of canada. Would evening and thank you for your time. >> Good evening. >> Akshay: canada's major grocers of reno have been quite under quite discreetly both by public as well as political actors but does provide a completion bureau but he much expected? >> It certainly has been much talk about that this area would be looked at by competition authorities. It's been premuch stated publicly it would be happening. >> Akshay: one of the major issues here as we know is the use of so-called property clause, property controls in a grocery sector and how the limits of their chains and grocery store expand. Let's talk a little more about that in the challenge and both -- it for consumers. >> Clearly some places where there's not a lot of stores to choose from and if there was a measure like this in place it could produce -- with this consumer and a lot of places, there's lots of choice. It would be very interesting, you know, the companies that really manage real estate for empire and for loblaw and weston have quite a lot of holdings in retail. And so I imagine they are going to be somewhat nervous that there being investigated about their practices even if it does touch groceries and so it should have their intent -- attention and based on the things that have been reported, they're saying, they are clearly concerned about it. >> Well, canada making high profits is not necessarily illegal unless you can find there's a basis for that and this kind of measure may have , you know, some kind of longer-term effect. Often cases like this go move forward unless there is actually a competitor or would be competitor who's been complaining to competition authorities. Is pretty uncommon that they respond to consumer complaints about a matter like this and many consumers do have a number of stores to choose from and -- but I think for most consumers there were concerns or what's happening inside the grocery store. They're unhappy with the rapid increase in prices even the latest -- should a bit of leveling off, and they're really unhappy with the way their time is wasted in stores.

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