Crosby, MacKinnon playing hockey with puppies, kids will melt your heart

Ailish Forfar
·NHL Editor
Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon
Warning: If you love puppies, piñatas, or adorable children, this ad might cause heart palpitations. (Twitter/NHL)

It’s easy to rip on some of the questionable marketing strategies rolled out by the NHL, or the lack of personality seen by hockey players across the league, but this video will warm your cold soul.

Tim Hortons covered all the wholesome categories on their newest advertisement featuring Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon.

Superstars? Check!

Puppies? Check!

Adorable kids? Check!

Donuts? Check!

Whoopee cushions? Check!

Exploding piñata in slow motion? Check!

An important underlying message? Check!

If you can’t muster a smile from these 60 seconds, I’m sorry, but the NHL has ruined you forever! I’m not saying it’s the best thing I’ve seen this week, I’m saying it’s the best thing I’ve seen in months.

Tim Hortons used this stat that “67% of parents find youth sports too serious” and made a heartfelt PSA using Timbits players as the experts. The pure innocence and love for the game on the kids’ faces is inspiring. It’s a gentle reminder that hockey at its roots is truly about having fun, and to keep kids feeling that way throughout their upbringing.

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