Coronation Street's Sarah leaves Adam devastated with confession

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Sarah Barlow was in the firing line tonight (June 9) in Coronation Street as she was forced to reveal her explosive secret affair to her partner Adam.

Having already been confronted by her mum Gail Platt over her affair with Damon Hay, Sarah tried to ease her guilt and sprang a day off on Adam so the family could all be together.

However, a simple games night ended in chaos with Sarah having to come clean to hubby Adam after her son Harry revealed he didn't want "a new dad".

sarah barlow, adam, coronation street

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Returning home from the shop, Sarah joined in with Harry and Adam who were playing a board game. However, Harry, feeling frustrated after seeing Sarah kiss Damon, said: "I don't want a new dad".

Questioning what a "strange thing" it was for Harry to say, Adam was convinced by Sarah that it was nothing, and that her son was just tired.

While Adam popped out to the office, Sarah asked Harry to keep her kiss with Damon a secret, and said what he saw was a goodbye kiss between the two of them. Harry called her out for her "lie" and reminded her that she told him "never to lie".

On Adam's arrival back home, Harry burst out of his room and ran to him and said: "Mum's a liar, I hate her."

Trembling, Sarah said she was "so sorry" and admitted that she slept with Damon, which sent Adam into a frenzy.

She tried her hardest to pass it off as a meaningless fling and that "the whole thing was a mistake", but Adam demanded all the details and said that her acting skills about covering it up were "Oscar" worthy.

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The heartbroken husband, enraged by what he heard, threatened to kill Damon and stormed out of the house. He headed to the late licence launch party at the Bistro in hopes of finding the adulterer.

Adam, seeing red, barged into the establishment and announced to everyone that Damon had been "knocking off" with his wife and that if he could get close enough he would "wrap a bottle" around his head.

Sarah tried to calm the situation down, but failed as Adam lunged for Damon, wanting to take him outside to resolve the situation. Sarah was left utterly ashamed as everyone looked at her in shock.

sarah barlow, adam barlow, coronation street

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To make matters worse, Adam found out that Dee-Dee knew about the affair which fed into his paranoia that everybody knew. As she tried to console him at the Bistro, she revealed she "figured it out" and in anger, he fired her on the spot.

With nothing else to lose, Sarah declared her love for Adam and reiterated that Damon was a "mistake".

In the final scenes, Adam packed a bag and left, taking his wedding ring off and placing it on the side as he went.

"I'm sorry, Sarah, but you are not the woman I married," he said.

Will Adam be able to forgive Sarah's indiscretion? Or will Sarah settle for Damon now that she doesn't have Adam to go home to?

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