Coronation Street's Paul shocks Gemma and Bernie with devastating news

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street tonight aired the wedding of Gemma and Chesney but the celebration was marred by the tragic news that Paul Foreman is dying from Motor neurone disease.

Previously, Paul (Peter Ash) was diagnosed with the disease and tried to start an argument with Gemma in order to avoid the wedding as he was worried she'd find out about his condition.

At the start of Monday's episode, Paul was adamant that he couldn't make his sister's wedding. But he was supposed to walk Gemma down the aisle. Joseph had a go at him, saying he’d break Gemma’s heart if he didn’t do it. Eventually, he relented and prepared with the help of Billy.

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They made it to the church, wherein Gemma thanked Paul and said she couldn’t do it without him. Paul then proceeded to walk his sister down the aisle, limping slightly, as Gemma lit up her sparkling orange dress.

But the further they got down the aisle, the more Paul limped. Gemma whispered to him to stop limping as they approached the altar. Thankfully, they made it, and Paul said his work was done before stepping aside.

Gemma stepped up to an excited Chesney, who clearly couldn't wait to get married. But Gemma seemed to know that something was wrong, and looked at her brother, who was wincing in pain.

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The couple then made their vows to one another, with Gemma name-checking Paul in hers. Daniel then announced the couple as man and wife and they made their way out of the church in celebration.

At the wedding reception, Paul was suddenly made aware he was due to make a speech, which only increased his anxiety as he revealed he had a fear of public speaking.

Bernie and Linda argued over the fact that Linda secretly funded part of the wedding. Paul stepped in to distract from the fight. He made a touching speech, explaining how happy he was for his sister. He quickly grew emotional, however, as he talked about them being split up from one another when they were kids.

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"I just keep thinking, all that time…" Paul said before trailing off and running out of the venue. Backstage, Gemma caught him crying. Paul, still emotional, tried to explain his way out of the situation, but Gemma wasn't having it.

"I’m your twin, I know when you're lying," she told him.

Gemma pushed and pushed him and, eventually, Paul gave in and told her the devastating truth: that he was dying. Gemma stared at her distraught brother and that's where the emotional episode ended.

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