Cornerman saves fighter after referee misses blatant submission

Hannah Kampf’s cornerman breaks up the fight. (@Jolassanda/Twitter)
Hannah Kampf’s cornerman breaks up the fight. (@Jolassanda/Twitter)

A cornerman was forced to take matters into his own hands and save his fighter after a referee missed a blatant submission during a Super Fight League event in India on Friday.

The disturbing incident took place when Asha Roka locked in a guillotine on Hannah Kampf early in the first round. Kampf’s body went limp seconds after Roka applied the choke, but it wasn’t until nearly 20 seconds later that Kampf’s cornerman entered the ring and stopped the fight himself.

Kampf did show some movement shortly after going out, but it’s clear she wasn’t defending herself and the referee horribly misjudged the situation.

Check out the scary incident in the clip below:

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