Commanders manhandled by Eagles: 'It's like we were constipated'

It was clearly over by halftime.

The Philadelphia Eagles outgained the Washington Commanders 322-50. Philadelphia accumulated 276 passing yards in the opening half alone. Meanwhile, the Commanders were in the hole in passing yards registering -16.

The Commanders were down 24-0 at the half.

Sunday afternoon, it appeared the entire defensive front wearing green was a complete mismatch for the offensive line of the team wearing the white jerseys.

Offensive tackle Charles Leno might have best summed up the offensive line's inability to get any movement in the first half, "It's like we were constipated. We couldn't get s*** going."

Eagles' defensive tackle Fletcher Cox reintroduced himself to former Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz early in the first quarter. The interior of the Commanders' offensive line was simply being pushed right back into Wentz. Repeatedly, Wentz was not allowed to step up into a pocket. He was sacked four times in the first quarter.

Benjamin St-Juste defended three passes in the first half, filling in for the injured and inactive William Jackson III.

But once the Eagles offense was warmed up, receiver DeVonta Smith himself had gained three times as many yards receiving alone as the Commanders gained both rushing and passing in the first half (156-50). The Eagles thumping the Commanders 24-0 in the half, coupled with last week's disaster in Detroit, means the Commanders have been outscored 46-0 in the last two first halves.

The final was 24-8 as the clock hit zero and the Commanders settle into the bottom of the NFC East.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Commanders lose to Eagles after poor first half