Colts show again they have the best TD celebrations in the NFL

Liz Roscher
·1 min read

The Indianapolis Colts know how to put on a show in the end zone. Some teams peacock in front of the camera, some teams pretend they’re hitting a baseball or something like that, but the Colts are in a class by themselves.

After their first-quarter touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, they broke out an incredible “Soul Train” celebration in the end zone, a tribute to the iconic music-dance TV program.

What other team is giving you that kind of post-touchdown entertainment? None. And this isn’t the first week the Colts have done a dance-based celebration. When they were playing the Houston Texans in Week 15 they broke out the Fresh Prince “Jump On It” dance in the end zone.

It wasn’t just one guy doing the “Jump On It” dance. Or two guys. Or three or four. At least 10 guys did a few seconds of that dance totally in sync. The end zone looked like the dance floor at a wedding.

What kind of dance celebrations will the Colts break out if they make the playoffs? Fingers crossed for the “Macarena!

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